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kaotic website

Kaotic Review

~ Pros ~

An uncensored file sharing host site that members upload daily

In the top 1000 of the worlds most famous adult sites

Huge amount of extreme videos posted daily

Accidents, fights, war, suicides, robbery, shooting, funny, wtf

Very little ad's , Its a nice site to browse for hours

A interactive community with video commenting and leader boards

~ Cons ~

❌ Some of the content will link you to other sites

❌ There is no real search filters


    Kaotic sure is chaotic! It is not really the kind of site to start your day with, not unless you like extreme gore and entertainment, plus a little bit of XXX action. Not to mention the most brutal fights and assaults, death in its most violent form, road accidents, executions and just about everything violent.

    There are plenty of sites like Kaotic.com, with the likes of BestGore possibly being the best-known example. What’s there is not pretty, but if it is the kind of content you love looking at, if only to see just how low humanity can get, then read on as we put Kaotic.com through its paces.

The Gore Father Of Them All!

    We start from the homepage and that looks pretty much standard. The background is a white color and the homepage has a simple look that belies the violence it hosts. A search bar is right at the top, next to tabs that link folks to recent videos, video categories, inbox messages, and links to a couple of other porn sites.

    The inbox messages are for those who take the trouble to register on this site. Registration entitles them to receive messages from fellow porn and gore lovers, and also makes it possible for them to upload content of their own and access a user forum.

    Supported categories include fight, funny, medical, shooting, robbery and more. There does not appear to be an actual porn category. That means you have to look at plenty of gory stuff before you can find a porn scene worth manhandling your cock or cunt for.

Gory Vids Matter!

    Now, the main aim of Kaotic is to shock and awe. And as such the content on its homepage accurately reflect that. There’s plenty of such content, most of which show scenes of death and destruction and a few of which are about pretty girls getting a huge dick stuck right in their greedy buttholes!

    Near the top is the Trending video section and these are all about vids that are receiving a lot of attention from lots of folks. Beneath this section is another that features new uploads from members. These range from porn-related to the impossibly gory and bloody. Expect to see plenty of mutilated bodies and enough blood to fill a lake or two!

    Every video content has tags that show when it was uploaded, the number of views it has had so far, who uploaded it and how many people have commented on it. A title is provided too so you can know what you are getting into before pressing the Play button. By the way, you can if you so choose to download each video, report it, re-post it, add it to your favorites list and more.

    The video quality is not all that great, but viewers do not appear to be complaining much. Most of the available videos are not hosted at Kaotic, though that is not an executable offense!

    Should you scroll farther down, you can see the latest user comments and uploads, plus all the top members. A little farther down are links to the most searched tags like death, falls, executed, stabbed, hit and more. There are also links to porn/gore sites like Reach Porn, Twisted Porn, Inhumanity, and Bizzare Porn that the staff over at Kaotic do not want you to miss out on.


    We don’t know what to think about Kaotic. Most of the content is not really about porn and are not professionally shot. Still, we like that there are lots of things to see here and that pages load quickly and the content is updated on the regular. Overall, if you are into gore more than porn, then Kaotic sure does have your back!

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