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JaponHentai Review

~ Pros ~

Nice background theme

Simple to navigate

Large video collection

~ Cons ~

❌ Heavy presence of Ads of all kinds

❌ Few users

❌ Not very popular


    Anime has had a huge impact on the modern world as a whole, and conventional cartoons are taking a ride in the back seat with anime and hentai driving the video world like two crazy drivers that have no brakes.

    Today I got another hentai site that seems promising but you never judge a book by its cover, yeah?, the sites is called japonhentai.com so I, the porn guy has to make this site my bitch, and strap it down give it a good pounding with this review.
Heres my Japonhentai review below.

First stroke into japonhentai

    Japonhentai is a free and French hentai site, though that doesn’t really change the fact that this site is for hentai videos and the videos are still in Japanese. Well, a French site with hentai videos you already know the Pornguy has to be all over this.

    As the homepage opened the site has a black and red background theme and looks pretty soothing on the pervy eyes which have been staring at screens and jerking off for years, yeah you old dog you better take care of your eyes so you can still see all these colors on this hentai site to keep on fapping.

    At the top of the homepage is the title bar which is red in color to contrast the dark theme. This site has a simple layout and you can easily navigate your way around it without any hiccups. Actually, without much hiccups cause there is one, and that’s Ads. There is a heavy presence of all kinds of pop-up and redirecting Ads on this site.

    In the middle of the title bar is the site’s name with the site’s logo beside it. At the left corner of the title bar is the menu option icon. Clicking on the menu icon will open up a list of options available on the site, but there’s a little snag here. The menu options are not in English but it’s in French and if you’re not a French-speaking pervert like myself you’ll have to employ a translation software or the browser you’re using could have a translation option that you can easily use.

Getting into the site’s panties proper

    So after getting the menu options translated, I was able to get into this menu’s panties and I found options like censored hentai, uncensored hentai, and hentai USA. In Japan, censorship of adult content is a serious law and most adult content created in Japan is censored, but we can’t just be fapping to blurry pussies and weiners.

     so there were ways around the law like brands started producing hentai and Japanese-style adult content outside of Japan where the law was not in effect, smart right and they say fappers only think with their nuts.

Enough Ads to make you go crazy

    While going through these menu options this site was driving me insane, the pop-up Ads just kept on coming making my Ad block as useless as tits on a bill, this was really frustrating my experience on the site. Once I was done with the menu options, I headed back to the homepage and continued scrolling down the page.

    There were hentai thumbnails arranged in pairs but big enough for you to see the slutty hentai chicks with tits so plump, this could get you aroused as any horny wanker who sees this could be turned on but it’s hard to keep a “hard on” on this site cause the site doesn’t let you get the full experience without turning off your Ad-blocker and you know what that means an avalanche Ads will come pouring down your screen.

    At this point, I would say if you can’t stand Ads or can’t go on any site without using your Ad blocker then you might not be interested in visiting this site but if you can appreciate Japonhentai as a free site just tryna make some cash while giving you Hentai contents to wank to, then you can continue.

Artist go nuts with their imaginative content

    The video thumbnails on the homepage aren’t just arranged randomly but are sorted into different categories. The first set of videos is arranged under the category of the newest videos uploaded on the site. You can see clearly that these artists are getting more and more perverted as time goes by, cause the try and bring fresh imaginative content that will still make you want to jizz all the nut out of you.

    There are more categories like Hentai raw, Hentai English sub, and Hentai sub espanol among others. Then at the bottom of the homepage, there’s a lot of write-ups about what the site is about and all the contents they provide but any horny wanker isn’t going to read that, all we came here for is some good Hentai videos and a wank off session that’ll leave your legs trembling.

    These Hentai videos are mostly fictional so you can expect anything, all forms of deranged pervertness and even things that normal porn videos would consider illegal but with Hentai there’s no limit to this. As long as you can think it you can see it; from incest, rape, bestiality, and all sorts of sick shit that would make a normal person puke but you’re not a normal person, are you? you’re a horny wanker that needs wild videos to bust all sorts of hot loads to all these crazy videos.


    Hentai sites don’t appeal to everyone most times just a certain group of individuals who love two-dimensional sluts, not everyone is into this. So those Hentai lovers have to be fed with really good content which I’m here to make sure of, for my fellow freaks and geeks.

    Japonhentai is a perfect example of a good Hentai site, it just has way too many Ads competing with the huge library of Hentai videos and what’s worst is the site needs you to remove your Adblocker, so if you can’t stand Ads it best you look elsewhere but if you can stand it the videos will be worth it.

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