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    Grab your tools, guys, We are about to make lemonades from the lemons we will be getting at Lemoncams; I just hope they don’t taste too sour. Speaking of sour, I thought sites like this were supposed to drip sweetness like that of a horny cunt begging to be whispered to.

    I bet you do not know how to make these lemonades. Just hop on and hold the lemons tight. Remember not to play gentle; it's no boobies but lemons. Be sure to carry along the drips from horny bees, oops! Honey bees, I mean to say, it can serve as sweeteners for when you cannot bear the sourness.

Let’s Begin Squeezing Lemons

    The lemon logo on the homepage looks quite good, fresh enough for a lemonade, and the way it was partitioned makes it seem like everyone is going to have a taste. Stay here with me so we can find out if it is sour or sweet. Clicking on this simply reloads the page.

    To the top right of this homepage lie several options, such as Porn list, best porn sites, Twitter, blog, world map, about us, and then a search bar that allows you to choose the language you want.

    You can also filter categories of cam girls you need and cam sites here. You also get to view cam girls in different countries like Colombia, Asia, Italy, and many others. I made a quick stop at the Italian cam site, and my cock jerked and tried freeing itself so it could make a standing ovation to applaud the boobs and cunts of these cam girls; they are fire!

    After a brief introduction to the site, you can start viewing the girls. I am sure you didn’t even pay attention to the introduction because you already got distracted by the beautiful girls on your screen. These cam girls are divided into several categories, such as Top cams, Top cams by country, and Top private cams. Each of these categories displays the cam girls involved.

    On the right side of the page, just beside the profile thumbnails of these cam girls, are different search bars for different categories. You get to filter hair type, body type, types of services offered, and others. Then, below this is another set of categories. Categories upon categories, this can only mean one thing, we are going to wank till Mama calls because there are so many cam girls in any particular category. There is the private one-to-one cam, world map of sex cams, etc.

    Below this is another category containing different cam sites, like Bonga Cam, My Free Cams, etc. You may be wondering why Lemoncams has this kind of feature. Well, the introductory post on the homepage already told us to look forward to the juicy content from other cam providers. After viewing these cam sites, the next thing you will come across are blog posts, and then you also get to see the Asian and Latino categories.

     I hear Asian girls know how to please with their actions, and Latino girls are a natural.

    Finally, at the bottom of the page is a blog post about lemon cams, with a description and features. Just as you would want a quickie, you can also have a quick read about Lemoncam's description and get to know about its features.

The Lemonades of Lemoncam

    Since we are done with the lemons, we might just try the lemonade we got from them. The profile thumbnails of these cam girls already give a sneak peek into what we should be expecting in their profiles. You get to see their name, age, and nationality. Also, when your cursor hovers on their profile, a video begins to automatically preview.

    This piece of information is good for those who might want to have a quickie or those who want to wank and get off immediately. Some of the videos that auto-preview can make you wank over and over because of how good they are. Your cock will be so pleased you hovered and stayed to watch the video preview

    Clicking on any profile thumbnail takes you to their personal page, and the features here don’t quite differ from others. You first get to see either a live video of the cam girl doing what your cock would find satisfying or a message telling you that the cam is off.

    Also, there is a profile button just a little above the live video is a profile button which, when clicked on, shows you very little information about the cam girl. You get to know their specifics, what they do in their shows, and what they do in private shows. There are also profile thumbnails of related cam girls here, too.

    The profiles of cam girls here are not properly detailed, and they are of average quality. They have almost no reasonable information on their profiles, no bio.

The Lemonade’s Fee

    It would definitely cost something to get a lemonade these days. Let’s find out how much we will need to spend.
Over here at Lemoncam, tokens are used to purchase private shows and do everything related to money. To get these tokens, you will need to purchase them with a debit card. The least number of tokens you can get is 45 tokens, which goes for just $4.99. So you can check out the package and do what suits you.

What Pornguy thinks of Lemoncams.com

    The cam girls here are of average quality; their bios, too, are not properly detailed, but they have quite a good number of cam girls. Videos also auto-preview. So I recommend it because the lemonades gotten from lemoncams are not so sour.

LemonCams, LemonCams

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