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Osaka69 Review

~ Pros ~


~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site design

❌ Lame site features

❌ Very limited playback options

❌ Very poor quality videos

❌ Update frequency sucks


    I sure have seen some sexually suggestive names, but there has to be something special about Osaka69. The site name makes it look like everyone in Osaka is having 69 sex, chomping each other’s tender bits at all hours without a break! That’s as rad as a virgin donkey fuck!

    Osaka69.com is a JAV site I’m gonna take a good look at right now. Up for something like that? Then gird your loins tightly, lest your woody ends up on a soup plate and check out this Osaka69.com review I got here for y’all!

Lookit, These Cock-Friendly Sluts!

    It can be really hard finding a better batch of females than JAV sluts for sitting on your boner and chatting with you about the events of the day. Sure, I say this all the time, but these petite chicks are special in their own cute and beautiful way. Plus with cunts so tiny and sweet, you better believe that once I got them impaled on my naval artillery I am not coming out of there till I release a cum blast that will launch them into the sky!

    Oh shit! Do JAV chicks tend to get me worked up? Sure they do and I can’t love them any less anyway!

    Now, it is time to get serious and with that, I am gonna start my review by stating my impression of the Osaka69.com homepage. It is an extremely boring, and dated design and the only colorful things on it that catch the attention are ads and content thumbnails. I have seen some pretty strange sites over the years, and this one looks like its last update was shortly after the Y2K uproar!

    Does an overly simplified and uncreative site design matter all that much though? Yes, it does. Sure, some of you would rather have a site pay less attention to how it looks and devote all its power to stocking up on the most rad XXX out there. But my preference is for sites that look great and come with loads of features and even if the content is mediocre I am okay with fapping to it like that.

    Yeah, my right hand is usually so slick with Vaseline it could fap to the sound of a crowing rooster anyway, so, relatively mediocre content is something it has little problems with! Besides, it is always the sites with the flashiest homepages and the most comprehensive features that see the biggest number of users and members, rather than the ones with the most content.

    So, like I was saying, Osaka69 has perhaps the simplest and most boring site design in the JAV world. The site background color is black and the image thumbnails on the page lack that luster that’s easily noticeable on thumbnails on high-end sites. As expected, this JAV site has very limited site features. The first of these is a language option at the top middle of the homepage, but the only supported language is British English.

    The main tabs, site logo, and a basic search bar are located below the language option. The right side of the homepage comes filled with assorted categories like AV Idols, Public Sex, and Pussy, plus a list of friends of this JAV site.

    The main tabs are Home, Latest, Pictures, and Categories and they mostly do what they are paid for. The Uncensored category has 470 videos and is the biggest on this site, while the Pictures tab is a direct link to TeensInAsia.com, a site that has image galleries of Asian cuties showing off their birthday suits, eating cock, and gaping their snatch with oak tree woodies they should normally have fled from!

    As for the Latest tab, it too does what it says on the tin. But the problem is that  the latest videos on Osaka69.com were uploaded 4 years ago. Yep, you read that right as rain!

69 Any Good!

    Which of you fappers here is a 69 devotee? I keep meaning to try that someday, but the fear of someone pissing up my nose is holding me back! That doesn’t happen often? Then I am gonna see which cunt I wanna lick upside down this week!

    Japanese Nurse Uncensored Sex and Creampie Pussy, Mey Li Sexy Asian Girl Giving Sex Massage, Maria Ozawa Group Sex & Creampie, Natsumi Mitsu Gets Pussy Fingered and Kim Blossom Riding Cock are some sample titles on this JAV site. There are a total of 46 pages of content and that’s understandable because this site frankly looks to have been abandoned or something. It gives some spooky vibes, almost like an almost-collapsed barn in the middle of nowhere.

    Now, videos on the site are 5 minutes long on average and I failed to find any that exceeded 10 minutes. There are both censored and uncensored content and while playback options are very limited, you can activate the picture-in-picture effect, directly download videos and adjust the playback speed. Content quality is non-user adjustable and it seems like 360p or so. Needless to say, videos look grainy, but load fast and play smoothly.

    I checked out a few videos, among which was Honami Uehara Group Sex Uncensored. This is just 5:09 minutes long and starts with two dudes touching the Honami chick and zapping her twat with a sex toy. She’s then licked and fingered, fucked in the doggy style and missionary position and generally treated like the slut she is.

    This chick had a good pair of tits, plus a bubble butt I can be persuaded to sell my soul for! Her cunt is hairy and there’s no convincing me that it does not smell of roses and is not soft enough to be spread on some hot toast, along with jam and eggs!

What I Think Of Osaka69

     Osaka69 sounds swell, but if there’s a list of the worst JAV sites in the world, it is a sure bet that it would be in the running for the number 3 spot! In other words, this JAV site is terrible in all ramifications and I would rather choose to have sex in the 69 position with an adult bison, than bookmark this piece of crap that’s masquerading as a JAV site!

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