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r/JizzedToThis Review

~ Pros ~

Pretty nice place

Rad upload pace

Active asf

Welcome emphasis on quality

~ Cons ~

❌ No special options

❌ Rules that choke


See, we are only mortals. And most of you readers and fans aren’t as rich as Croesus. What that means in real terms is that when we see a chick on the streets or on the big screen of a theater, rather than fly her to Dubai for extended shopping trips, all we can do is grab our balls and swear to teach her a lesson later. With the said lesson coming to pass as soon as we can reach a friendly jar of Vaseline! Yeah, we can’t fuck all the chicks we can, because not all of us have the constitution of Johnny Sins and the moolah of Elon Musk for conning them thots into bed and there’s no shame to that.

Your jizz dropped on the ground lately and provided enough fertilization to make a redwood grow in your backyard? Then march into here pronto and check out this r/JizzedToThis review I got here! And better get a move on, or I will get a saltwater croc to play a jazz tune with your cock!

Reddit JizzedToThis Gonna Get You Jizzed Up!

    If you must know, yes, I wandered into this subreddit dressed head to toe in a raincoat and gas mask. Why? Well, because this subreddit is supposed to be dripping with so much jism that it got the Victoria Falls all beat! And God knows I want none of that crud on my body, beautiful! Hell, given the stuff some of you eat and the funky thots you fuck, I well could be risking permanent blindness if I was to let the jizz from a site like this enter my eyeballs, or shoot up my nose!

Now, r/JizzedToThis sure does look rad. The logo is perhaps the first attention-grabbing sight, and it looks like a cock about to shoot down a high-flying bird. Better stay clear of rapid-shot boners like that, or they will make you pregnant in a heartbeat! And that advice stays even if you were born with balls bigger than a Louisiana watermelon and have never squatted to pee!

Anyway, Reddit JizzedToThis has a black background and a header of gray. There are no images of nude chicks or cannonball cocks on the header, and that’s missed. But as I said, this site looks rad and is a welcome break from the typical blue-and-white look of most subreddits.

“Pics That Push You Over The Edge” is the motto here, and it is repeated in the Community Box. And the latter is more bare than I was expecting. The site statistics says that this subreddit opened for business in July 2016 and currently has 1.5 million members, of whom 1K was online for this review, the lucky sods! The number of online wankers on this subreddit later rocketed to a high of 4K plus, and near the end of this review, it was at the 2.8K mark. You sure could call this subreddit popular!

So, there are more mods here than your favorite MILF cum bucket has teeth and has gotten her eyeballs fucked out of her this year! The rules are divided into 5 main sections, and you are advised not to post non-consensual material or anything that has to do with minors and not to upload posts containing banned keywords, links, advertising prompts, and the like. Posts containing fully dressed characters are prohibited, and the daily upload limit per person is 1 post per 12 hours.

Yeah, the daily post limit looks like a joke. But this subreddit wants to focus on quality rather than quantity. I can support that, but only so long as the mods here see to my daily need to have my cock tongued and used like a toothbrush at a prison camp!

Jizzed To See You Nude Too! Now Bend and Spread It!

    Despite the focus on content quality here, the content update frequency is not bad at all. The upload pace is honestly extremely good, and y’all are free to color me surprised and call me a leprechaun! Now, let’s go see what hot women look like without a stitch on!

How I Wake Up My Man, Petite Latinas Deserve All Our Loads, Would You Titty-Fuck This Teen, Dinner Time With Mommy, It’s The Season To Wear Sundresses With Nothing Under, One Hour in Pussy or Ass and Don’t Blink Or You Will Miss It were among the newest posts here at the time of this review. The Don’t Blink post only had 2 comments and 13 upvotes at the time of this review and was uploaded 7 hours prior. This video was like 7 seconds long and showed a very fit cutie skipping rope. As she’s bouncing up and down, her tops rolls done to reveal her chest, and she for sure has one of the most visually impressive sets of all-natural and shapely tatas this mega fucker has ever clapped eyes on!

Ever wondered how it would feel to wake up in the morning to the sight of a very full pair of jugs dangling an inch or so above your face? Well, that is exactly the point of a post like How I Wake Up My Man. The chick in the post clearly has every intention of using her mammaries to lead a fella into temptation, and any girl that acts like that clearly wants to have her constipation cured via a proper BBC shafting!

Blush is the all-time top-rated content on Reddit JizzedToThis. It was uploaded 10 months ago and currently has 35.7K upvotes, plus more awards than there are thin and petite nymphos in Thailand who regularly go on the hunt for tourist man meat that can choke them to a coma!

Anyway, the chick in the Blush post does nothing but lie on a bed, writhe, and moan as a fella pumps his way through her. This babe has a perfect set of tits, a perfect little cunt that’s cute and fat, a belly button you can suck all night long, and lips that hold the promise of BJs that gonna crater your brain matter! Hot as this chick is, you likely can’t fuck her for more than 5 seconds before having to dump your load and get off her so others can have their turn!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/JizzedToThis

Got a ‘67 Mustang with less than 5K miles on the odometer? Well, a peachy thing like that is sure to be treasured. While r/JizzedToThis is no Mustang, it oozes near as much class and quality as that famous automobile. Plus it ticks nearly all the boxes that this lengthy boner of mine can string up and has enough speedy cunts on show to rush you to cloud 9!

So yes, I am all for y’all getting r/JizzedToThis membership cards and having plenty of new reasons to make your cocks weep!

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