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Lesbianlist Review

~ Pros ~


~ Cons ~

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Update frequency are a mystery

❌ User options so bleh

❌ Iffy content quality

❌ Site features are nasty

❌ Some unplayable videos

❌ Insecure site


    Got a list of lesbians in your part of town? Get me a copy and I promise to point you to someone who’s gonna take your cock to some very happy places this weekend! And better not ask me what I wanna do with a list like that, or my right fist might decide to see how far it can knock your teeth down your gullet!

    Anyway, there’s a fapping urge I need to take care of soonest, but that can only happen once I am done reviewing Lesbianlist, a porn site that’s all about women who like snatch and think cocks are from the devil and his hung minions! Here’s my Lesbianlist.com review. Read it and don’t forget to put yourself on the list of the fellas who need an ass-fuck from yours truly!

A Very Cunt-Loving List!

    We have all heard of lesbians, correct? And fapped to their stuff, right? In that case, there’s no need for me to roll up my sleeves and tell y’all what lesbianism is all about and how much the lesbians in my part of town are my main competitors for prime cunt! Yeah, I don’t know how they do it, but they are taking their fair share of the tight twats in my neck of woods and gaping them with dildos and clenched fists. One day, I am gonna get so tired of the situation that I might have to take a few of the leading lesbians here somewhere private, and see if a good dose of iron dick ain’t the paradise they been looking for!

    Now, Lesbianlist is an insecure motherfucker. Be sure to keep that very much in mind when on this site for whatever cock-scratching purposes that brought you there. It might even be better to access this site on a laptop you can throw away if it comes to it and on which you have never accessed your bank details, and personal info. You can’t be too careful these days you know, not after some cunts go to bed as virgins and wake up in labor!

    So, the site design here is so average it could be used as a textbook example of average porn sites. If there’s a standout feature it is not immediately obvious and no, my eyes are not that bad! Yeah, for sure this site is not designed to look so swell you immediately forget about time and commitments and spend all day and night on it watching sexy lesbians doing their thing and rubbing their cunts raw!

    Site features comprise a perfectly ordinary site logo at the top left of the page, plus language and category links. A total of 6 languages are supported, English included and both the Language and Category options have pull-down menus that you, unfortunately, cannot use to pull down the drawers of every mini skirt-wearing thot on the street! Supported categories include Ebony, Cuckold, Stockings, Creampie, MILF, Skinny, and Toilet and there’s a big bunch of these categories at the bottom of the homepage.

    The rest of the site features include a basic search bar at the top right, plus a few sorting options beneath. These options allow sorting by popularity, content length, and recentness and do the work they are paid for in an exemplary manner with no talk-back.

Cunt Ass Twat-Riding Sluts Back In Town!

    I got something to say about the content thumbnails on this site and I better get unloaded before I do myself an injury! These thumbnails are of the proper size, but they lack that glossy look I love so much. That sucks.

    Pasted on these thumbnails are the title, runtime, and the multiple categories they fall into. For example, Lesbo Cum In The Girlfriend’s Mouth has lesbian, teen, creampie, and squirt categories pasted on the content thumbnail, Morning Love has cunnilingus, morning love, female choice, and ass pasted on the content thumbnail, while Japanese Mature Lesbians has lesbian, pussy licking, mature and big tits on the thumbnail.

    The categories on each thumbnail are clickable as well. Tapping lesbian, mature, or big tits will, for example, take you to the correct category page for that specific type of content. You can either click on these category links or access the list of XXX categories in the Categories tab and check out the content in each. Easy peasy.

    Now, I initially thought that Lesbianlist.com was a porn aggregator website. It looks exactly like many such sites, not that I have a thing against porn aggregator sites. Yeah, there’s a place in the universe for porn aggregator websites, just as there’s a place in the universe for ticks, fleas, and asslickers!

    Anyway, Lesbianlist is an actual porn site and it hosts all the stuff you see on its pages. I checked the newest section and it had videos like Lesbian Lactating Milk, First Time Masseuse Has Orgasmic All Girl Sex, School Sex Fight, Woman Seducing Her Best Mate, Italian Babes Enjoy A Hard Gang Fuck, Asa Has Some Lesbian Fun With Devi and Lesbian Bane Butthole Licked By Girlfriend. The latter is 4 minutes long and taken from Dr. Tuber, with the quality maxing out at HD and the video featuring some kissing, asshole licking, pussy rubbing, and cuddling. And of course, no BBC magically appeared and filled up a snatch! This is after all precisely the kind of porn that is tailored to female audiences and because of that, penises are simply not necessary.

    So, videos here load extremely fast and there were no playback issues at the time of this review. That said, playback options vary a lot and there are a few unplayable videos. Some videos have no options worth the name, while others allow the tweaking of the content quality. Talking of quality, there are HD and less-than-HD videos, with the latter predominating.

    The average video runtime is under 10 minutes. And by the way, nothing here is dated. That means even the almighty does not know the content update frequency on Lesbianlist and because of that, he might soon send the angel Gabriel to blow scorpions and maybe riled-up frogs up our assholes!

What I Think Of Lesbianlist

    Lesbianlist is not all that bad, but it could be so much better than the crap it is. While this site is worth looking over, I cannot yet recommend it, any more than I can let a sweet thot pussy pass me by without sampling it at least thrice within an hour!

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