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NaoConto Review

~ Pros ~


Loads of free stuff

Updates appear to be regular

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads everywhere

❌ Very limited language option

❌ Content quality could be better


    How's the old cock? Feels like it’s exploding? Well, you will have to hold in the cum since I got a site I need to review!

    That is NaoConto, a Portuguese porn site that has enough images of naked girls to make the warlike aliens of Alpha Centauri postpone their planned invasion of this planet by a millennium! The nude images on NaoConto show off sexy amateur bodies in all poses. Even if you are not a naked picture fan, I dare say your cock will grow rigid enough to serve as an artillery piece once you spend a few minutes checking out what NaoConto has to offer!…. Well, here’s my NaoConto review.

Portuguese Smut For The PorkChops

    NaoConto is a site for Portuguese speakers and to that effect the default site language is Portuguese. Changing this is about as easy as drinking up all the water in the Pacific Ocean! So, if you are visiting the site be sure to have Google Translate or Yandex Translate open on a tab.

    Now, the site design is both colorful and catchy. Ads are everywhere though, as are images of nude, half nude, or seductively dressed females. Tabs at the very top of the page let you post ads, report or remove content, submit photos, and enter into a partnership with the site itself if you have an XXX website to your name.

    Other tabs are located a little way down the page, with a Category tab being included. A search bar is present at the right, along with enough ads to make downtown Vegas look tame! Just above the main content on the homepage is a slideshow and this can be distracting.

    The main content on the homepage has image thumbnails, plus written stuff that doesn’t always make sense when translated. One of these was added on 6/10/2020 and featured images of varied nude, half nude and seductively posed girls. Another was titled When the Girl Is a Professional in Blowjob and had a short video of a girl licking a cock so straight that you could really use it as a ruler! This girl licked and sucked away, taking that boner so deeply in her throat that I could swear it was able to peek down her gullet and into her stomach and guess her what her last meal was!

    The next homepage content I had a good look at was titled Skinny Sex Freak. Shown were more than a few images of the said girl, though it is impossible to know if they are all one girl or many. Not that it matters all that much though.

Porting Into Portuguese Pussy!

    Well, there sure is a lot of content here. This fact was brought home to me when I hovered my cursor over the pull-down menu in the Categories tab and selected Amateur from the list of options. The Amateur section turned out to have all of 479 pages. That’s a shit ton!
Other category sections are almost as large and while you can’t download images or videos, you can at least share them on social media and let your friends and acquaintances know the kind of smut that has been making fountains out of your cock! You can also comment on any content you like.

    As for content quality, that can be highly variable. Needless to say, the resolution of whatever you see here is unlikely to leave you impressed

What I Think

    Frankly, I fail to see the appeal of a site like NaoConto. If Portuguese amateur porn is what you seek, you can find it elsewhere and at a higher resolution. The same is also true for Portuguese porn images. Plus the site is littered with ads and there’s no English language support.

    If you are Portuguese and know the language, then perhaps NaoConto is worth a visit. If you aren’t Portuguese, there’s no need to visit the site, unless you are a sucker for punishment!

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