kanesex, KaneSex

KaneSex Review

~ Pros ~

Good site design

Plenty of horny folks

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Relatively small community of members

❌ Can be hard to use

❌ English language integration not well executed

❌ Only usable if you are in Greece


     This is yet another escort site review, so better brace up brethren. The site I will be covering today is Kanesex, which brings to mind uncomfortable images of Kane having sex with Abel and getting banished from heaven for that abomination. Or did I get my bible stories mixed up? No matter!

    Anyway, here’s my Kanesex review. It better pass your approval or I am taking you to that empty industrial area a little way out of town and giving my dick a good taste of your asshole!

Creampies and Greek yogurt!

    Are you in the mood to learn some Greek? Well, you better be, because Kanesex is a Greek escort site where you can hire chicks to suck the gunk out of that third leg you have been carrying around for like forever!

    Once you input the site name you have to click on a couple of options regarding permitting site cookies and your being of age. The homepage itself is a colorful something, but there are no language options to be seen.

    Well, there IS a language option but guess where it is. Not atop the homepage where it can be easily seen, but at the very bottom. That tells me the site designer must be a malevolent sadist, cos who would else but a sadist would put language options at the bottom of a homepage where a four-eyed soul like me could easily miss it.

    Anyway, there’s a search bar near the top of the page that lets you search for escorts by location. Beneath this are category links that direct you to men and women seeking partners, sex mates and dates, couples looking for the same thing, trans and fetish artists, online dating, erotic services, and general stuff. The newest Kanesex community members are a little way farther down, followed by premium escort profiles. Next up are the latest sex ads, featuring all sexes of course.

    Log in and registration options are provided too and registering is free. Once you register you can post an ad, send messages to fellow members and escorts, add escorts to your favorite collection, and enjoy other goodies.

The Hiring Game

    If you need escorts in Greece, there are enough of these on the Kanesex homepage to meet your needs for the rest of the month! You can click on each escort profile for information like her phone number, the services she offers, plus some personal details. More escorts can be seen on each escort profile and to view these just scroll down on the escort profile that you are currently on.

    All escorts ads here have a unique ID number, plus enough sexy images to show a priest what he has been missing out on. Profiles look genuine, but I wouldn’t bet all my inheritance on that!

Not All About Escorts

    The more time I spent on Kanesex the more I concluded that it was not an escort site per se. See, Kanesex is more like Facebook or Craiglist, but XXX rated to the max. It is like a place where you register, and advertise your needs for sexual partners, dates, relationships, and more. It is also the kind of place where you can find someone who shares the same kind of fetishes that you do and is willing to help you explore it.

    Yes, there are escorts and call girls on the site, but Kanesex is not an escort site, at least not like you and I understand escort sites. Think of it as a community of horny fellas looking for whom to fuck, either for free or for an agreed fee.

What I Think

    Well, I’m not sure what to think of Kanesex. The site looks good, but can be confusing to use, particularly since even with the English language option enabled not everything in view will be translated to English. More, the community is really small and I don’t think there are up to 10,000 active members. That’s a small pool of potential fuckers.

Overall, I like and would eagerly make use of Kanesex if I was in Greece. Instead, I am currently stuck in New York, with my dear neighbor seated on my face like she got it in a bargain basement sale! What a life!

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