MegaSesso, MegaSessoMegaSesso, MegaSesso MegaSesso, MegaSesso
MegaSesso, MegaSessoMegaSesso, MegaSesso MegaSesso, MegaSesso MegaSesso, MegaSesso MegaSesso, MegaSesso




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MegaSesso Review

~ Pros ~

MegaSesso, MegaSessoLots of Italian porn

MegaSesso, MegaSessoHas sex videos, photos, news, directories, etc

MegaSesso, MegaSessoClear video descriptions

MegaSesso, MegaSessoLots of categories

~ Cons ~ 

MegaSesso, MegaSessoReally dark background

MegaSesso, MegaSessoNo previews

MegaSesso, MegaSesso Video length not given in thumbnail

MegaSesso, MegaSesso No download feature

    Are you all doing OK brethren? Are your penises and holes as active as ever and are you all still fapping madly and giving no room for your cock or slit to rest and recover? In case the answer to the above questions is yes, there’s a porn site we think you all might want to poke your hard cock or slick pussy into. Called, it is an Italian XXX site full of great cumming things you or anyone else are simply not permitted to miss…. Read our Megasesso review and decide what role this site could play in your cumming life!

Mega Cum In Megasesso!

    At your age, you must have visited a few thousand porn sites. Megasesso resembles most of these sites and the homepage follows familiar design philosophies.

    The usual main tabs are there and a search bar tries its best to look inconspicuous at the top of the page but to little effect. The default language here is Italian, but we didn’t have much difficulty guessing what some words mean and neither should you.

    Apart from some ads at the right of the page, the rest of the homepage has video thumbnails. These are of porn arranged in sections like the newest, most recent, longest, HD, recommended and the like. Photo galleries are at the bottom of the homepage, and there’s a nice list of porn categories, pic categories, directories, popular tags, and vids, etc.

Magnifico Fantabulous!

    The main tags on Megasesso are the Home, Videos, Categories, Photos, Channel and Live Cam. Clicking the latter tab opens another page where you can get in touch with the live cam models on Megasesso. These babes have names like LiaThompson, Tiff69, KylieJones, JuliaJoy, and MariDiva.

    MariDiva turns out to be a pretty girl with upstanding boobies that defy gravity. Fondling these jugs are right now at the top of our bucket list!

    Be sure to click the Photos tab for picture galleries of pussies, cocks, assholes, couples involved in sex and more. These pics are viewed via a slideshow and cannot be downloaded. Rating them is however very possible.

    Channels like Brazzers, LatinFixation,, SeeMyGF, and ChickPass pack the Channels tab, while categories like Hardcore, Blonde, Bondage, Anal, BDSM, Fisting, Latin, POV, and Pornstar occupy the Category page.

    Videos on this site rock a title, views count, rating and run time. The date they were added is not shown, though this is available once you click on any particular video. More, all vids and even picture galleries can be previewed, which is nice.

    As the fapping beasts we are, we make a point of never reviewing a porn page without at least fapping to its content and today was no exception. To make that happen we marched to the Category tab and picked the Big Tits category. This particular XXX category had nearly 30,000 videos, all of which show ladies with enormous melons sucking a cock, getting a facial, masturbating, having their pussy caned by a hard cock, getting their asshole plumbed and more.

    Sample titles in this category include Blonde Trector Enjoys With Black Trombone, Big Blonde Tits and Woman Humiliated With Home Sex. Videos are generally short. They can be shared via mail or social media and embedded too. The resolution quality is more than acceptable, but cannot be adjusted.

What We Think

    There’s a frightful amount of ads here and this did not put us in a rollicking good mood. Limited language options and lack of a means to download content are also sources of discontent. Overall, is worth as much cumming attention as you can muster and has bucket loads of mainly amateur stuff your cock or slit has never been fortunate enough to cum to!