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LoverGPT Review

~ Pros ~

Modern site design and layout

Easy to navigate

Barely any Ads

Easy registration process

~ Cons ~

❌ Also Requires tokens


    Human evolution has been a constant phenomenon since time immemorial, now we are in the age of artificial intelligence and of course, some pervs out there have also brought out its erotic potential with this virtual Ai girlfriend adult site called lovergpt.io, an Ai based site for virtual companions.

    I know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I’m no old dog so when I see a new innovation like this in the Pervy world which I belong to I gotta check it out for myself, there aren’t many things we can call new anymore. Here’s my lovergpt review below.

Ai Taking Over Our Ball Sacks And Nut!

    If you aren’t living in the stone ages, you should definitely have heard about chatgpt making life easier for students and workmen but what about the horny wankers out there, we can’t be left out of new innovation but Thank the heavens some Pervy geeks out there got us covered with lovergpt which is actually similar to only fans but with Ai sluts.

    The site looks super cool with a modern layout and design like something out of a futuristic movie, maybe this is where Luke skywalker comes to jerk off to he’s Ai hoes.

    The site has a dark background theme with a hint of dark purple,it’s really pleasing and easy on the eyes highlighting the pictures of the Model in the centre of the homepage.

    At the top of the homepage is the title bar with the sites name at the centre. On the left top corner of the page is the menu key, clicking on it will open up a drop down list of options available on the site.

Checking Lovergpt.io for Ai STDs and other things!

    Clicking on the menu key will open up a set options including home; which will take your horny ass back to the homepage, the other options are messages, profiles, wallet which you can’t access until you’re a registered member, bringing us to the last two options which are login and sign up.

    For a site that looks this sophisticated and modern the registration process is pretty easy and straight forward for anyone to get an account on this futuristic site Ai site for building relationships with Ai models and sexting with them.

    The basic requirement is just your email address which after you put that in you'll be set a verification link. After clicking on the link you'll be directed to a page on the site where you'll put details about yourself like your preferred username, gender, your sexual orientation, height, body size, skin tone, body type and other information that can be used to build your profile, they were missing something though they didn’t ask dick size.

E-girls, tokens and a world of sexual fantasies

    Once you're done completing your profile you'll be given free tokens which is required to send messages on the site to this E- girls. The site creators here give access to certain real life adult content creators and AI owners to come on the platform and host their Ai characters.

    As a registered user on lovergpt you get the pleasure of engaging this AI models in conversations. you can do this by text or you can even use voice chat. You can still take it a step further by asking them to send you custom safe for work(SFW) images and non-safe for work(NSFW) images.

    Back on the homepage below the title bar images of this E-girls are displayed in the centre of the screen like a match making app such as tinder. There are usually multiple images up to about 7 that you can view. clicking on the images displayed will change the E-girls pics to show you other angles of this sexy sluty virtual hoes that you can sext with and beat your meat to. for you deebs out there you might never be able to pull such hot 10/10 freaks unless you're on a site like this, so better enjoy it as you can.

    By swiping at the image either left or right you'll be taken to the profile of another E-girl, then you can click on the big love symbol for any one of them you'll like to chat with. Under their display pictures you can see their name, age and occupation. If you want more info on the E-girls you can click on the info sign and you’ll be directed to another page showing their complete profile with more info like their sexuality and even links, I clicked on one ceo e-girl and her kinks were dominatrix, pegging and golden showers not really what I’m into Atleast on the receiving end but I’ll love fuck her on that corner office table.

    The size requires credits or tokens to continue chatting with this Ai models so be ready to buy subscription packages that will bring out all the full features this site has to offer..

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Lovergpt.io

    Overall, after going through this site and registering on it, I've got to say I like the whole idea of the site. Not just its sleek and futuristic look but it can be very helpful in character building and confidence boosting especially for people who find it difficult to talk with the opposite sex, you can get a lot of practice here while also wanking to this sexy sluts and sexting. From all the texting you do on this site you can go and try out this skills in real life, as long as you don't mind paying for the tokens to keep you in contact with your virtual girl.

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