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❌ Ads

❌ A few unplayable videos

❌ Zero playback options

❌ Bleh site features and user options

❌ Simply not enough content

❌ Downloads not enabled

❌ No advanced search

❌ Updates have ceased years back


    Ever been in the core of a Latina hottie? If your answer is yes, I hope you didn’t get burned the fuck out by the liquid fire squirting from their slits!

    See, Latinas are supposed to be the finest girls on the planet and after a year spent in Colombia, I can confidently tell you that there’s no better batch of sluts, bitches, and cunt carriers! But should you find yourself in the simmering core of a Latina, and stay there for too long, you are liable to lose what little sense you have left! So beware!

    While we are on the subject of cores and cunts, I better introduce y’all to a porn site called LatinaCore. Here’s my LatinaCore.com review and may it give you more tips on hot Latina drilling than you know what to do with!

Latina Cunts Deserve Sledgehammer Fucks!

    LatinaCore has an okay setup and is colorful. However, the homepage is poorly designed and overcrowded and the black background color might not be to the taste of all.

    The top left of the homepage has links to LatinaCore’s Instagram and Facebook pages, with the top left boasting login and register tabs. Registering here took me less than 20 seconds and no, I did not have to click on a verification email. User options change a little when you register for free here, with the main benefit of membership being that you are allowed to upload videos.

    Below the social media links at the top left is the site logo and it sure does not impress. Next to it is a basic search bar that also does not impress. For one, it is barely longer than my little finger while other basic search bars often span the width of a page, and secondly, it has no advanced search functions and therefore is not something I see myself grow fond of. Still, it does its job.

    Now, the main tabs on this porn site are Home, Categories, Tabs, Latina Pornstars, Brazilian, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan. Tapping the Latina Pornstars tab takes you to content featuring Latina sluts from varied countries. But if you want to check out them Latinas from specific countries, then you just click the tab for that, and yeah, that’s neat.

    Expectedly, both the Tags and Categories tabs do what they say, with Tags hosting an alphabetical collection of tags and the Categories tab rocking category image thumbnails advertising genres like Anal, BBC, Dildo, Mexican, Public, Teen, and Squirt. Just 25 categories are available though and that’s not a lot.

A Core Cunt For A Deep Fuck!

    I did say that LatinaCore has a colorful, but crowded and less-than-thoughtfully-put-together homepage, right? Well, here’s where I go into detail on what I meant.

    See, the top of the site homepage has a slideshow of varied videos. These lack titles and you gotta hover your cursor over them before their titles will deign to pop up. There’s no reason for videos to be up there like that and it would have been much better if instead of a video slideshow, they put up images of some of the finest, sexiest, and cock-gobbling Latina pornstars out there.

    Beneath the aforementioned video slideshow and at the right is a pull-down menu that lets you select from different languages. A total of 10 languages are available, English included. While language options are always welcome, there’s absolutely no reason why such an option should not be at the top of the homepage. And below the language option is a Donate link, plus a reprisal of the main tabs. That makes zero sense and I sure would love to kick the ass of the fella that put this site together.

    There’s a short About Us at the bottom of the LatinaCore homepage, plus another Donate link. I have no idea why they want money that bad. Maybe the site admins are crowdfunding to build an interstellar hotel. Or maybe they just want you fellas to contribute to a trip they got planned to Latin America for the sole purpose of poking into a lot of virgin vaginas!

    Now, let’s turn to more hardcore stuff. There are two sections on the site homepage, with the one at the top hosting the most viewed videos, while the bottom has the latest videos. To access more of any, just click the More Videos button.

    Video image thumbnails on this Latina porn site are however smaller than they need to be. Hell, they are barely bigger than a cube of sugar and that gets me pissed off to the bony limit. Them thumbnails all have titles, ratings, runtimes, and the accumulated number of views. 10 minutes seems to be the average runtime and that’s acceptable. The latest videos are from May 21, 2020, and there are a few videos here that simply will not play no matter how hard you beg the almighty!

    Here are some sample titles: Puerto Rican Shay Evans Gets Pussy Fucked By White Cock, Hot Model Round Ass Gets Caught During Fuck Session On Cruise Ship, Retail Cashier Eliza Ibarra Enjoys Giving Head Fucking And Swallowing Cum, Latina MILF Rose Monroe Gets Her Magnificent Ass Fucked and Brazilian Babe Jesse Rogers Has The Most Incredible Ass. I fapped to a video from TeenCurves titled Hot Cuban Latina Has Magical Ass Worshiped. Kitty Caprice plays the lead role and you deserve to be whipped with dried blue whale penises if you have never heard of this bootiful Latina hottie!. Sure, this slut has a pretty face and juicy tits, but her booty is her prime asset and sticking my head into this while classical music is playing is what I plan on doing soonest!

    In the ass worship video, Caprice and a bearded fella play around on a coach. She sucks dick for a minute and then rides her partner, before bending over like a good girl so she could be penetrated from the back. Her arch game is fire and the way she rode that dick and the way her cunt gripped it is all you need to know that this bitch has a Ph.D. in sex!

    Videos on this Latina porn site normally come with lots of tags and a brief description. Playback issues were not evident during this review, but there are no playback options. I would say that almost all videos here seem to be of HD quality, and yeah, the video quality is neither stated nor adjustable. As for the number of content, I would be pleasantly surprised if LatinaCore has over 2K videos.

What I Think Of LatinaCore

    Frankly, there’s no reason the site should exist. If I wanted Latina XXX content, I would be assured of a better experience by going to sites like XVideos and XNXX.

    What I am saying is that while LatinaCore might make sense on paper, its real world implementation is more than a little bit fucked up. No way am I gonna recommend an abandoned site like this, not even if the site admin suddenly wakes up from his years-long slumber and sends his sister to suck my dick!

Latinacore, Latinacore

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