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~ Pros ~

The site is a looker


Daily updates

Real easy to use

~ Cons ~

❌ Pesky ads

❌ Some adult ads can be rather bare-bones


    Heard of Locanto? Hell, who hasn’t? There are lookalike versions of it tailored to the needs of a lot of countries, with the services offered being pretty much the same. Locanto just like Craigslist is a marketplace where pretty much everything can be bought and sold. Search well enough and you could find the maidenhead of Queen Victoria for sale on the site!

    And unlike Craigslist, Locanto has an intact adult section where escorts advertise for services and horny fellas and chicks let you know they are very open to fuck and be fucked, to date and be dated, and that kind of stuff.

    Here is my Locanto US review. Read and weep, lads, or I might decide to see how well my foot fits up your assholes!

The Land of Free Fucks and Home Of Brave Twats!

    There’s a Locanto version for most countries on the planet. They all look the same and have almost the same features and user options. And that is always worth keeping in mind. Now, let’s get this show on the road and hopefully knock some overfed MILF cows into our beds with legs spread wide in no time!

    So, the Locanto under review today is the American version. Practically every US state and city is covered and if you can’t find your city on the site, then it belongs in the butt end of mankind and should be fumigated on the daily with the devil’s semen!

    Anyway, Locanto looks excellent for an adult classified site. But then it is more of a marketplace than an adult classified site, with the XXX stuff here being only one out of many things this site is capable of. Regardless, Locanto is one sweet-looking site and there are enough user options in view to make you mistakenly finger your peehole with a TV remote handle!

    User options here let you search for poon and cock by zip code, and you can enter any search term that comes to mind, like hard dick near me or BBC worth eyeballing while nude asf! There’s even an option to search for escorts and free fucks nearest to wherever you might be. And in case you are new here, like half of the homepage contains explanatory text that schools you on what this site is all about and the cocks and cunts it aims to please with every cumming seriousness!

    And should you tire of exploring the charms that America has to offer, all you gotta do is click an option at the top right and this will select a Locanto version tailored to whatever country you have in mind. So yeah, Locanto got it all, and from the get-go is a site that other sites need to envy enough to give them suggestive indigestion!

You Are In The Free Fuck Part of Town!

    So, the Locanto Personals section is a pretty big place. There, you can be of any sex and search for folks of any sex to enter long-term relationships with. Or you can go for casual encounters and dating.

    Masseurs, strippers, bars, and more are also represented here and it is like a bazaar where everything is available and nothing is denied. So yeah, if you need adventures of the very fucking kind, you can bet your sweet potatooie that you will easily find enough of it to make a thousand butt holes in your hometown ache!

    And there’s something about Locanto that some might consider trifling, but which I do love. See, when you click on the Personals section on the homepage, it takes you right to the latest list of adult ads on this site. Other adult classified sites might ask you to first choose the sex you wanna look for and the country/state they might be in. But Locanto disdains all that and just slaps together the latest adult ads that you can then filter at your leisure. That can be quite convenient and time-saving.

    Filtering options are available both at the top and left of the Personals section. And there’s a broad selection of these. Also present is a Show Images switch that you gotta toggle from the default off position to on and what this does is show images in adult ads without you having to click on these ads. But switching this to the on position is only possible if you register on this site, or log in to your account.

    Now, adult ads here have a polished look about them that screams class and quality. Hell, a lot of things about this site yell class and quality loudly enough to make a dingleberry quit the comfort of your shorts!

    Looking for Real Male Companion, Looking For My Better Half, I am Single Never Married, A Serious Relationship Please Anyone, Single Mom Looking for Commitment, and Trans Girl Looking for Horny Roomie were some of the latest adult classifieds I came across at the time of this review. The aforementioned trans girl is about to be homeless and basically wants to pay her share of the rent with her body. So y’all better look her up if picking your teeth with a trans cock is what you wanna do on the regular!

    The single mom ad though, was about a single mom in Washington who wants to have a good time and maybe fall in love and meet someone she can settle down with. There’s no picture in her profile and all I can say is that she better not be built like the Rasputia character in Norbit and her coochie better have enough hotness to warm me up a coffee whenever I need it!

    Thankfully, you can follow anyone who posted an adult classified here, plus block them, or flag them. And there’s even a map option in each adult ad that lets you see where exactly the poster is at. That’s neat asf.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Locanto Personals

    Locanto is of all things solid and a performer. This site does not disappoint and is one of those places you don’t have to think too hard about recommending to your friends and the local perverts.

    So, feel free to let Locanto US make you happy.

Locanto Personals, Locanto Personals

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