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InHumanity website

InHumanity Review

~ Pros ~

Wtf, cams, fail, slutty, busted, wasted, anal, voyeur, shocking etc

Mostly extreme porn videos if you like jerking off to messed up shit

Almost no ad's just a few at the very bottom

Millions and millions and monthly visitors

~ Cons ~

❌ Every video link brings you to another site, no exclusive content

❌ When you first visit the site you have to close a annoying pop up

❌ No search filters or categories , Only a search bar


With a name like Inhumanity, there can be little doubt about the direction this porn site would take. It advertises itself as an extreme porn site, but we see little evidence of this.

Well, hang on to your hat and keep your glasses polished as we dive into the world of Inhumanity.com.

An Inhumane Homepage

    The homepage is where all the fun happens. You can usually tell a lot about a site just by looking at its homepage. With that being the case, we weren’t exactly impressed by the Inhumanity.com homepage. For starters, it looks bland and could have been designed by an amateur of moderate talents. There’s nothing there to catch the eye, save for the videos that fill up most of the homepage.

At the far right top corner of the homepage rests a search bar, as well as a submit button folks can use to submit their content. Stretched out beneath this are links to porn sites, a list of porn sites, VR games and extreme porn sites.

Vids Of Inhumane Fun!

    The videos found on the homepage are arranged in a ladder-like manner and feature an oft-goofy title, as well as the date they were posted, a brief description, the total number of views and the particular category they fit in. You can click on the listed category and it will take you to the content in that particular category. For example, let’s say you saw a video titled Butthole Brutality. That video is filed in the anal category and clicking on that category will take you to enough anal banging videos to pucker up your shit hole! Other categories include incest, beefy, big dicks, slutty, shocking, amateur, WTF and more.

From what we can see though, no videos are hosted on the site itself. That means once you click on any video, it directs you to another porn site where you can watch the said video, or others of a similar nature. Content updates seem to take place on the daily.

Right at the very bottom of the homepage are links to porn sites like Painaltube, HeavyR, CrazyShit, and Fleshed, as well as porn review sites like ThePornDude.

What We Think

    There is not much to be impressed by here. A simple Google search will probably lead you to loads of better and slicker porn sites and that is to the good. Still, you might want to check out Inhumanity.com. Apart from a fancy name, it is free to access, gets updated daily and might boast some content your greedy eyes have not lusted after yet!

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