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ManhwaHentai Review

~ Pros ~



~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ The site design is a bit meh

❌ No advance search

❌ Wack user options and features


    If you are like me and got a fancy for porn, then where a particular pornstar is from, her likes and dislikes, how many brothers and sister she has and all that crap doesn’t matter. All that matters is how she likes to suck dick and how deep her cunt is, to allow monster boners to dive in and play tic-tac-toe with her uterus and small intestine!

    In the same way, if you are into toon porn, it’s okay not to care about where each particular kind of toon porn is from and the characteristic features of each. That said, I thought it best to let y’all know that manhwa refers to South Korean anime, while Hentai refers to Japanese anime. Both have their pros and cons, but I would rather go cook up a Mexican pancake and do my fair bit to solve world hunger with one of my favorite local thots than go through the trouble of explaining that!

    Here is my ManhwaHentai.me review. Read it and weep and stay in the weeping lane till I say so!

Time To Blow It All On Asian Toon Chicks!

    ManhwaHentai.me has an okayish homepage. By okayish, I mean that it is lacking in color and class, but it is also expansive. Given the facts on the ground, I think this place can go home with a mark of 4/10 in site design and layout. Not a point more will be awarded, not on pain of death, dismemberment and cock imprisonment by Doms with a sadistic lean that would make Ivan the Terrible fill his trousers in terror and beg for a name change and a soul cleanse!

    So, around 2/3rds of the homepage here is taken up by an About Us. There are almost 1,000 words that describe this place as somewhere your cock needs to get hitched to! The About Us also explains the difference between manhwa and hentai and is worth checking out. But given how profuse and detailed the About Us here is, it would have been peachy if it had been encased in a page that’s accessible via a clickable link. But what do I know?

    Like I said, this place is pretty expansive and that makes it easy on the eyes. The content thumbnails on the homepage, for example, are arranged in rows of 6 and there’s plenty of space between each row and between each thumbnail. That’s nice, but making each thumbnail bigger and glossier would have produced a more gripping effect.

    For user options, this toon place has a search bar at the top right of the homepage and it surprisingly has “advanced” capabilities. Unfortunately though, all that the touted advanced capabilities help you do is sort content by relevance, alphabetically, recentness, rating, trending, and number of views. Yeah, that’s as advanced as getting a missionary fuck from a 90-year-old nympho who smells of mothballs and dental cleaner!

    “Advanced” search options apart, there is sign in and sign-up options at the top right of the ManhwaHentai.me homepage, and over on the left are Join Us, Love Anime, Sex Story, Novel, Manhwa Raw, Adult, Romance, Drama, and More options. The latter has a pull-down menu that lets you access different categories, from mature, smut, and webtoon to horror and mystery. Tapping the Adult, Romance, and Drama tabs will take you to pages filled with associated genres and content, with the Manhwa Raw tab being a direct porn site link. And yeah, the lack of a tag, genre, or category tab does not sit well with me.

    Do you feel like checking out Manhwa Hentai on Discord? Then just tap the Join Us option and hang on for the ride. The rest of the main tabs are direct links to varied sites and are not worth covering fingering, or tea-bagging!

Getting Toon Laid On The Daily!

    Remember the widely spaced content thumbnails on the Manhwa Hentai homepage I was talking about earlier? Well, they are the newest stuff, which is logical.

    Titles include Drunk on You, A Wise Driver’s Life, Frequency, Amnesia, Marriage Agency Review, Golden Facade, My Madam Was My Teacher, The Massage Club, Succubus System and Pervert Diary. Pervert Diary had nearly 500k views at the time of this review and was released this year, but there’s already 37 chapters of it awaiting perusal. And why did I find it interesting enough to check out? Precisely because I am the biggest perv out there and the sperm banks on the North American continent have been spectacular in making me the father of many nations, so to speak!

Anyway, the lady in Pervert Diary is one of those notice-me kinds who’s never happy unless she’s degrading men. In Chapter 36, she went on a train and went on a rampage, accusing one man after another of molesting her. Some she physically assaulted, some she insulted and this bitch reminds me a lot of them chicks that go to gyms in just their undies and then accuse those trying to work out of staring at them and being pervs.

Pervert Diary intrigued me enough to begin reading from Chapter 1. There I found that the main character began her man-hating journey when an old man on a train asked her to turn down her music and she began insulting him, eventually accusing him of touching her admittedly fab butt, something that he was very clearly innocent of. But soon after this, a fella showed up on the train and stylishly fucks the main character -rapes her actually- with no one in the know, effectively shutting her up by telling her that he knows she falsely accused the old man and would announce that fact if she stopped him from having his way with her.

SSS-Class Undercover Agent was another new manhwa. It had just 2 chapters though and was a rather ludicrous James Bond spoof. The main character, who is a North Korean agent named Comrade Nuclear Warhead, is more like Johnny Sins in that he would rather fuck than fight and there’s a bit about his wearing a condom with a projector in it for communicating with headquarters that must have been invented by someone that just had a sour apple smoothie and loved it a little bit too much! This manhwa was quite over the top, but enjoyable so long as you are looking to get entertained and don’t wanna be doing the kind of deep thinking that made Galileo come up with the theory of savage MILF fucks on the sandy soil of backyard gardens!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Manhwa Hentai

I like this place. It is like a poor-ass chick who doesn’t brush her teeth all too often or bath more than once a week, but who happens to love you so much she would cheerfully give you her last kidney, liver, or spleen and gladly step on a landmine for you!
Yeah, I can recommend Manhwa Hentai, so bookmark it with that 3 feet woody in your pocket!

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