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MyVidster Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of info on videos

Social media capabilities

Lots of videos

Ability to bookmark and share videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Way too many Ads

❌ Poor website design


    Video watching sites has come along way and has become a major part of human every day internet life. And you know that feeling you get when you watch a video that’s so good it gives you goosebumps, you just have to share it with someone you know will fuck with it just as much as you and you can bond even more over it. Myvidster.com is one of those sites that has decided to solve that problem for porn videos.

    This site let’s you bookmark and share porn videos, it has more services than that but that doesn’t concern us we are here for our fapping pleasures and nothing more. Which is what makes it get under my review eye today. Let’s see if the can fill that video sharing void in the porn world. Here’s myvidster review below.

The coming of “tubes” to keep us cumming

    The internet under went a revolution when YouTube was launched and introduced to the general public. It led the way in which other video sites are following up till now, and porn sites were no exception. In fact, any serial fapper out there has to always pay homage to YouTube cause with out it there would be no porn tubes that we enjoy and beat off to, you can even see it in the name “porn tube”.

    Porn sites ever since have been designed with the YouTube model and most of them are designed to even look similar. They were able to merge videos and social media which most porn sites have emulated like Red tube, xhamster, pornhub etc which has enhanced the whole porn experience for everyone. Most people just don’t want to come on a site watch videos and log off, they want to interact, comment, like or dislike the video, leave a review or share it with all their perverted friends and this idea came from YouTube.

    No one is saying YouTube is the perfect site or riding their dick or anything, it’s just to give you context for myvidster and what it offers. Cause myvidster is a site you have to weave through all the other shits before you get to the good stuff which is the porn videos we all need and love.

Unraveling the mysteries of myvidster

    This site is hiding the porn up it’s ass and you better stick your fist in there to get any sexual content. When the homepage loads you’ll think you’re in the wrong place cause you won’t see anything that even slightly resembles pornographic content. You might even feel like you’ve landed on a bootlegged version of YouTube. But don’t be alarmed this a situation of don’t judge a book by the cover, cause if you know how to look you’ll see exactly what you’re looking for, which we all know is Nasty Porn of the craziest variety.

    You’re gonna look beyond what you see and move your pointer to the top right corner of the homepage. There you will see a blue highlighted text labeled “Safe browsing: On”, what you wanna do now is turn off that safe browsing mode. And like a butterfly transforming from a caterpillar watch all conventional trend following threads transform into wild erotic pornographic videos.

    Seeing all that soft content transform to hardcore porn before my eyes puts an evil grin on my face, finally things that look familiar. Here, you can watch and scan through all the porn videos that myvidster members have bookmarked and shared for follow porn lovers to enjoy. Most of them will be from familiar sources if you’ve visited half as many porn sites as myself, occasionally you’ll find new porn sites you could potentially check out.

Myvidster needs to master the Art of Designing

    Although this site has a good porn unveiling trick, it still lacks creativity in its design and layout. From the on look it looks over congested and kinda seems like a mess with a lot of things being mashed into the pages. Things just appear randomly and I don’t really find that cool at all. It’s not very user friendly and you need a couple of minutes to find out what’s what.

    There’s a brief overview of how the site works above the search findings, it says; “Collect your favorite videos from any website, social network, or blog. Share and discuss your video collection with your friends and the world. Explore and follow your friends’ and other users’ video collections”, so yeah, with that you get the general idea about the site. From what I can see on vidster you don’t actually upload a video but rather you bookmark the link to the porn video on another site.

    There are different categories to aid with locating videos. First there’s featured collection, which comprises of porn videos from different porn studios. You’ll find other perverted categories which I’m sure you’ll fit right in like; “Taboo, keep it in the fucking family” well that’s a thread that’ll do well in Alabama. Then there’s “Skype jerk off group” and “military manlusters”apparently this site really looks out for gay people.

    The videos use which ever player the originating site uses while myvidster provides all noteworthy info about the video. This is where you can share or bookmark the video for future reference well future fapping. One thing you should note once you’re on this site you’ll be barraged with Ads from all corners, and it gets even worst if you have an adblocker on it won’t even let you watch the videos without switching it off. Only premium members are free of these Ads.

The PornGuy’s Conclusion on myvidster.com

    After several scans across the site I like how unique this site is, it doesn’t win much points for site design but the services it offers are top notch like sharing and bookmarking videos. You’ll also have a lot of information on videos and get recommendations from the most kinky fappers out there. One thing though, the site seems to cater more for gay dudes but still has hetero content. If you’re gay you’ll feel right at home here but if not gay but I can stand seeing gay contents you should check out this site, if not you might wanna look elsewhere.

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