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MangaHentai Review

~ Pros ~

High-quality manga

Regular content updates

Free ASF

Almost 3K pages of manga

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh site features and options

❌ No download option

❌ No advanced search


    Manga and hentai sounds like a combo that could only have been cooked up in the orgasmic halls of the heavenly places and by the same crew that came out with chicken-fried steak, and every other gooey Southern goodness that makes you feel on top of the world! And yeah, both manga and hentai are from Japan and you should be checking out those art forms on the daily if authentic JAV sluts with their hairy cunts and cute moans are out of your reach!

    Here is my MangaHentai.me review. Read this and weep while you whip out your crusty dick and give it a flip in the fap zone!

The Combo We Can All Cum Handily For!

    Manga Hentai has a cute sort of homepage. What I am seeing has about as much polish as a finger-painting by a middle grader, but it still feels expansive. I don’t like the thick blue header atop the homepage, but the rest of the site real estate looks reasonably classy and I am giving this place 6/10 for site design and layout. Actually though, this place looks a lot like Manhwa Hentai, with the main difference being that it’s a bit more polished and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same fucker owns both places and can’t be bothered to give both sites unique looks.

    As expected, thumbnails of the latest manga and hentai fill up the homepage and these are glossy enough. Plus there are slightly less than 3K pages of content in this place. I dived to the bottom of the homepage and in that location is a good selection of categories like 3D, big ass, drama, censored, comedy, MILF, smut, and yuri.

    In the thick blue header, I spoke of earlier is nestled a search function with supposedly advanced features. It only lets you filter content alphabetically, by rating, recentness, trending, and number of views. That makes it about as advanced as a balls-crushing kick from a Dom with daddy issues so severe that she has sworn to wage war on all intact testicles on the planet! And that’s why you should never step out of your humble abode without girding your loins in 1-inch thick armor and booby-trapping your asshole with naval mines!

Mangling Hentai Twats!

    I guess it’s time to talk about the main user options on this site and these take the form of sign-up and sign-in links at the top right, plus some main tabs. Almost half of these main tabs take you to other toon sites and manga sites, with the rest perform simple content sorting options.

    There’s a Join Us tab that you can click to get into the site Discord, but the only ish is that the Discord link has long expired. And why this hasn't been picked up and corrected is something I am not gonna stress myself figuring out.

    Plus if you are in the mood to get a membership card, that can be arranged for free and at speed. This place won't even bother to send you a confirmation email and 30 seconds to fill out a few things is all you need to be a member and be able to comment on content and get a toon update for your wet dreams that's gonna make it unlike anything else on the planet. And that includes a cock sucking by Paris Hilton in her best dick-gobbling and gullet-stuffing mood!

    A Wonderful New World, Caffeine, Chewy Disciple, I Have To Sleep With A Stranger, Seoul Kids These Days, Living With Two Busty Women, Amnesia, and Golden Facade were among the selection of new content at the time of this review. And like I said before, there’s nearly 3K of pages of content here and that should be enough to last you through a nuclear winter or two!

    Living With Two Busty Women is on Chapter 23 already, with the first chapter being published in July this year. And yeah, the two women this comic is focused on sure are busty and one of them is the girlfriend and neither of them seems to be into wearing panties when stepping out. That of course means they are bound to get pregnant if they trip while outdoors and land on a cock that the gods had seen fit to make erectly loaded with sperm and in a thrusting mood! And talking about tripping, there was one ludicrous scene in chapter 23 when the male protagonist by the name of Junseok tripped and got sandwiched between two of his busty femme fatales, getting an eyeful of boobsies at his front and being supported by another set of huge boobsies at his back. Lucky fella, him, and may he keep having all the boobsome encounters that his heart can support!

    After seeing my boob-loving wet dreams come to life in Living With Two Busty Women, I took myself to the Action genre and found a manga titled Bona Sort. I actually chose this video because the image thumbnail showed a chick with a gun and I figured it could be the kind of shoot ‘em up that results in guns being fired in anger and cocks shooting cunts full of angry streams of liquid!

    This particular manga only had 6 chapters though. The first was uploaded in August this year, and that goes some way to explain their tardiness. But then, the last update was in September and the end of the year is already at hand. I checked out chapter 6 of Bona Sort and it had no action or sex scene to speak of. The setting for the most part was a cafe, with nothing much happening there but complaints over the quality of the food and drinks being consumed. I also checked out chapter 5, but it was more of the same. Fuck!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Manga Hentai

    Manga Hentai is quite basic in looks and features. But it does happen to be reasonably content-jacked. I can recommend it, but would appreciate the owner/admin releasing his mangled cock long enough to pretty up and bulk up the place!

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