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ManyThots Review

~ Pros ~

Lit and free

Easy to use

Pussy-sweet site design

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Fucking pop-up ads

❌ Lame content upload frequency

❌ Site features are mehhh

❌ Search bar has no advanced functions


    It does seem that I and the ManyThots admins agree on one important thing- that there are many -perhaps too many- thots out there. Are them thots taking over the world? It sure looks like that, so we all better think of tying them bitches up with their legs wide open and bombarding them with our dear artillery pieces!

     Anyway, here’s my ManyThots.com review. Read it and think of the many things you can do to a thot that will get her legs shaking for days!

Thots In Spades!

    It was a good thing that I plugged one into the missus and discharged my load early this morning before sitting down for this review. Else, the many thots on ManyThots.com would have made me so horny I would be wanking all day and not get any work done! And that would be a massive tragedy because I got bills to pay.

    Yeah, content on the site is as cock-engorging as J-Lo offering to sit on your face and using your boner to pick her teeth and you will be needing all your willpower to stay sane and leave your cock alone! But why do that when it would only deprive your right hand of the work it was born for!

    Like I was saying, ManyThots is not shy about showing off its collection and on the day of this review, the kind of video image thumbnails that greeted ThePornGuy would have felled a lesser man! One was titled Cherie Deville Bathtub Water Pleasure Snapchat Premium and the video image thumbnail showed a nude chick in a tub with her legs spread wide while water gushed directly on her slit. Another said Violet Summers Fucking My Pussy In A Busy Parking Lot and was faithful to its promise.

    Further down the homepage was a video titled Maddison Morgan Stripping And Cumming For You Snapchat Premium. Kinda heard of the Maddison chick before, and from the video image thumbnail, she’s really pretty, with sweet thighs, a rack of astounding perfection, and what seems to be a diabetic shock-inducing twat. Oh, what would I give to have her pee into my Sunday coffee!

    Sadly though, the video image thumbnails here all lack a preview function. That’s simply not acceptable. Without previews, you will have to click on each video thumbnail that you find interesting, rather than simply hovering your cursor on each to see if the content therein is of acceptable cumming quality. Since previews aren’t allowed, just expect to be wasting a lot of time here, time that could have been used to teach your right hand some new tricks!

    Now, apart from a title, video image thumbnails on ManyThots.com have a runtime and approval rating. The average runtime seems to be around 5-6 minutes and there are enough sorting options to let you find whatever you seek.

Sort The Thots And Move On!

    ManyThots has a standard page setup that doesn’t do enough to escape falling into the average category. The site looks nice though and this despite its black background color that makes you think some goths might have had a hand in the design!

    Content sorting is performed with the search bar at the top left of the page, along with the few tabs present. These tabs are Home, Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, and Categories. The latter has more options than I expected, with the number of featured videos in each category being listed. Cam, OnlyFans, Premium, and Chaturbate are the top 4 categories here, which is a little surprising. I was expecting niches like Squirt, Cum, and Asshole to be at the top here, but it seems that admins and users of the site have kinda peculiar tastes and interests. And I dunno if I should be pissed off by this or in the mood to get pissed on by that hot MILF on my street who has been giving me the green light for long it would be easy to mistake her for a traffic light!

    Now, when you click the Top Rated tab, there’s an option to view the top-rated content of all time, for this month, this week, or today. This option is also present when the Most Viewed tab is clicked. As for the Latest tab, it does its job well enough, but the latest content at the time of this review is from 2 weeks ago. Let’s all hope that the ManyThots admins didn’t get eaten by a komodo dragon, or are finding it impossibly hard to scoop up and upload content from the many social media sites out there where thots by the hundreds of thousands have long been acting without restraint and showing off their privates to anyone who wants to see the color of their slits.

No Missionary Journey For Crystal!

    You know me and y’all know that I think all thots should be punished with permanent cock impalement! Well, something like that happened in a 6:52 minutes video uploaded 9 months ago that’s titled Crystal Lust Fucked Hard In Missionary Position Porn Videos.

    This Crustal slut is nicely thicc with massive jugs, a fat cunt, and a booty so bouncy it deserves its own mansion! She also has over 30 videos on ManyThots. In the missionary one I was talking about, the video opens with her cavorting on a bed while stark unclad, before a cock comes along and claims her. She sure can jiggle!

     Now, comments are allowed on videos and you don’t even need to input your email to say your mind. Content can also be shared, upvoted, or downvoted and screenshots are right there. Videos load and play okay, but the quality is average and something tells me it is not above HD. Still, they are quite watchable.

What I Think ManyThots

    I kind of like ManyThots and its obsession with the social media thots currently making our lives a frantic fapping race! The biggest issues are its random pop-up ads and average content upload frequency. But it is not a bad leak site and could do with a checking out sometime soon.

manythots, ManyThots

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