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JavPics Review

~ Pros ~

Tons of user options

Acceptable site design

Sweet site to use

Nearly 2K pages of content

Free downloads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ The best stuff are restricted to premium members

❌ No language option

❌ Basic search bar

❌ No model bio pages

❌ Wack as fuckety fuck update policy


    Pictures they say have power to move people and influence events and I first became acquainted with that fact many years ago when I stumbled across a Playboy centerfold on which was spreadeagled my favorite celebrity at the time. After all these years I still have no difficulty calling up the cunt of the celeb in question in my mind. She did have a nicely tanned slit and is not my favorite celeb anymore!

    So, let’s talk about JAVPics.org. The site as expected deals in images of JAV sluts, from Yui Hatano to Aya Kisaki, and these pics either show JAV celebs nude as they were born or document what happens when they got to war with a penis that won’t stand for any nonsense! Here's my JAVPics.org review and it’s gonna get your cum life organized on the double!

A Picturegasm Done Right!

    The JAVPics site won’t be winning any design awards in this century or next. What’s there is functional, with minimal flash and dazzle. And that seems to be a philosophy that most if not all JAV sites religiously follow. It sure is hard to find a JAV site that has enough eye candy design elements to get me pissing sweet maple syrup in my dreams!

    The site name is at the middle top right of the homepage and if there’s a logo it must be performing an invisible act! Below the site name are images of famous JAV stars like Yui Kawagoe, Ryu Enami, and Natsuki Yokoyama. Clicking these names takes you right to the content of each star and that’s nice, but a search bar or category page would have been nicer and better. There is indeed a category page here, but I will get to that later and you gotta know there’s a well-written About Us at the bottom of the homepage.

    And oh, it might be just me, but I do seem to have long noticed that the names of most JAV sluts sound like an exotic dish or something. Like if I were to go to Japan, it does seem credible to visit a restaurant and order a plate of Yui Hatano or Uika Hoskikawa. I just might do that for real whenever some fucker gives me a bag of gold or diamonds to keep for him and falls off the face of the earth shortly after!

    So, the main tabs are below the images of the JAV sluts atop the homepage, but there are also user options at the top right. The main tabs comprise Home, Model+, Videos, HQ, Uncensored, Censored, Forum, Support, Join Now, Date, Most Views, and Alphabet. The User options on the right are Studios, Magazines, Models A-M, Models N-Z, Categories, and Our Sites and there’s a basic search bar below these user options, plus lists of top viewed content and an alphabetical collection of tags near the bottom.

    There are 6 pages of models in the Models+ tab and they are arranged alphabetically and the same as that found on the Models A-M and Models N-Z user options. There are no model bio pages and I have no idea why there is a tab and a couple of user options that all do the same work.

    The Videos tab when clicked opens an ExclusiveJAV.com page. That site seems to be run by the same wanker that’s behind JAVPics and God only knows the number of JAV poon he’s pissed into this week! The HQ in HQ tab presumably stands for High Quality, though it could be High Quackery for all I care, while the Censored and Uncensored tabs both do what they say on the tin.

    Now, the Forum tab loads a new page for Network22 and that’s a small forum with less than 3K members. Why, I have fucked more sluts last year than that! The Support tab allows chatting with the admins via email and if you wanna become a premium member by clicking the Join Now tab, do know that it will set you back $19.95 for 31 days, $39.95 for 90 days, $69.95 for 180 days and $89.95 for a whole year of access. Joining the premium membership plan has benefits like no ads, high download speeds, I TB storage space to store your downloads, and 24/7 support to resolve issues.

    So, the Date tab lets you see the oldest and newest posts. The oldest stuff here is from 2018, while the newest is from May 2021. Tapping the Most Viewed tab sorts content by the number of views, while the Alphabet tab brings up what appears to be an alphabetical list of the 1,775 pages of content on this JAV image site. A lot of titles are in Japanese though, so it is difficult to guess if I am seeing double or if titles are being arranged alphabetically here!

Pics To Go Mad For!

    GIFs I can wank to, but pictures are something else. Still, the kind of pictures on display at JAVPics can persuade a eunuch to go for penile reconstructive surgery!

    Content sorting here is performed by the main tabs and the user options on the right. Among these options are a Category page and a search bar, plus Studios, Categories, and Our Sites buttons. By clicking the latter, I got to know that JAVPics is part of a network of 11 sites in total, from FFetish Videos and FFetish photos to 20Pie, Only Spanking Video, and Exclusive JAV. Nearly 40 XXX studios are listed in the Studios link and there are 19 separate magazines to browse through on the Magazine page and a click on any studio or magazine name will load up pages of its content on this XXX pic site.

     So, the way things work here, each album is made up of a few images, and  nudity is not always displayed in these. Most albums have a description, and all have stat stating the image quality, and other stuff, and you are given the link to download the album on Xubster. The problem though is that if you aren’t a premium member you are limited to slow -really slow- downloads and cannot download anything over 10 MB. That sucks anaconda dick because it is hard to find albums that do not exceed this limit.

What I Think Of JAVPics

    The site is confusing for real. I love the many user options and simple site design, but so-so image quality and the fact that premium membership is required to enjoy the site to the fullest puts me off big time.

    I think JAVPics is worth a look, but would rather get my XXX-oriented PC and mobile wallpapers elsewhere.

javpics, JavPics

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