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MyHentaiComics Review

~ Pros ~

The site is very fast. You can access content in no time. The software used to build the site is very adaptable with search engine drivers and comes by as very effective.

Content is added frequently every week. This is done every Wednesdays and Saturdays making the site very flexible and up to date.

The site has a very strong support community where you can relate with other visitors, ask questions and be answered.

This awesome site has a very impressive mobile app which allows you access the sights in quick time.

The absence of pop ups and ads makes this site super fast and interesting to visit as you are saved the stress of warding off the many distractions that could discourage a good jerking off.

~ Cons ~ 

The content does not really represent its tag. Its content is not as hentai as it claims it is. It’s mostly western

The site features very old technology. This makes it inconsistent with current trends besides its trendy horny content

Downloading videos from this site could be a bit difficult


    MyHentaiComics is a Hentai comics site. It is for those who like to see cartoon girls enjoying massive hard dicks their pussies can barely accommodate and being sucked so hard they yelp for mercy and drip cum juices like a dam had burst inside them!
Here’s our MyHentaiComics.com full review. Read it and give your woody a good hiding on our behalf!

Hentai Fuck All Day!

    Cartoon porn is booming in reach and popularity and we think that is due to sites like MyHentaiPorn. It has a homepage that’s like something from the early years of this century, but site visitors should be able to overlook that.

    A nude cartoon ebony babe is the site logo and is pictured lying down on her stomach on a blue box containing the main tabs. These tabs provide links to other Hentai porn sites, lets you buy merchandise and access all kinds of content on MyHentaiPorn. A Categories tab is present and this has all possible categories like Cheating, Bukkake, 3D, Bisexual, Ass Expansion, Femdom, Furry, Incest, Hardcore, Gay, MILF and Tentacles.

    Apart from sorting content by category, they can be sorted by popularity. This can be done just by clicking the Most Popular tab on the homepage. Content sorting can also be done by using the search bar that calls the right top of the homepage home

Live For The Hentai Games!

    Sure, we are not great fans of the homepage design on this Hentai porn site, but there’s no denying that it is uncluttered. Lack of clutter is not the only thing the homepage can boast of, as it also has outsized thumbnail images of Hentai porn. A few of these have tags that indicate their category, but most do not. Sample titles are Great Unity, Hacked Contract, Sky Rockets In The Night, Nancy Templeton- Assylum and Urbosa’s Quest 1.

    Sky Rockets In The Night was one of the Hentai titles we decided to have a peek into. A click on this led us to a page with associated tags atop the page, and the rest of the page being filled with 14 story sections. Featured was an ebony with the most perfect, juiciest and fullest jugs on earth, thick and succulent thighs and a massive booty we would gladly lick up, even if it cost us our lives!

    In the first of the 14 stories, this ebony lass learned her boyfriend was cheating on her. So, she broke out some dildos and pounded her holes till her room was flooded with enough cum juices to extinguish a warehouse fire! We haven’t finished reading all 14 story sections, but will do that this weekend and tell you what happens next.

    We experienced no issues accessing the comics on the site. They play in slideshow format and once you are logged in to your Facebook or Twitter account you can leave comments on any comics you care for.

What We Think

    Content quality is sky-high and all for free. Updates are regular too and ads are almost non-existent. Overall, despite the less-than-impressive site design, we like MyHentaiComics and do hope to spend this weekend beating our rigid cocks to the content on its page!

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