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HentaiMoon Review

~ Pros ~

Site looks lit

User options are swell

Direct downloads

No ads

HD or Full HD content

~ Cons ~

❌ Slow update pace

❌ No advanced search


    I dunno what connection hentai has to the moon. But then, maybe there’s a hentai somewhere about some fellas blowing the moon to bits and using chunks of moon dust to fuck the bejesus out of the dusty coochies of some island ladies. Something like that might have been the inspiration for the naming of Hentai-moon.com. Or it might be that the owner of this place has spent all of his adult life dreaming about fucking crab-like moon aliens and this is his chance to kind of achieve his aims!

    Anyway, here is my Hentai-moon.com review. Read it and weep on the moon and anywhere else your cock can reach!

To The Moon, We Must Butt In!

    Na, there are no heavy-handed moon-based graphics on this site. I was actually half expecting that to be the case. Instead, Hentai-moon has a minimalist design and looks quite good. It also uses the moon in its logo and its motto is “Your Hentai Sputnik.”

    White is the background color, but there’s a Light mode on the top right of the homepage that will let you switch the default color to black. Do that though, and this place will look just like any two-bit porn site. White at least makes it stand out a bit.

    User options here take the form of sign up and log-in links on the top right and the top middle of the homepage has a long-ass search bar with basic features. Tabs are present and they enable access to the community page, hentai series, and toon porn of the latest, top-rated, and most viewed variety. Plus the left of the homepage rocks a long list of categories, with 3D hentai coming first and boasting the biggest content, followed by, ahegao, anal, animal, BBW, and BDSM. Don’t wanna see these categories? Then just click a trio of horizontal icons on the top right of the homepage and the categories on the left will take a trip to the moon, and no, not on a rocket sled!

    Tags comprise the rest of the site features worth knowing about. There’s a host of them on the bottom of the homepage, plus a Show All Tags option that will take you to a page filled with more tags than you got pubes! Unfortunately though, these tags can’t be sorted. Yeah, they are by default in alphabetical format, but you can’t filter by popularity, rating, most viewed and that sort of thing. Such options would have made it easy to see what are the most popular tags here are that folks have been jerking themselves into knots over!

The Moon Is A Cumming Mistress!

    Looking to get the most out of a site? Well, that typically requires your ass getting registered. Or you can just send a chick to cradle the balls of the site admin and beat his cock against her teeth and that might grant you some special privileges!

    Anyway, registering on Hentai-moon.com is free and won’t take a minute. You don’t need an active email to register and that’s because they won’t send you a confirmation link to click on. Being a member here means you can go to the Community page and check out the most active, newest, and most viewed members, as well as those whose content is very popular. You can also eyeball an alphabetical collection of all these members and daydream about fucking chunks of letters and alphabets out of their rectums, thereby doing better work than any enema ever could!

    And oh, this place makes it easy to make friends. You can add any member here to your friend list, send them direct messages whose content even the CIA might not know of, subscribe to their feed, and chit-chat with them whenever and wherever. I am not saying you might be able to find your missing rib and favorite cumming hole on the Hentai-moon.com community page, but it is something worth exploring at the least.

    So, Cherry & Gals, Meru the Succubus, Enzai, Inmou, Ano Ko no Kawari ni Suki na Dake, KissXsis, Ana no Oku no li Tokoro, and Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito are the most viewed series in this place. Goblin Cave Vol3 is one of the most viewed videos and it was uploaded 2 years ago. This video rocks a runtime of 11:23 and has been viewed 1.1 million times. It is also playable in both 480p and HD.

    Goblin Cave Vol.3 is a bit more hardcore than I was expecting. Rather than a story about goblins drilling each other and any leprechauns they can get their hands on, this hentai happened to be about a handsome fella who got his tits sucked and his asshole pounded by goblins beyond counting and who’s now willing to let almost anyone experience the tightness of his butthole! While this hentai looked great, it was not captioned and that takes something away from the whole experience.

    Hasende Ageru was one of the newest videos on offer here. It was uploaded the week before and has a 17-minute runtime. This fucker was both captioned and censored, with the focus being the sexual antics of a big-titted freak with massive nipples. She can give great head too and there’s an arch to her nether regions that only BBCs of the curved type should be allowed to sample and straighten out!

    Now, updates here are regular but not very much so. The newest content at the time of this review was uploaded the week before and that’s not an upload rate that makes me gooey inside. No playback issues were experienced during this review, and videos are viewable in 480p, HD, and Full HD. But some are viewable in a maximum of HD quality.

    Reasonably extensive playback options are featured and you can get screenshots of videos, share videos, and comment on videos if you are logged in. Also, videos here can be downloaded via a single click. But if a video is part of a series, then it usually can’t be downloaded.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Hentai Moon

    I like this place. It is a damn sight better than most hentai smut centers I have been to lately, and it gets most things right. Yeah, I can recommend Hentai-moon, and here’s to hoping it enables lotsa Cloud 9 trips and vacations on the moon for y’all hentai freaks!

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