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MyRapePorn Review

~ Pros ~

myrapeporn, MyRapePornSeveral hundred video links to rape related porn

myrapeporn, MyRapePornRape, slave, abused, gangbang, street, scared, forced, uncle etc

myrapeporn, MyRapePornAside from the 1 popup there is literally no ad’s

~ Cons ~

myrapeporn, MyRapePornMost of the videos bring you to other “rape related" websites

myrapeporn, MyRapePornGod i can only hope some of these are not real

myrapeporn, MyRapePornVideos are typically in low quality, i guess rapists don’t use 1080p

myrapeporn, MyRapePorn Under 1000 videos thus far, Pretty new site

    Rape isn’t really the kind of subject you discuss at breakfast over coffee and eggs over easy. It is an ancient practice that is mightily frowned upon and rightly so, though you could get widespread approval for tying up the fat cats and politicians currently ruining our world and giving them a taste of your dick they won’t be forgetting any time this century!

    Now, lots of folks have rape fantasies of some sort. If rape, either real or acted is the kind of stuff that gets you lightheaded and harder than a brick shithouse down there, sites like are really what the doctor recommended!

    Better keep your eyes open as we check out this rape-loving website!

Raped To The Bone!

    We are not all that impressed with the homepage of Myrapeporn. Certainly, the homepage has a good design, but there is nothing there to catch your attention. At least till you look again and see the various videos that fill up most of it.

    These videos have titles and tags and their length is stated. There was none we could see that reached three minutes in length and more than a few of these were just a few seconds long.

    There’s a fair amount of these videos and they are not categorized. The subject is the same and that is rape in various locales and by varied individuals. Video quality is decent enough, but we were unable to find videos shot in full HD or better.

    Few of these videos appear to have been professionally shot and most are filled with amateurs who still give a good account of themselves. Expect to see plenty of dick-sucking and cock rubbing, as well as BDSM acts, group sex acts and old school pussy banging.

     No download options for these content are provided and there’s plenty of ads.

What We Think collects a good deal of apparently simulated rape scenes. It can be gross and alarming and the video quality is not the best, plus the site design is not really up to par. And lest we forget, video lengths are simply too short.

    Overall, if you are willing to overlook these inadequacies and like to see the ladies getting a hard cock rudely shoved into their cunt or whatever hole might fit, then this site might just be for you. Should you decide to browse through the contents of this site, remember to have fun, stay safe and keep your asshole tightly puckered!