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KittyAds Review

~ Pros ~

Advanced search available

Has a global reach

No spam or ads

Male, female and trans escorts available

~ Cons ~

❌ Very dated site design

❌ Escort profiles often lacking in details

❌ Not all that many escort profiles

❌ Not very user intuitive


    There is an excess of sweet kitties in the US and you can beat these up as much as you like without groups like PETA jumping on your ass and taking you to court! The kitties in question belong to escorts US and they range from fat
ones to thin slits that look as shallow as your phone fingerprint sensor, but are deep enough to accommodate the biggest BBCs!

    Need a kitty to do some nasty stuff to? Well, there’s an impressive selection of them on KittyAds.com. This is an escort site with a catchy name and escorts from all over the world that need your money as desperately as you need to
cum in them and leave their cunts all bruised!… Here’s my KittyAds.com review. Read it and weep like a kitty in need of a cuddle by tag-teaming oak tree woodies!

Holy Sweet Benjamins!

    California, Nebraska, and Texas are the states with the biggest collection of escorts on KittyAds. The cunts there work for free in much the same way that all the restaurants in your area let you eat for free because you are easy on
the eyes and can curse up a snowstorm when denied what you want!

    Anyway, I looked high and low, but it does seem that escorts on KittyAds are too shy to put a price on their overused genitalia. Prices are simply unavailable on escort profiles and that means you gotta call up a slut, dude, or
trans chick to hear what they will take for stripping and letting you fuck them silly. That’s hella inefficient.

    If you are on KittyAds to check out escorts in the US, I can confidently say that they charge from $150 to $300 per hour, though VIP escorts will charge double or triple this. Plus you can get cheaper rates by booking an escort for
10-20 minutes and you can get it even cheaper if you can make an escort like you and con her/him out of what they normally charge for genital meets and greets!

    Prices will of course be lower in other countries and continents -Latin America, Asia, and Africa mainly- but you can expect to pay more than the American average if you are booking a European escort.

Escort Pussies All Smell The Same!

    Believe the above headline at your peril! Sure, pussies do have a familiar smell, but I am guessing I need to fuck at least ten thousand escorts from all over the planet before I can confidently come out and tell you their cunts all
smell the same, especially after you and your crew have cum in them! I am currently at 2K escorts, so keep me in your prayers!

Now, KittyAds focuses on the US. Sure, there are escorts from other countries and continents, but the US is the unwavering focus on KittyAds.com and that means there are more escort profiles in the US than the rest of the world

    To browse through the list of escorts you first check out the list of US states that fill up most of the homepage, with the lower pages having escorts from the rest of the world and Canada. However, not every listed country on
KittyAds has escort profiles and that feels like false advertising to me, with the perps deserving of being bent over for a proper cock slapping! Also, there seems to be verified and non-verified escorts, and you can find out which
is which by checking out their profile images. There’s no way to search for verified escorts though.

    So, say you wanna check out the escorts in Florida, you click on that state, and the page that loads will have a list of 21 Floridian cities with different numbers of total and active escorts. At the time of this review, the
Floridan city with the biggest number of total and active escorts was Orlando. The escort posts in Orlando and all other cities are listed horizontally, without pictures or whatever. They are quite unattractive but are concise
enough in getting to what each escort wants and what they intend to do to any dick that comes their way. At the very top of these escort listings are sorting options that let you choose from male, female or trans escorts.

    Escort profile pages on KittyAds are by no means the lushest and most detailed I have come across. They are rather bare bones, with lots of empty spaces that could have been used for loads of eye-catching things.

    One was titled Hookup Babe Available With Juicy Pussy and featured a GIF of a fat booty slim babe spreading her ass cheeks and acting all slutty. She does incalls and outcalls and can travel to wherever clients are, but there was
zero on her page regarding her personality, likes and dislikes, services rendered, and the like. She’s probably the type to show up at a hookup and lie there like a log while you do your best to wound her uterus with your sharpened
oak tree woody and we can say good for her!

    Another post titled I Need You inside Me RN BJ Anal Creampie was more detailed. It was posted by an escort named Pace67835. She is an ebony fat booty babe who looks like a combo of Nia Nacci and Skin Diamond. This chick offers anal
sex, doggy style and reverse doggy style fucks, and pretty much everything else. She says she’s willing to let you cum in her with a condom, but she does seem the type to take off the condom if you know how to dig it in her and get
her madly squirting and hollering!

    Both emails and phone numbers are usually included on escort profiles, and some escort US include their social media links. It is usual for an escort to have multiple images of herself on her page, and these can be browsed in a
slideshow. Videos and GIFs are less common. Escort quality is average or slightly better than that.

    KittyAds has a Trust Score system in place that ranks each escort according to how trustworthy they are, plus a review section on each escort page where customers can leave comments on the escort they banged silly. That’s not too
shabby. Maps for precise escort location are also available on each escort page and you can access this by clicking the escort profile image and scrolling a little way down to the View Map link.

    And oh, spam posts are scarce here.

Sweet Kitty!

    KittyAds has an extremely simple site design. Fuck it, it has a very dated site design with minimalist elements everywhere.

    The homepage has a light gray background, with a deep blue header at the bottom and that’s the only bit of color to be seen. The site logo is positioned at the top left of the page and it is a cartoon kitty that rotates when your
cursor hovers on it. Next to the logo is a message button that members can use to chat with other members.

    The featured tabs take the form of Browse Ads, Post Ad, Who’s Online, Affiliates, Login, and Sign Up. Signing up is free, but can take a while. If you are in the US, you need an email, password, and a zip code to register, though
fuckers in other countries are also free to register here. The benefits of snagging a membership card on this escorts USA site include being able to chat with other members, leave comments and reviews and get SMS and/or email
notifications on new escort ads or posts.

    There is a moving slideshow of escort ads at the bottom of the page, plus Help, Contact, and User Search links, among others. The latter option can be used to search for the most popular cities for escort searches and escort
fuckers, and look for escorts by postcode. An advanced search option is also available that enables searching for escorts by name, phone number, email, area code, and keyword.

What I Think of KittyAds

    KittyAds is an okay site that does not disappoint but does not amaze as well. The site design should be a crime and the way things are set up is simply too dated and unattractive. It needs a serious update, but even without it
should be able to meet most needs so long as expectations are kept in check.

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