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Free Site

HentaiYes Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

HD and full HD videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Some unplayable content

❌ Content updates have ceased as of last year

❌ Wack options arrangement and layout

❌ Shitty search options


    Hentai characters of the female persuasion are usually excessively cute and abundantly endowed. Falling for them is a given and hi-res images of many make for the most fabulous PC and smartphone wallpapers.

    Anyway, I am not here to describe what hentai is all about to experienced fappers like yourselves. My only focus on this day is to throw this Hentaiyes review into your collective consciousness and cause such an impact that y’all end up nominating me for the Nobel peace prize and a place for my cock inside none other than Bhad Bhabie herself!
Now, read and learn, fellas!

Yes To Many Lovely Fucks!

    Well, Hentaiyes is prettier than most and seems more serious than most. The most noticeable thing about the site homepage is the moving slideshow at the top that advertise the most popular hentai series. There’s a back-and-forth arrow button to move the slideshow at your own pace in either direction and that sure is nifty.

    Now, this hentai site has a dark and kinda gloomy background color by default. But you can switch that to white by clicking the Day Time option at the top right of the page. Next to that is the Login/Register button. Registration is free and doesn’t take up to 20 seconds. Getting a membership card here provides more options, like being able to add things to your list of favorites. You however cannot add members as friends or chat them up as you can on other sites and that is a missed opportunity in my book.

    Home, Series, Tags, Random, and ThePornDude make up the main tabs, and there’s a basic search bar too. ThePornDude tab takes you to the site of the main chicken testicles muncher of the universe, while the Random tab loads a random video for your fapping pleasure. An extremely detailed collection of tags pop into being when you click the Tags tab, with the Series tab hosting an alphabetical list of every series that can be found on this site and there are a lot of them.

    There are no other site features worth the name other than those already listed. But the bottom of the site page has links to partner sites, and hentai porn sites, plus the usual Contact and DMCA links. That’s a pretty bare cupboard if I do say so. Still, with 2,240 videos on hand, Hentaieyes is not too badly provisioned.

Hentai Yes, Chelsea No!

    Hentaiyes.com has an adequate range of sorting options on its homepage, but they can be easily overlooked. The content on the homepage is divided into sections, with the most popular coming first, followed by the newest videos, and yet more popular videos. Also present are options to sort content by All or HD, and change the way content is arranged on the page. And oh, the HD thing is kinda misleading though, because there’s some full HD stuff on the site.

    Anyway, the newest videos are from early May 2021. Did the world grind to a stop after that or something? Or did the site admin get caught trying to slip a battered piece of his sausage into the asshole of someone’s favorite madam and was then hit over the head and buried six feet under with immediate alacrity? No one knows, but the fact remains that this is not the site you go to if you are addicted to the thrill of getting regular content updates.

    Here are some sample titles and yeah, a good majority of the stuff is titled in what seems like Japanese: Venus Blood: Brave Episode 04, Inmou Episode 02, Kiss Hug Episode 02, Melty’s Quest Episode 01, Lovely Heart Episode 02, After Class Lesson Episode 03, A Time To Screw Episode 02 and A Heat For All Seasons Episode 01. The latter is an OG that was uploaded in 2011. At that time, you could have bought a ton of Bitcoin for pocket change and the money you made by now would have gotten you very deep into the snatches of some of the prettiest sluts in the world who work as models, actresses, singers, and TV personalities.

    Anyway, A Heat For All Seasons was unplayable, as the video has been scrubbed from this site. That’s not too surprising with a video this old and a world this rad.

    Inmou Episode 2, on the other hand, loaded and played perfectly as befits a 2021 video. I was amazed at the fact that it was captioned in English. Actually though, almost everything here is captioned in English and the first indication of this feature comes when you hover your cursor on thumbnails to kick off the content preview feature. While I’ve been working on my Japanese, I am still a sucker for captioned content whenever possible, as stuff like that simply makes the world run better and smoother.

    The Inmou story plot has a couple of high school students fucking each other, with fucking each other in the ass and disrespecting their seniors being the only thing that high school kids these days are capable of anyway. The girl here has a chest that should be a world record. For real, it’s almost like each tit on her is as big as a jute bag of rice. How her back is unbroken by the weight of these mammaries and their red nipples is unexplained. Her partner is an ass man like yours truly and if allowed can stare up at and suck a cunt for hours on end. Unsurprisingly, both fuck like the pulverization of their genitalia is the goal!

    Now videos on Hentaieyes.com can be rated, downloaded, and added to the list of favorites by those signed in. The average runtime is just under 20 minutes and that’s fair. Comments are not possible though. Downloads are free and speedy, and the preferred quality can be selected.

What I Think Of Hentaieyes

    As I said, this site is better than most, but the fact that updates have ceased makes it a hard sell. Recommending it is impossible, but I do encourage all of you fellas to head over to Hentaieyes and download as much HD stuff as your hard drives can get stuffed with before dying a Vikings death!

HentaiYes, HentaiYes

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