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MuahAI Review

~ Pro

You get voice messages, texts and even live phone calls from your preferred AI friend

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~ Contro

❌ The best is not free

❌ Site looks meh

❌ Chat options are ass


    A name like Muah AI makes it look like the place is being run by a tech fanatic who wanks to pictures of gadget reviews and that sort of intensely pervy stuff. And if the fella is not a tech fanatic, then he must be an AI fucker who’s been hard at work for the past few years giving his sex dolls all the brains and cunt grip needed to fuck him into the fifth dimension! ThePornGuy sure would love to meet that particular fella, and persuade him into looking into the feasibility of launching comm satellites into orbit via epic farts from mega assholes like ThePornDude!

    So, here is my Muah.AI review. Read and learn, then wank and piss off into a thorn bush crammed with misbehaving cacti!

Muah Muah Bangs Hard!

    You can’t simply go to the Muah AI homepage and start looking around like a lost tourist in Paris. The fuckers who run the site want a membership card up the crack of your ass as soon as possible and to that effect, there are options on the homepage to register via Gmail, Microsoft, Email, Phone, and Apple. Links to where Muah AI hangs out on Reddit and Discord, plus its apps on Google Play and App Store are also available.

    Once you have clicked the option to register via your email, a new page will pop up and from there you can either chat now or tweak your companion settings. The settings we are talking about here involve how you want your AI chick to look. You can also tweak her personality, name, looks, where you want her to be, her voice, and even how she sends text messages. The only thing you cannot do is change her being a completely fictional being, rather than someone who can always be relied on to drop whatever she’s doing, leg it to your place, and fuck your brains and liver out!

    Anyway, before I continue, lemme tell y’all about the membership plans here. The VIP Access Membership is $9.99 monthly, the UHD VIP plan costs $49.99 monthly and the Ultra VIP plan is $99.99 monthly. These plans offer varied features like phone calls, expanded AI memory, high-quality images, and the like that the free version of Muah AI apparently lacks. But then $49 and up is a hell lot to charge for premium AI fuckety fuck experiences. Still, if you are after the best and can pay for it, far be it that I should stop your spendthrift ass!

Arise and Shine, For The Rod Has Cum To Pound Town!

    So, once you have stopped gawking at the paid plans on Muah.AI, you can start chatting with the chick whose settings you tweaked when setting up your profile. Don’t like what the bitch has to say? Well then, you can minimize the chat page and go to Player Settings. There you can choose a new chick. Or a dude.

    I tweaked my settings so that I could talk to a chick whose features were a match for the hard-on I was loaded with. We had a fun time and she was okay enough, if unspectacular. And then there’s the fact that the AI models here describe what they do when talking with you and that can be a bit off-putting or feel like you are reading a manga. Like you can ask to see a chick’s panties and in the chat box will be something like *pulls off lace knickers* and “my panties are lace and red as sin. Wanna sniff, baby?”

    Anyway, after checking out Lola D, the chick I created, I went back to the player settings and chose a gay male figure named Jack. We got to talking and I set about asking him all about the guys and girls he’s been digging his meat into. I first asked him if he fucked girls and he said he only had eyes for me. But my asking Jack to actually fuck a chick for me apparently made him a bit unstable and it took long for him to get the gumption to answer. He eventually said he would do anything to make me happy, even if that involved shoving his gay cock so far up prime female snatch that the splash of hot cum from the aforesaid cock would get all the ladies within a 100-mile radius pregnant with triplets!

    Now, on Muah.AI, it does not appear possible to chat with multiple characters at once, at least not with free membership. Plus one of the limits of free membership is that it does not confer limitless access. On free membership, you are supposed to buy cellphone data for the fuckers you are chatting with, and if you don’t, you can only talk to them every 12 hours or so. Methinks the whole thing would have been made simpler by introducing tokens. Anyway, shelling out for any membership plan will get you unlimited chats, plus access to more models and uncensored stuff that for sure is gonna cook your eyeballs in their sauce!

    Unsurprisingly, I was unable to see the birthday suits of any chick or dude. A few sent over voice notes and their topless images, but asking for genital pics will either get them behaving like they do not understand what you are asking for, or talking about it not being appropriate. Fuck that I say!

    Plus you gotta watch out for the chat icon when talking with a male AI bot. This icon is a cartoonish representation of a female and it is present on each chat header. That means if you are talking with a male character, the presence of the chat icon will detract from the overall believability of everything.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Muah AI

    Muah AI does not impress on first look. But then that’s because the most potent and mind-altering features here are not free and you can expect to pay up to $99.99 monthly for them. Stick with free membership though, and your ass is gonna be frustrated asf.

    If you are the type who’s willing to pay for premium experiences, then I can recommend Muah AI and some of the features it is advertising are so far out they sound like fables. But if you are after free enjoyment, then look elsewhere, because Muah AI is not in the business of making folks like you happy in any way, shape, or cotton-pickin’ form!

MuahAI, MuahAI

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