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Jav168 Review

~ Pros ~

Lit to look at

Free and full-length content


~ Cons ~

❌ A few ads

❌ Zero language options

❌ Kinda wack site features

❌ Censored to the bone


    For sure it looks like they have started numbering the JAV sites out there, or isn’t that why this JAV site under review is named Jav168.cc? Oh shit! I just figured that 168 might be the number of schoolgirl-aged JAV sluts that the site admin drilled all of last year!

    Think that’s impossible? Well think again, chum! See, in Japan, you can just chock your cock into a 13-year-old pussy and that’s perfectly legal. Do unripe cunts like that bleed during their first sex, or are the owners too busy moaning and dumping themselves deeper onto your cock to notice? Well, that’s something I gotta find out soon!… Here’s my Jav168.cc review. Read it and get your numbers right!

Nippon Of Cum!

    Nippon is Japanese for Japan. So all you wankers fantasizing that it is what I call the right nipple of my beloved, need to visit a psychiatrist and get the weirdness beaten out of you with nail-tipped whips! There better be some blood by the time the whole thing is over or I am shooting someone up!

    Now, do you speak Japanese? If not, it might be time for a crash course on the language because the default and only supported language on Jav168 is Japanese.

    Yeah, there’s no language option here where you can select languages that are a perfect fit for wherever in the world you live and that sucks limp dick. But we do have to remember that this is a Japanese site whose intended audience is fappers from that island nation. For sure if the site admins knew that Americans love JAV porn as much as we do, then they might have stooped low enough to include multiple languages on the site, or at least label more than a few things in English.

    And that brings me to another point. The Japanese are fanatical about cleanliness and there are more than a few snobby fellows among them. With that being the case, it is entirely possible that the setting of Japanese as the only supported language on this JAV site is meant as a sorta middle finger to non-Japanese who are visiting for their wanking needs. Consider it a kind of message, just like you getting served a plate of spoiled food and hot beer at the local restaurant where you got the only daughter of the chef pregnant with triplets and denied ever cumming in her!

    Where was I? So, with sites like Jav168.cc, I rely on Yandex Translate to perform the needed translation. It is free as fuck and effective too. Plus it has saved my hide a few times. For sure Yandex needs bookmarking on the double!

    Anyway, Jav168 has a pretty nice homepage setup. It looks sweet and expansive and the many image content thumbnails are bigger than most bubble butts and nicely spaced apart. White is the background color and there’s a basic search bar, plus some main tabs atop the homepage and that’s where they are supposed to be anyway. There are login and registration tabs at the far right, and I am almost sure you can’t sign in here unless your dick is 4 inches at the maximum, just like the majority of Japanese-owned penises!

    Jav168 has 2,532 pages of content. That’s an impressive number and you should think about doing something useful with your life like making a promise to fap to all their content by this time next year!

    So, the basic search bar atop the site homepage is not as useless as it first seemed. Sure, I thought you could only search stuff on it by inputting Japanese characters, but it is advanced enough to recognize the names of some JAV sluts. It also recognizes some categories like Teen, but that does not mean you should slack off on learning Japanese!

    I forgot to mention the site logo here. It is the head and mid-body of a pussy cat and that has to be an offhand reference to the pussies the sluts on this platform are using to make us pant and pee our valued treasure of cum! Yeah, at the sight of a shaven JAV slit you better believe that retaining your home training will speedily become impossible!

    Next to this logo are the main tabs and they are There Is A Correction, Uncensored, Amateur Animation, Chinese Subtitles, No Material AV Animation, Selfie Outflow, and Erotic Encylopedia. For sure a few of these tab names do not make sense, but I feel that Yandex Translate is exclusively to blame for that!

168 Cunts Actually Fucked Dry!

    The more I think about it the more I believe that my theory of the site being named after the number of cunts the site admin fucked back to the stone age might be right! If that is the case, then we all better organize a live band and hail the guy, because that number of pussies ain’t no chicken feed!

    Now, since I can’t read -can’t read Japanese is what I’m talking about- I would say the main tabs do their jobs. That means some content sorting is assured at least.

    Smut titles are a mix of Japanese and what looks like random numbers, but there are a few titles with some English words. Videos are full length as a matter of course and I have even stumbled across a few that are more than 4 hours long. Playback quality is user-adjustable and you can select from 360p, 480p, and 720p. Other than that there aren’t playback options worth the name.

    And yes, the porn here is censored, and seeing a pussy spread without blurry pixels to block the view is kinda impossible. There are no issues with the loading and playback of videos, and they can even be rated and shared.

What I Think Of Jav168

    I love the look of this JAV site, and its many full-length videos. While there are some cons, I do feel that Jav168 is an excellent choice for anyone interested in porn of a JAV flavor.

    So bookmark the site, thank me later and drop your drawers tonight for an inspection!

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