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HentaiTV Review

~ Pros ~

Clean and sweet site design

Lots of free and high-quality hentai XXX

No ads

Regular updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Some stuff are censored

❌ Not nearly as much hentai porn as its peers


    You a fan of Hentai? Good for you, and that fire-spitting cock that you hold dear! Hentai is not really my cup of tea, but I must confess I find it entertaining as fuck, though it has no chance at all of getting my boner beaded with pre-cum and all that sort of nasty stuff!

    Hentai has loads of fans out there, and there are lots of sites that cater to the needs of these fellas, with HentaiTV being among them. This toon site is not the oldest, but it is serious about its shit and is currently catching loads of attention. That’s why I thought I better review it, once I got done eating the fine pussy of the schoolteacher that lives opposite my place. And yes, her pussy is the kind that makes you think she cooks buttered eggs down there, before anointing it with the kind of juices she knows no sane man stands any chance of saying no to!

    But enough of my pussy-loving and eating adventures. Here’s your HentaiTV review.

It’s A Hentai World For Sure!

    Well folks, for sure it looks like HentaiTV is in no hurry to surprise us all. You get that impression from its homepage, which follows the standard format of all XXX sites everywhere. The background color is the usual devil black and the homepage has enough hentai porn image thumbnails to make a horny brother forget his name and his purpose on this dear earth!

    The far right of the page has language options, plus a pull-down bar where you can either sign up or log in. English is the default language here, but you can change that to Spanish if you are feeling groovy. Signing up requires an email and a password and whatever you do, never use the name you gave your girlfriend’s hairy slit as your password, or it might get lost!

    Now, the top section of the homepage has a search bar, plus a pull-down menu on the far left that hosts a ton of info. Here you can contact the site admins, sign in, register, visit ThePornDude, search through the collection, check out the best XXX games, or see the newest and trending hentai XXX that’s available. That’s one powerful pull-down bar if I do say so.

A Cartoon Cunt Has No Bones To It!

    I’m not sure how much hentai smut is on HentaiTV, but if they put it on discs, it is probably enough to fill up your garage! This porn is all over the homepage, arranged in sections, with the Latest hentai porn collection coming first, followed by the Uncensored and Incest hentai porn collection.

    They are all arranged horizontally and some buttons enable back and forth scrolling. If that’s too much trouble for you, just click the ALL button, which will quickly fill the screen with your selected kind of hentai porn.

     Clicking the All button in the Latest hentai porn section for example took me to a new page that had 24 hentai image thumbnails, with more thumbnails waiting on other pages. These thumbnails are very colorful, have a title, and display the number of views gained so far. Very few are titled in English though. Here are some sample titles: Knight of Erin Episode 1, Haritsuke Episode 1, and Kiss Hug Episode 2.

    I hope you can speak a little Japanese. If so, perhaps you can translate Youma Shoukan E Youkoso Episode 1. This hentai porn came with a short description, plus plenty of tags. In fact, just about every hentai porn on the site has a description, plus tags and options to download and rate them.

    Youma Shoukan E Youkuso is not the newest hentai porn to be found on the site, but I picked it out because it was all about twin sisters with the most massive and softest behinds I have ever seen. Video quality for all hentai porn here is very good, ranging from 1080p to 360p, and can be easily adjusted. Videos also load fast and are captioned.

    Remember the twin sisters I was talking about? Well, they sure did get it on. I loved what I saw and how cute they were. My only grouse was that sensitive body parts were blurred. That did not sit well by me at all. I checked around and it turns out that all videos in the section I was on were censored. That means seeing a private part is harder than tying your grandma to the fence and fucking the shit out of her asshole!

    Oh, wait! There’s uncensored hentai too! I nearly forgot that till I went back to the homepage and there was the Uncensored Hentai section starring back at me. Best believe I gave a whoop of joy at the thought of seeing as many nude cunts and boobs as I cared for!

    The content in the Uncensored Hentai section fills nearly 40 pages, with titles like Bondage Game Episode 2, Ghosts of Paradise, Super Naughty Maid Episode 2, and The Invisible Stud Episode 2. The latter had almost 82K views, was 27.57 minutes long, and involved an invisible man who goes about fucking ladies. Yeah. Just imagine getting drilled in the ass by someone you can’t see or touch!

    I don’t know about you, but I would give my arm to be invisible for a night or two!

What I Think

   Apart from little niggles here and there, I think that HentaiTV does an amazing job in every way. It has high-grade hentai smut both of the censored and uncensored type and while this is not as extensive as it should be, there’s still enough of them to keep any hentai addict busy for months.

    Regular updates, a clean site design, and lack of ads all contribute to make this the kind of site even the most hentai-averse person should visit on the regular. Yes, I recommend HentaiTV and it sure is a blast!

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