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OnlySiteRip.com is dead!


OnlySiteRip Review

~ Pros ~

No ads

Over 300 pages of content

Lit tags selection

~ Cons ~

❌ Premium and paying members to get the best stuff

❌ Wack user options

❌ Basic search bar


    While this site sounds like a sorta digital graveyard, it is anything but. OnlySiteRip exists to grant free rips of some of the hottest XXX collections out there, covering premium porn sites and social media sites like TikTok and OnlyFans with equal aplomb.

    Well, here is my OnlySiteRip.com review. Read it and weep as soon as you finish unlimbering your artillery piece and taking aim at the house of the loveliest thot in your street that’s been lately shaking her rear in your direction more than usual!

Thot Cunts In Trouble!

    Thot cunts are never in trouble, so kindly forget the above headline. See, the first requirement for being a thot is to have a practically bullet-proof pussy that can chew through iron bars. That’s why thots can spend all day licking and jumping on dicks, and some will perform this extreme bit of exercise with oversized sex toys and not get hurt in the least! Pussies these days gotta be made of adamantium and unobtanium or something and sometimes not even an extreme fuckathon will make a thot cunt shriek for mercy and beg for time to rest and recuperate!

    Now, let’s get serious here. See, OnlySiteRip.com is not your usual leak site. The main difference is that there are none of the usual content image thumbnails to be seen anywhere and that’s a shocker. There are a few sorting options -main tabs actually- atop the homepage, with this including a search bar. There’s also a list of categories like OnlyFans Leaks, Actress Rips, and Pornhub Premium, plus a small selection of site friends like PornCrash, ManyVids SiteRip, and OnlyFans SiteRip vertically arranged at the left of the homepage.

    In case you are wondering what is actually on the site homepage, here is where I tell y’all that this consist of boxes advertising the many XXX categories available. And yeah, the categories being advertised are the same as those listed vertically on the left of the homepage.

    The search bar I previously mentioned is a basic one. But at least it exists. The main tabs consist of All Models, ThePornDude, and TopOnlyFansLeaks, and such a trio is insufficient for sites as big as OnlySiteRip

    Anyway, the TopOnlyFansLeaks tab is a direct route to Fabs-Here.com and that’s a hardcore and swell-looking porn site I haven’t come across before. It looks ready for a review too. The ThePornDude tab of course does what it says on the tin and takes you to the site of the biggest wanker on three planets! I hear the right arm of the fella now reaches to his calf and I can well believe that given that he has long been outspending me when it comes to buying Vaseline and tissues by the boatload!

    Last but not least among the main tabs is the All Models tab and it is the main deal. Clicking this tab is like entering the tightest virgin nun in Latin America and such forbidden fucks are always the sweetest! Once the All Models tab is tapped, the homepage fills up with content thumbnails and there are tags like Anal, Blowjob, Shemale and MILF displayed atop the page and more of these at the left of the page. There are 331 pages of content within this particular tab, with the title, file size, and the number of accumulated views stated. All I gotta say is that you better have some storage devices you aren’t using handy, because a lot of the featured content is over 5GB.

Rip It And Drill It!

    Kaden Kole Leaked, Anastasia Leaked, Prissy Blaire Leaked, Lil Aphrodite Leaked, Princess Mocha Leaked, Snow Autumn Leaked, and Shan Leaked are some sample titles on OnlySiteRip.com. Yeah, the wankers running this leak site sure they do not appear to believe in the usefulness of long and convoluted content titles and I will applaud that.

    Now, the XXX leaks here can be downloaded or watched in their entirety. But there is a problem. See, unless you are a paying client, you can only watch a few minutes of video and the quality will be restricted to 360p. If you want to watch full videos, you will be required to become a paying OnlySiteRip member and must fork over $24.95 for 30 days of access, $18.32 monthly for 3 months of access, and $12.50 monthly should you pay upfront for a year of access.

    Of course, fast downloads of any kind are not allowed unless you are a paying member and I should mention that there’s a wide range of paying methods available, including crypto and Alipay. Non-paying fellas here get blessed with slow content downloads and at the time of this review, I was made to wait 29 seconds the first time I wanted to download a video, and 56 minutes the second time and stuff like that can teach you the virtues of patience! Needless to say, the slow download option is designed to force you into paying for premium membership and be able to enjoy simultaneous content downloads at maximum speed and more.

    Did I watch some videos? You bet your small ass that I did! But I will only admit to fapping to a video titled Yasmin Fox leaked, with the foxy lady in question being the kind of pussy-scented dish I enjoy the most after work!

What I Think of OnlySiteRip

    Well, to me, not paying for porn has to be among the 10 commandments and that makes OnlySiteRip hard to stomach. Still, if you want the best view of the cunts and hot bodies of the best social media thots out there and have more money than sense, then I can see the appeal of a site like this.

    But I simply cannot recommend OnlySiteRip and that is mostly because there’s nothing on it that is exclusive. Yeah, sure it has a lot of stuff, but if you have a few hours and know your way around a computer, you will eventually stumble across just about every leaked nude and sex tape of every slut in existence. So, OnlySiteRip has no pull in my opinion and is not worth it.

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