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MILFFuck Review

~ Pros ~


Update frequency is relatively rad

Crammed with content

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Very limited site features

❌ Wack playback options

❌ No downloads

❌ Senseless video titles

❌ HD content only

❌ Advanced search is not supported


    Fucking MILFs sure is fun. Like a lotta fun. With that in mind, I can easily see where the inspiration for this porn site name came from! Putting it into them MILFs apart from being fun is also sweeter than downing a gallon of maple syrup and having the only daughter of the local sheriff suck on your dick while you are doing justice to a big box of pepperoni pizza!

    In the mood for a MILF fuck? Then get in line, pardner, cos all them MILF pussies are for me alone and I am not in a sharing mood! Anyway, here’s my MILFFuck.fun review and a fun fucker it is!

It’s Fuck A MILF Day!

    Been inside a MILF recently? Congratulations! Keep putting it in them as hard as you can and I will put you in my will by the end of the year! But if you are expecting to inherit billions from me, I gotta warn you that the only stuff I got billions of is sperm and sex toys!

    Now, MILFFuck.fun has a homepage design I would describe as interesting. Attractive too. It is crammed with content thumbnails that refresh whenever you scroll down and it is mostly escorts sites that have that kind of feature. Need an escort pussy on your face tonight? Then you are in luck because I own Escortsites.org and you can read enough escort site reviews there to make your head spin and your dick to expand so rapidly that it ends up suffocating in your shorts!

    There’s a colorful site logo at the top left of the homepage here, and it includes a saluting middle finger that looks long enough to go into my ass and interview my prostate! A basic search bar is provided, as are Home, Videos, and Categories tabs, plus options that allow content sorting by upload date, popularity, and rating.

    I dived into the Categories tab and it had interesting genres like Housewife, Mature, Homemade, Creampie, Latina, Small Tits, Redhead, Double Penetration, and Canadian. The categories in this section are not arranged alphabetically by default and that means you gotta do an intense kind of search if you are looking for a particular category. There are also no options to sort the featured categories by the number of stuff they contain, their rating, and the like.

    Guess how many categories MILFFuck has. Go on, guess. Rather than the 40 or 50 so many of you are thinking, this site has 179 XXX categories and that has to be one of the biggest ranges of categories I have seen recently.

    But instead of going overboard with categories, this porn site would have done better to focus on adding features and user options to what’s on tap here, and that’s vital because while MILFFuck does look good, it has a very poor range of site features and content filtering options. Needless to say, the lack of site features and options makes this porn site look so unserious you wanna go fuck the moms of the site admins to get their attention and mess with their mind!

Get Them MILFs Fucked Till They Bray!

    Spoiling us with videos of MILFs having the time of their lives with dicks too big and veiny to be safely accommodated in teen twats, but which can be safely plunged into mature cunts is what MILFFuck is all about. They do daily or almost daily updates and there are enough videos to keep your right hand occupied till Angel Michael decides it has suffered enough and puts it out of its misery by blowing the trumpet!

    Now, while I have no hard data as to the number of videos on this MILF site, I would guess it is a hundred thousand at the very least and it could be twice that. And like I said before, that is enough porn to get you fapping till your woody is all bloody and needs to be gobbled in the gullet of a hottie, before being soothed and praised for tolerating a sex addict like yourself!

    The content image thumbnails on the homepage are arranged in rows of 5. They are square-shaped, and relatively glossy, lacking preview features. They all have titles, ratings, upload dates, and runtimes, as well as multiple tags. Sample titles include the following: Hot MILF Penetrated Hard, Regressive Teen Bangs His Bully’s Hot Stepmom Natasha Nice, My Mother Is So Sweet, and African MILF Takes Hot Facial.

    Worth noting is that not all titles are in English. Also worth noting is that of those titles in English, an embarrassing majority makes little sense and could have been composed by a nut-job who failed to finish middle school. The videos here are a mix of professional and amateur content, though professional videos predominate.

    The Natasha Nice video is 17 minutes long and maxes out in HD quality. It’s from Modern-Day Sins, a porn studio that’s apparently under the AdultTime umbrella. This is more a short film rather than the typical porn video and opens with a geeky fella going to a house and being met by a very pretty BBW with humongous knockers. She seduces him and in minutes he’s eating her fat snatch and fucking her in varied styles. The production quality was rather good, but then it should be since it is an AdultTime production and they can be anal about quality.

    Content ratings and sharing are supported here, but no comments. The maximum video quality seems to be HD, and playback options are very limited. And talking of playback, you can expect zero issues with content loading and playing.

What I Think Of MILFFuck

    This porn site has a charming name and an interesting site design, as well as lots of content. However, it is very seriously lacking in user options and site features and content quality is not the best. And oh, so many videos have meaningless titles and that’s annoying.

    MILFFuck is okay. But there are no convincing arguments for visiting or bookmarking the site and that means it is not worth your trouble.

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