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HobbyPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

No Ads

Mostly charming site design

~ Cons ~

❌ Content browsing can be a chore

❌ Limited user options

❌ Bleh sorting options


    HobbyPorn is run by a fella who calls himself Bobby. For all I know though, he could be a 60-year-old grandma who still gets wet whenever she thinks about that time many years ago at a music festival when a couple of BBCs opted to enter her cunt and scatter the place to the point it still looks like a horny tornado just went through it!

    Anyway, Bobby, or whatever his name is says he’s an amateur XXX fan and wants to share his collection with every wanker who likes to see amateurs doing whatever amateurs do when they have too much time on their hands and the horny spirit has taken root in their noggins! Here is my HobbyPorn review and y’all better hope I don’t make playing with your balls a special hobby of mine!

Bending You Over Is My New Hobby!

    Well, HobbyPorn uncannily resembles a blog. The only clue as to its reason for existence and its real nature is a short About Us at the top of the page where the site owner talks about his aims and objectives.And yeah, these objectives have to do with making fellas ejaculate so much their cocks become fully capable of launching satellites into orbit!

    The homepage is simple to the point of minimalism and has a white background. The top ⅓ of this is filled with images of those amateur XXX models the HobbyPorn.com owner has very tender affections for. These sluts include DickForLily, Eva Elfie, Mini Diva, and Sweetie Fox and I have never heard of them before. A Most Favorite Models bar allows access to a ton more of these sluts.

    Further down the homepage are a selection of the latest homemade XXX. The recently added model section is next, followed by top-rated porn categories, most viewed porn models, and most popular porn tags.

    Now, the top right of the site homepage hosts a basic search bar that does not even have predictive text functions. The far left has a trio of vertical bars and clicking this will unveil the main site options. These options let you login or sign up, and check out the best and most viewed porn, plus XXX categories, tags, and models.

    Signing up here took me less than 20 seconds and the biggest reason to do so is that it lets you personalize your experience by choosing which models and videos you want to interact with. That means you can add videos and cunt stars to your list of favorites and get fed with these kind of sweet porn whenever you log in. And of course, registering is as free as air, but I wouldn’t say it is as sweet as using your long-suffering tongue to scrub the fat off the stubborn clit of your favorite crush!

This Sweet Cumming Hobby Of Mine!

    The best-rated porn here has titles like Multi Squirt In The Shower, Good Morning With Blowjob, Doggyfuck In Front Of A Truck Driver, She Loves Dickle Rick, She Makes Him Eat His Own Cum, Ballerina Finally Deepthroats and He Cums Instantly, Leana Lovings In Five Reasons To Fuck Your Step Daughter and PAWG Secretary Rides Cock After Business Meeting. The latter video appears to have been borrowed from Pornhub and is 7 minutes long. The faces of the two fuckers in the video were never visible and during the 7 minutes of the action, a big booty chick with her black panties shifted to the side, rode a fella with a horse dick in the front seat of a car. And no, the car wasn't on the move, though the fella with the big dick sure does seem like someone who wouldn't mind getting a slut initiated into the 50-mph fuckathon club!

    From that, I moved to the ballerina video. It too was 7 minutes long and had been borrowed from Pornhub, with the supposed ballerina being a slim blond who seems to love sucking cock above everything else on the planet! And oh, she had a nice rack, but I never got to see what her pussy looked like since cock sucking was apparently the sole reason she came into the world! Give her your cock to suck if you like, but don’t be too surprised if she bites it off and goes home with it for more devoted sucking in her spare time.

    And about not seeing her slit, that’s okay because I have seen the privates of many sluts like that and they tend to have fat pussies that grab your artillery piece so tightly that it is a struggle to pump in and out of them! Get these kinds of sluts seated on your face and you can forget all about your sanity and having a normal dick for the rest of the year!

    Now, videos on HobbyPorn can be rated, commented on, and added to your list of favorites, but only if you are logged in. Screenshots are available, and you can download all videos in varying quality. The average video runtime is under 10 minutes and the quality maxes out at HD. Updates are a regular affair too, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new within the last three days. Playback options are limited, but no playback issues were experienced at the time of this review.

    And oh, for a site that’s supposed to be all about amateur XXX, HobbyPorn sure does take some liberties. What I mean is that I can’t swear that all the porn on this site features amateurs in action. Some videos simply look too professional to have been put together by amateurs and if you are observant, you will find professional XXX stars in a few videos.

What I Think Of HobbyPorn

    What I love most here is the stress-free site design and how you can easily download any video in either high or low quality. While HobbyPorn has some niggles here and there and is not a polished motherfucker, all things considered, it is good enough to get a recommendation from yours truly. So, go ye forth and bookmark that sucker!

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