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ILoopIt Review

~ Pros ~

Awesome Gif quality

Has Gif sharing feature

Registration is free

Registered users can post Gifs

Offers links to the source porn videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Really short Gifs

❌ Some features are limited to registered users

❌ No pages


    If you know anything about us, it is that we are obliged to fap to regular porn vids. Pics, GIFs and the like simply would not do, as our cocks would just hang limp like overfed snakes being asked to dance the waltz!

    Still, that does not take away the fact that quite a few people fap to GIFs and the like. There are plenty of sites devoted to offering GIF porn to fappers of all stripes and one of these is Iloopit.net.

    Guess what, we are reviewing Iloopit right now for the benefit of our readers whose cocks get so hard and whose cunts get sinfully wet whenever they sight a porn GIF! Here’s our site review.

Rimming The Loop!

    The site design on this porn GIF site uses a dark background. That can be useful for those watching the action late at night when just about every living thing is grabbing a shut-eye.

    The site design of Iloopit.net on the basic side, with oversized GIF thumbnails filling up most of the page. At the top left of the page is a pull-down box that enables sign in and GIF creation/uploads.

    The only tabs on the homepage are the Make a GIF and Upload GIF tabs. We didn’t fancy our creative abilities all that much, and so we sadly report that we refused the site offers to make a GIF. Perhaps we should have done so and named them after the most ardent readers of this porn review site. Worth remembering is that only members can make and upload GIFs here. Oh well!

    To the left of the homepage are a long list of tags and a search bar. A click on the latter takes you right to the varied categories of porn GIFs here and there’s a whale of a lot! Categories include Red Head, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, Cheating, Big Tits Worship, Cuckold, Ebony and Gangbang.

    Each of these categories possesses a picture thumbnail with tags that show the total number of content in each category. It appears the Teen category has the biggest content of them all, though that is hard to say for sure since the category page constantly refreshes and scrolling down to the end of it is a hard task.

The Porn In The GIF

    Now, let's return to the homepage. Some categories of GIF porn are presented first, followed by the latest collection. Frankly, you can’t scroll to the end of the homepage if you tried, since the screen rapidly refreshes as if being paid to.

    Some sample homepage GIF titles are Thick Pawg In Public, Beautiful Boobs With Erect Nipples, Hot Bobbage and Cheerleader Fucked After 4 pm Detention. Frankly, there’s no need to click on any GIF titles because they play automatically whenever a mouse cursor gets near them. Clicking on titles, however, makes it possible to share them on social media and see where they originally came from.

    We are not really fans of GIF porn, but we must confess that lots of content here are so very much fappable and got us more than a little itchy down there!

What We Think

    Polish is lacking here, but overall we like the homepage simplicity, the opportunity the site offers for folks to design GIFs and the free nature of it all. Overall, Iloopit.net would do for a full weekend of entertainment and some possible cumming action!

ILoopIt, ILoopIt

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