Ever seen some hot guys? Perhaps you could identify them by the steam boiling out of their ears and their very red eyes! Seriously though, the world is run by hot guys with money and influence. You can see a few of them on Instagram and co showing off their money, jewelry, and flashy cars and with their arms around some of the chunkiest female booties and upstanding breasties on earth!

    Some of these hot guys are gay though and we would like to think that they call HotGuys.com home. HotGuys is, of course, a live sex cam site that we will be reviewing today. Tune in now and get some hot news!

Hot Guys Have It Made!

    We sure do love to dream and expect the most incredible things. And that is just why we imagined that a site with the name of HotGuys.com would be filled with hunks hotter than the sun in the fiercest part of summer. We weren’t all that disappointed too! There are indeed very hot males here, as well as ugly ones who look like a penguin just shat on their face and gave them the finger!

    We give the site designers a B+, with the homepage being clean and easy on the eyes. Things are well arranged too and clutter is minimized.

    New Models and Language tabs occupy the top left of the homepage. The first direct you to newly registered models, while the other tab lets you switch the default language, with nine separate languages being supported, English inclusive.

    Login and sign up options are located at the far right corner, as is a search bar. Next to this are Region, Chat Languages and Features pull-down tabs. The Region option lets you select from regions like the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Western Europe. The Features tab lets you tweak the audio and video quality, party chat and more.

Hotter Than Fire!

    Now, thumbnail profiles of the live cam models fill the homepage. These thumbnails can be increased or decreased in size by clicking the thumbnail size button. Each thumbnail shows if the performer is online, their age, country, name, and rating. When we logged in 2205 site members were online, which is good.

    To the right of the homepage is a Category tab. A click on this will collapse it, while another click makes it available for view. Asian, Bears, BDSM, Uncut, College, Muscle, Latino and more are on this categories page.

   We fancied the smell of leather and handcuffs on our wrist and so clicked the BDSM category. There are loads of hunks here, as well as bearded ones who look like they give zero fucks and could eat you alive for breakfast! Names are normal kinds like MasterZander, SmokeyJohnson, Femboy220 and Brandon Flex.

   While you can look all you like at the thumbnail profile of these and more fellows, you need to sign up to chat with them or do anything other than twiddling your thumbs. Sign up is free, and you get offered the opportunity of meeting loads of people from everywhere save Mars.

What We Think

    HotGuys.com is adequate. There is not really any pizzaz here or the glamor so often associated with other live cam sites. However, things work effectively and efficiently and as long as you are prepared to sign up you should be able to enjoy yourself like a hog in hog heaven!