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NewZealandGirls, NewZealandGirls

NewZealandGirls Review

~ Pros ~

Absolutely lit site design

Awesome escorts

Site features and options by the ton

Very detailed profile pages

~ Cons ~ 

❌ A few ads

❌ Filtering options not advanced enough


    Well, I am in the mood to crack corny jokes about you fellas needing a lot of zeal to get to New Zealand! That place is more isolated than most and rumor has it that rich wanking fellas who are eager to survive the zombie apocalypse are snapping up bunkers, castles, and whatnot in that location by the boatload and cum load!

    Apart from strange animals, and barely believable natural phenomena, New Zealand also has beauties on two legs who can make the world vanish when they sit on your lap, spread their legs a little bit, and slip your howitzer piece and its fresh load of cumshot into their tight snatches! Oh Lordy!

    Some of these beauties work as escorts at NewZealandGirls.co.nz and here is my review of the site. Read it and weep with unholy glee my lovelies!

Babes You Can Breed All Week!

    The escorts on this site have enough class and quality to them to fry our collective eyeballs and get our brains steaming like there’s no tomorrow! These are not the kind of chicks you buy a hot dog for after an all-night fuckathon! You better get ready to gift them a Lamborghini or Bugatti when they are done spreading their legs for you or else!

    Sky for example deserves a Bugatti Divo for sure! She’s a 22-year-old Asian beauty who lives in Auckland. This chick has D cup tits that gleefully advertise the Almighty’s skill at boob shaping and creation, skin you can see your past and future in, long legs any fella would give an arm to pick his teeth with, and a small booty that hosts the kind of round asshole you gonna beg to suck directly from!

    This agency escort offers dirty talking, cuddling, and BJs. She will let you cum on her body, pour your ice cream down her gullet and fuck you into the stone age. Sky, who I am sure is an angel from up above charges 120, 160, 180, 200, 260, 200, 300, 340, and 360 for 20 minutes of action, 30 minutes of action, 45 minutes of action, 60 minutes of action, 60 minutes of VIP experiences, 20 minutes with an extra girl, 30 minutes with an extra girl, 45 minutes with an extra girl and 60 minutes with an extra girl. That’s right, you can have an FFM threesome and heavenly orgy with this chick.

    Anyway, the charges quoted are apparently in New Zealand currency and in USD translate to $74, $99, $111, $124, $161, $124, $186, $210, and $223 respectively. That’s cheap as fuck given the caliber of this escort.

    Up next is Violet Grace and she’s not really of the same caliber as most of the escorts here. For one, she’s kinda plain rather than breathtakingly beautiful and instead of having a slim and curvy body, she’s plump and curvy. Violet is shy about her age but looks to be in her 30s. She has very full and natural DD cup tits, lives in Palmerston North, which could be Valhalla for all I care, and supposedly has a great sense of humor, as well as the kind of sexual appetite that can result in your cock being peeled raw in less than a week!

    She can striptease, squirt, use toys on you, and deepthroat your boner. Twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes are also offered and this honestly sounds like the kind of over-sexed chick you and your friends keep planning to screw into the ground, but end up failing miserably at, with your hairy asses being embarrassingly handed to you and your fellas!

    Violet charges 100 NZD for 20 minutes of sensual massage and BJ, 200 NZD for 30 minutes of full service, and 300 NZD for an hour’s worth of full service. All that in USD is $62, $124, and $186.

    The rates above are reasonable, but when you are dealing with an escort like Gracie Rhodes, reason flies outta the window! This babe is the perfect package so far as I am concerned and to see her is to fall in love so fast that your mental and locomotive powers will be temporarily lost! Gracie is 28, but could pass for a 20-year-old babe and has the perfect slim but curvy body, plus a small but mightily bootylicious bubble butt, long and perfect legs, and DD cup titties I would rather spend an hour with than be a EuroMillions lottery winner!

    This absolute beauty offers both girlfriend and pornstar experiences and can rim you, eat your cock, fuck you with a strap-on, roleplay and invite her friend to make it an FFM threesome that bangs to the stops! Gracie is not cheap by any means and she charges 800 NZD for an hour, 1,600 NZD for 2 hours, 2,400 NZD for 3 hours, 3,200 NZD for 4 hours, and 6,500 NZD for an overnight stay, with each additional hour costing 700 NZD. All that is $495, $991, $1,487, $1,983, $4,027, and $433 respectively.

    So, I would say that escort rates here are highly variable. Some escorts charge the same or a little lesser than their counterparts in the states, while others charge what VIP escorts in the states charge. Should you hold like a hundred dollars and remove your eyes from most of the better-looking escorts on NewZealandGirls.co.nz, I am pretty sure you should be able to book an escort for half an hour or 20 minutes. That’s good enough in my opinion.

We Can’t All Be Pussy-Loving Freaks!

    You get at escorts here by clicking any of the many escort profile thumbnails on the homepage. These thumbnails are pretty nice, but they don’t have enough high-end gloss.

    Some sorting options are at the top and left of the site homepage. These lets you sort escorts by sex, ethnicity, services offered, name, location, availability, and more.

    As for escort profiles, they are extremely detailed and expertly arranged, and almost every escort has verified images on their profile, plus a brief video near the top of their profile page. Should you be very desperate, you will find such videos will do for wanking purposes!

    Now, there are no VIP escorts here, but there are supposedly gold and elite girls of unknown qualifications. In the main, the escorts on this escort New Zealand site are very much above average. Nearly all are knockouts and I can see myself spending every cent in my possession to fuck their wet holes dry and get choking embraces from their gullets!

Hotties Shaking It Down Low!

    NewZealandGirls.co.nz has the kind of site design that impresses and humbles you! I am guessing they spent money hand-over-fist putting together a site like this and it is a creative and stylish masterpiece. The only icky stuff is that there’s perhaps too much stuff on the homepage and there are options and features that should have been better off being housed in main tabs.

    10 pages of female escort profiles await all ye wankers. Reportedly there are 736 escorts on this escort site and fucking a couple of these chicks every day should keep you busy for this year and the next! Also present are 9 male escorts, and sadly there’s no BBC in sight!

    Site features are plentiful here, but I do miss the ability to sort escorts by body type and features. There’s an almost insignificant amount of ads in evidence, but no spam. And if you got money to burn, you can join up as a VIP member and fork over 195 NZD for 6 months, 100 NZD for 3 months, 35 NZD 35 for a month, and 25 NZD for a week.

What I Think Of NewZealandGirls

    This escort site really has it all and it is the kind of place I would be proud to be seen browsing on my mobile while dining out or riding the metro. NewZealandGirls deeply impresses on all levels and the kind of quality pussy on its pages demands the immediate attention of the worldwide community of fappers and escort chompers!

    Better bookmark this site on the double and go there every few days to remind yourself how goddesses should look and fuck like!

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