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OnlyFakesApp Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design

Simple and easy to use

Advanced options aplenty

Can generate endless images

~ Cons ~

❌ Gold members get the best

❌ Takes a while to get the hang of the place


    They say you gotta fake it till you make it. But I sure don’t wanna hear that when I am busting a nut in some chick and she’s faking an orgasm and pissing on the bed to prove that I am fucking her guts out. That shit can be hella annoying. But then, I guess the most annoying thing is fucking an anal queen in the butt and she insists on clenching her asshole, so that you gotta grab and spread her ass cheeks and proceed to tie her rectum in knots to teach her a lesson or something!

    Anyway, let’s leave buttholes alone for now and focus on an AI XXX site review. Yeah, OnlyFakes is an AI site full of hot chicks that don’t exist, but you can make them exist by staring at them long enough to trigger weeks of consecutive wet dreams, during which you put the fear of the holy woody into all the AI chicks on cloud!

    Here is my OnlyFakes review. Read and weep, lads, because only the properly leaky and weepy can enter the local kingdom of cum!

Only Fakes Can Get The Fade!

    Well, OnlyFakes.app isn’t exactly an AI porn site. It is rather a place where you can generate images that are hella X-rated. Yeah, it is not Pornhub and is more like Canva for the eternally horny and fap addicted!

    So, there’s a slick homepage in view, with the main colors being purple and a kind of deep blue. There’s explanatory text all over the homepage, as well as links to get the app version of this site. And at the bottom of the homepage is a FAQ that answers questions like the kind of content that’s off-limits here, the fuckers behind this site, and if generated images can be used commercially. It turns out that the answer to the latter question is yes and content of minors is not allowed and it is not permissible to share generated celeb images. Yeah, better not generate a Taylor Swift or Judi Dench nude here and start posting it on your Facebook wall!

    Now, there are basically 3 things to do on OnlyFakes- create stuff, explore stuff created by the community, and get the OnlyFakes app. For some reason though, the link to the OnlyFakes app was not working at the time of this review. I also looked around on the Google Play Store and found no app named OnlyFakes. Maybe the site admin/owner, who happens to be a Finnish guy with supposedly enough brain power to toast a baguette at 70 watts has yet to put the finishing touches to his app.

    Creating stuff here is free and there are varied modes and options to choose from. The whole process is simple enough, but it takes a while to know exactly what each option does and there’s stuff here that might mean zero to the less than technically inclined. And oh, it also takes like 3 minutes to generate/create images, but you can considerably speed up the process by shelling out for some gold. This is the site currency and it reduces image generation to 10-15 seconds. Getting your hands on gold will set you back $14.9 monthly and that kind of money won’t even buy you a blowjob from a one-eyed crackhead who smells like a walking and breathing garbage truck!

    Gold members are also given a slew of other privileges, like being able to generate multiple images at a time and whack ThePornDude over the head with a nail-studded baseball bat that’s been in more whale assholes than I can count!

Fuck-Worthy and Fap Happy Fakes!

    OnlyFakes can churn out all the fake images you want it to. Fake videos are what it lacks. And that’s bad news for fappers who can’t get their meat beat to stills. Want a fake AI porn video? Then you gotta find it elsewhere and it better not be all about my ex fucking the tail of a swamp gator!

    Now, OnlyFakes is nice enough, but like I said a while back, there is stuff here that a lot of people won’t have any idea of their significance. And that means they might not be able to utilize this site to the fullest. Yeah, OnlyFakes had a decided lean towards the technologically inclined and aware and if you are one of those folks with no idea what AI engines, negative prompts or CFG are, then better be aware that there’s a lot here that’s way above your pay grade and brain power.

    Anyway, to create an image on this site, you begin by choosing any one of four models, paying attention to their body shape. Next, you gotta pen a Prompt that’s all about the attributes of your chosen model. Of course, there’s a default prompt in place, but you can edit it to suit your tastes. Then you gotta choose your preferred image engine and there’s even an advanced options suite.

    Anyway, I found creating images here to be fun. It takes a while to get the hang of everything and there’s a definite thrill to experimenting and creating customized stuff that you can save and use as your PC wallpaper, or fap aid. Plus once done, you can edit your generated images and make them perfect enough for what you have in mind. And while there are a lot of advanced options here, you don’t need to use all or even most of them to generate beautiful stuff. For sure that’s fucking comforting.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of OnlyFakes

    This place has solid underpinnings and gets a lot of things right. You get a lot of goodies as a free member and there’s immense entertainment value and fapping potential on offer here. Plus there's the fact that you can make countless hours pass by tweaking user options to create all kinds of images of the erotic and sexy kind and give them a realistic, digital or hentai flavor. The possibilities on offer here are almost boundless and that's both scary and amazing.

    Yeah, I would assess OnlyFakes as being good enough for the purpose and worth a look.

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