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Mult34 Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

Nearly 500 pages of content

Weekly updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Meh site design

❌ Lousy site features and sorting options


    Mult might stand for something, but this head of mine is coming up blank when asked to assess the origin of the word and its usefulness to the human race. It might be shorthand for multi, but at this point, I don’t give a shit if it is the name of the new drug that’s gonna kick monkeypox back to the stone age!

    Y’all busy these days? Them street thots ensuring you get regular workouts in bedrooms and back alleys? Anyway, do extend my sincere greeting to your right hands and check out this Mult34.com review I got on here!

Cum On A Page!

    For sure the best description for porn comics would be sweet cum on a page! These kinds of porn do not require that you watch a video or listen to audio. All you gotta do is read a comic, get hard, and wank. It couldn’t be simpler!

    So, Mult34 looks like a majority of comic sites I have been on this week. That is to say, it looks like warmed-up shit, with old vomit layered on top and a fresh turd from the butthole of ThePornDude sticking out at one end! That fella sure as hell is full of shit and spreads it around with a will!

    Mult34 has a deep black background color, with a few tabs at the top. At the right is a short list of best comics and there’s a long list of XXX categories below that.

    The way the content thumbnails on the homepage are arranged makes this site look like one of those online magazines that sells hair, vacuum cleaners and the like, or deals in women issues. These thumbnails are listed vertically, with the upload date, the number of comments and views, plus related tags all shown. It all looks nice, but this kind of arrangement is very wasteful of space, and that irritates my slightly German sensibilities.

    Let me explain further. There were like 20 content thumbnails on the Mult34 homepage at the time of this review. These do not take up more than ¼ of the entire homepage, and once you get past this ¼, all you will see is the long list of categories at the right, with all other spaces left bare. That’s senseless, wasteful and inefficient.

    Now, the main tabs on Mult3 are ThePornDude, Home, Categories, Lesbians, Random, and Search. There are 2 search options atop the page and they are close enough to romance each other. I dunno why 2 search options are needed, especially when neither has advanced search capabilities. That said, you can search by category, tag, and name and combine different categories, names, and tags in one search query.

    Anyway, the Random tab has the duty of loading a random comic for you. Such a feature can come in handy on your birthday when you want surprises and the like! The Lesbians tab has loads of comics of ladies doing naughty things with each other and there are 64 pages of ostensibly lesbian comics to browse through.

    The Categories tab appears to be the only one here that takes its job very seriously. It has a pull-down menu too. Clicking this tab lets you check out the list of most viewed comics, plus the XXX categories that Mult34 hopes to shock fellas senseless with.

    The only issue is that the XXX categories in the Categories tab aren’t exactly categories. They are more like tags and include the following: 101 Dalmatians, Ace Attorney, Ben 10, Black Widow, Demon Slayer, Dennis The Menace, Fortnite, Rise of the Guardians, and The Addams Family. Fuck!

Cumming In Multitudes!

    Now, Mult34 has regular updates, but not of the daily kind. Instead, new stuff seems to make it to the site once a week or so. That’s not desperately shabby, but not something worth throwing a party over.

    Here are some sample titles: Sia’s Way of Diplomacy, Life’s A Bitch, Family Affairs, I Don’t Need Feminism Because I Love My Big Brother’s Dick, Hot Hot Pizza, Little Witch Love, and Peggy In The Multiverse Of Lust. The latter was updated a couple of days before this review and Peggy is a sweet-faced chick with big tits and a big cock who loves working out and has the muscles to show for it. It appears that her favorite pastime is daydreaming about multiverses where there might be other versions of her she could stuff her elephant dick into. Better not pick up the soap if Peggy is nearby and in the same bathroom as you!

    Love Wolverine? Well, I saw him larger than life in Justice Lust Breeders 4. I had no idea he was an expert cunt licker, and was equipped with the kind of hard cock that can gape even the strongest little cunts! And oh, if Logan visits your bed on the regular, better not let him put his hand into your cunt or asshole, or there might be 5 adamantium knives in you that’s gonna puree your innards!

    Now, seemingly all content on this comics XXX site can be downloaded and for free too. Downloads take seconds and the downloaded content is small enough that you can easily stock them by the tens of thousands on your hard drive. Plus reading the comics here is a very smooth and easy process. All you gotta do is scroll down to read and there are none of those stressful Next and Previous arrows that some comic porn sites use to make you go from one page to the next.

    Lest I forget, this site has more ads than I expected. These pop up at random and are not easy to get along with.

What I Think Of Mult34

    This site has its charms, with limitless free downloads being the most prominent and I do like how effortlessly comics can be read here. Despite its limitations, I would say that Mult34 is a porn comic site that’s worth getting to know.
Check it out and have a multi wank!

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