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JuicySexStories Review

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Fabricated stories but good


    Since the beginning of time, romance novels have always been a good way to get a boner in action, especially when there are no TVs and VHS, I don’t know but I'm sure your 2.5inch chopsticks agree with that statement.

    Nothing beats a juicy sex story that perfectly lays out the sequence and foreplay to a good fuck session. Leaving you with the imagination and acting out the porn movie in your head, either making yourself the main character or being the watcher. And luckily for you, I have a juicysexstories review for you today.

Let your imaginations do the fucking

    I remember reviewing an escort site once and the biggest part of it is the availability of a sex story section. I know loads of people out there that would rather read about a chick getting fucked in the ass than watch a threesome go down in the middle of the woods. It provides privacy and for real, you can do this anywhere—the ladies be doing the most honestly—reading a sex story in broad daylight haha.

    But telling you about how good sex stories are good for the body isn’t the highlight of this post. The highlight and the reason me and you are gathered here today is to talk about the juicysexstories.com review. It is a for reading different fabricated sex stories and publications. Once again, I will be doing things my way, starting from the front page and ending on the contents.

    The juicysexstories website’s homepage is as basic as it can get but at the same time detailed. I’m not sure I'm making sense but it is what it is—the homepage is full of different things you need to basically start reading. When you land on juicysexstories, the first thing you see are different lists of stories on the left-hand side of the page, with a little bit of snippet to raise your spear. And as you scroll down the page, there are loads of different content that are made to catch your attention.

    You can filter the content juicysexstories displays on their homepage, simply use the option above to change from “home” to “most viewed” or favorites.

    The navigation on juicysexstories.com isn't bad as well, as a matter of fact, it is easy to use. Easily pick anything you want to do from the homepage without having to go 12 miles or some long distance. The menu has options to pick categories, search stories, and even visit the little secret section.

    The categories on juicysexstories are a lot, I'm not even trying to sugarcoat any shit right now but it has been a long time since I’ve seen a list as big as this. The categories on juicysexstories.com include affair sex stories, anal sex stories, first-time sex stories, taboo sex stories, Indian sex stories, and many more. Just get in there and see which category is capable of raising the morale of your 6inch spear.

If Shakespeare wrote erotic novels

    So what in the Shakespeare makes juicy sex stories contents good? Or are they even good at all? It’s hard to say honestly. It depends on your taste and what you like to see in erotic stories. If you are the type that loves reading romance and erotic novels to get your imaginations off the roof, then you might love the contents on juicysexstories.

    They have loads of made-up sex stories that feel like they are taken out of a novel and slapped on the website. The stories have that erotic and alluring touch to them, gradually explaining the process of how a housewife was able to invite a plumber over and ride the fuel out of him or how a brother was able to go deep into sexting with his half-sister—you know these plots yea?

    The contents are submitted by different authors registered on the website and it feels a bit nice knowing these contents are owned and were written by people who share the same fantasies as you. Speaking of fantasies, some people out there would rather settle for a real sex story and how it went.

    I’m talking about the people that get turned on by true stories of sexual encounters and are moved by non-fictions, if this is you, then I got something for you. Or rather, juicysexstories has a section for you.

    “My Little Secret” section on juicysexstories is a place where you can find different erotic stories by different people around the world. Some are of course exaggerated but most of them are fucking good to read, and down to me, I’d rather read these true life stories than read the made-up ones but a man to himself. I read a post by a chick saying she had a threesome with her husband’s brother and his wife—holy shit! She is getting the pipes from a related plumber.

    To top things off, there are no ads on this site, so you can just sit there peacefully—read till you have had enough of getting aroused by scripts placed in your mind to act full-blown porn.

What do I think about Juicysexstories?

    You know it’s good when the word “juicy” get’s added to anything. Juicy lips, juicy cunt, juicy this, juicy that…, and when it comes to juicysexstories, I believe it lives up to its name. Although I prefer something more in-depth and well explained, juicy sex stories is good but it doesn’t give that deepness I might want to look for in a sex story.

    But if you like this, then this might be your stop—If you are like me that love looking for better things, then come with me to other sex stories sites I have reviewed.

JuicySexStories, JuicySexStories

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