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HomePornKing Review

~ Pros ~


Good site design

No ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Not enough content

❌ Lame site features and sorting options

❌ Short videos

❌ Meh video quality

❌ Unknown content update frequency

❌ No free downloads


    Homepornking sounds more than a little bit like Home Run King. And in case you wanna know, I was once the home run king during my high school years and I did that by getting all the members of the cheerleader team, including outwardly-stuffy-but-inwardly-nasty-and-nymphomaniac Mrs. Jane pregnant as sin! That was quite the scandal! Thankfully, I am no longer as randy, but that does not mean any cunt that falls into my lap does not get a shellacking!

    But high school fuckathons are not what I want to sit down and detail to the last cum-slick inch! So, let’s go to the point of why we are here, which is to review an amateur XXX site known as Homepornking. Here’s my Homepornking.com review and a king-sized boner will be the reward of all that read it through!

The Cock Is King!

    The cock rules us all. So, of course, it makes perfect sense for it to be king! An eternal king is that veined tool of steel and sorry will be the name of any slit that dares wrestle with or speak ill of it!

    So, Homepornking.com is all about amateurs doing their best to compete with professional XXX stars and often failing badly at this. And if you are an amateur XXX aficionado, then you already know there’s a lot of amateur content out there and it is becoming more popular and available owing to the prevalence of devices like smartphones. With a simple smartphone, you can easily shoot a porn scene with any slut you pick up from the street and you could become crazy popular if you fucked her so madly that her cunt leaked, or shifted her womb so crazily that an ovary plopped out of her ear!

    Anyway, Homepornking has a very conventional design. It is not bad at all for an amateur XXX site, but I for sure have seen better-looking sites. A white background is employed here, without any Dark or Light modes, and the very top of the page has a thin black header that lets you know the site is a member of good standing in the Homepornking network and you better sign in or register to get the best amateur content this side of heaven and Valhalla!

    The site logo is simple and consists of a crown icon. A more complex one involving a cock beating a queen over the head would have been better appreciated. Beneath this icon are the New, Popular, Categories, Webcams and My List buttons and the far right of the page has a basic search bar.

    Additional sorting options right above the video section include Popularity, Newest, and Longest. The bottom of the site homepage also has a comprehensive list of XXX categories. There are thoughtfully arranged alphabetically, with sample categories including Amateur Babes, Horny Babes, Hooters, Sex In Bathroom, and Wanking Pussy. Of course, there is a main Category button right atop the homepage, but having all categories replicated at the bottom of the page is a good decision and helpful for those fellas who hate website buttons about as much as they hate king cocks in their ass!

Homemade Sluts Need Homemade King Cocks!

    Well, Homepornking.com is a relatively small setup. And I am telling y’all this so that your expectations of it won’t be sky-high enough to fuck and impregnate an innocent cloud!

    Love video thumbnails with titles? Well, the ones on the Homepornking homepage lack titles of any sort. Yeah, they are as blank as a shaven asshole. But at least, these video thumbnails have a preview function and that is an underappreciated feature that some sites often dispense with.

    Of course, once you click on a video thumbnail and it plays on a new page, you can see its title and other stuff . But not sticking titles right on content thumbnails is a very shitty move in my opinion.

    Now, Homepornking.com is an amateur XXX king with a crown made of ass crud! I say this because while it has some awesome amateur XXX content you might not get anywhere else, it only has 100 pages of videos. With every video page but the last being packed with 80 videos apiece, that translates to almost 8K videos and that is not an impressive number. Like there are avowed wankers who can easily get through 10K videos in a month and you can be sure that their right arms are many times bigger than their left and you can be equally sure that 8K videos won’t do much for them!

    Apart from the lack of dates and other relevant details on its video image thumbnails, Homepornking is also rather secretive about how frequently it updates the smut on its pages. Yeah, there are no signs of dates and no way to know the content update frequency. But considering this is an amateur site that’s not exactly brimming with features and options, I would say the content update frequency is probably extremely uninspiring.

    Playback options are extremely uninspiring too and the standard video quality seems to be 480p or so. Downloads are available, but for members only. And membership of Homepornking gives you access to other sites on the network like Penis Cat, HM Porn, AmateurGirlShot, and The Upskirt, while setting you back $5 monthly. The average video length is under 10 minutes.

    Sample titles include the following: Mr. Hankey’s XL EL Rey Young Crossdresser, Experienced Latina Plunging Her Ass With Her Fist, Pretty White Chicks Pissing On the Public Places, Superhot Model Bangs Her Fucktoy On Cam, Very Cute Teen Shows Her Hooters & Moans With Pleasure and Black Couple Retreats At A Party and She BJ His Prick. The Crossdresser video is 15 minutes long and for most of that 15 minutes, a guy wearing a wig is bouncing on what is easily the biggest dildo I ever saw. How his asshole was able to accommodate such a massive rectum shredder is what I have zero idea of!

    The Experienced Latina video is more of the same. In this 7 minutes long video, a pretty and big booty Latina slaps her bottom, rapes it with a dildo, and shoves much of her arm inside her fanny. Maybe she was searching for the crown jewels in that huge hole of hers. But for sure all she did was waste her time looking for valuables like that when she could make both of us happy by sitting on my face and letting me put it in her ear!

    And by the way, Homepornking has a fair amount of extreme videos of folks using all of their hands to finger their cunts and assholes and sitting on toys that are lengthier than their entire lineage and bigger than their destiny! Feel free to check out such stuff and that should be easy since there are no playback issues worth moaning about.

What I Think Of Homepornking

    Homepornking is not half bad for an amateur smut center. And that makes it worth looking into and visiting occasionally, but not bookmarking.

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