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HentaiHavenICU Review

~ Pros ~

Easy navigation

Has a nice background theme

Large collection of videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Redirecting Ads


    Anime has had a very large expansion of fans and followers especially with the Gen Z in recent years, it’s been preferred to conventional cartoons that most boomers grew up on. This love for anime also brought out the anime perverts who this review is for today.

    Through anime, we now have hentai which is the sexualized form of anime. That’s why I’ll be reviewing a site called hentaihaven.icu, sounds like this is where all hentai lovers and wankers go to after they die. Well let’s find out, heres my hentaihaven review below for those anime perverts who just love fapping to these 2 dimensional hentai sluts.

A slice into hentaihaven

    As I dived in head first to get the first piece of hentaihaven, the site proved to be really welcoming and doesn’t look too complicated to navigate around, that even if a chimp got hold of a phone he could probably find his way around his hentai porn site.

    The site has a dark background theme splashed with some red along the title bars, it looks good to me and doesn’t really stress the eyes allowing more blood to flow to that right hand and you jerking off violently to some hentai plump tits, take it easy though soldier boy you don’t wanna wear that dick out before you get a whore to be smashing night and day.

    At the top of the homepage, the site’s name is located at the top left with the site’s logo in-between its letters, shaped like a red lightning bolt hopefully that’s how fast you’ll be cumming after going on their site.

    Now moving to the top right corner of the page you can find the search icon which we all know is shaped like a magnifying glass which of course explains what the search option does, no prizes for guessing that.

    After the search icon is the menu key shaped as 3 horizontal lines, when you click on the menu it opens up the menu options where you can see different categories of hentai videos available on the site.

Lots of uncensored hentai to choose from

    At the top of the menu options they have the uncensored hentai, this is a category because usually if you’re familiar with Japanese laws on adult content the privates have to be censored both for real human videos and for hentai too. So getting uncensored hentai is a pretty big deal but also a very good option as who wants to see some action with the pussy and dick getting blurred out.

    So I personally appreciate this category, I’ve checked it out and it really has uncensored videos making the hentai videos even more freaky to get your fap on. Next up is a very familiar category in the hentai jerk-off circles and that’s incest hentai porn. Of course, every serial wanker loves the stepson fucking the hell outta their stepmom and breeding the stepmom in their dad’s place.

    Another category that’s always famous in male jizz circles is the lesbian Hentai section, every pervert loves it when they see two sexy slutty Hentai girls going hard on each other and fisting every hole in their bodies in a pool of their own cum. As I clicked on the lesbian category I was taken to a directory for lesbo action Hentai, most of the videos are in episodes so after jerking off to one you can continue getting more action from those same two-dimensional cum dumpster Hentai sluts.

    Also, they got tentacle Hentai porn as another category, this is for those bdsm wankers, that can’t stop jizzing themselves silly to seeing these Hentai sluts tied up and getting long ass tentacles drilled into their 2-dimensional pussies, ass, and mouth, and watching those tears pour out and mix with their cum which they now cobble up afterward.

    Then you have the rule 34 category which is whatever a perverted artist can dream up and animate you’ll probably see it here. All the weird and super freaky Hentai porn is in this category.

A thumbnail layout for fapping pleasures

    Back on the homepage once I was done with the title bar I then proceeded down the page. The video thumbnails are arranged in pairs and the first section starts with the most newly released hentai videos on the site.

    Next up is the milf Hentai section, all the Pervy wankers with mummy issues this is a category you’ll see them at fapping to get their mind right and get those mommy thoughts from their head and well, into their dicks.

    Then going from all the sexy old hags you’ll love to fuck into a comma, the next section is for young Hentai sluts, looking for rod-like cocks to shape their virgin pussies into a cum dumpster, the artist are really perverted and know how to use their imagination to come up with some wild Hentai sex scenes to make a horny spazz jizz themselves.

    Lesbian Hentai is the next section in line, most fappers and wankers always love seeing girl-on-girl action cause nothing makes anyone more horny than seeing two pussies rubbing against each other. Now with Hentai lovers, you can get this from an artistic pervert’s POV. What I love about the hentai lesbian videos is that they can take it as far as a perverted imagination can go.

    Still, on the homepage they have hentai games, maybe after jerking off you need some time to bounce back you could use some hentai games to get you ready again.


    After a thorough investigation into Hentaihaven, this site is just above the benchmark cause although it has a large collection of Hentai videos some categories are really lacking enough content but aside that it’s an alright website for any Hentai lover, well of course with the occasional pop up and redirective Ads to strike your horny levels it’s an okay site and deserves a couple of your jizz cakes.

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