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Hentaigasm Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

Regular updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site design

❌ Ads

❌ Meh user options

❌ No advanced search

❌ Not secure

❌ Meh content quality


    Had orgasms while watching toon XXX? That must be why I can hear Donald Duck quacking through your prick! Keep it up and you soon might be shitting in Tom and Jerry cookie-cutter shapes and farting some Looney Tunes shit!

    So, I got a place to review today and it is called Hentaigasm, which is a pretty nifty play on words. Here is my Hentaigasm.com review. Read it and weep and get the orgasms coming in an endless conveyor belt!

Have Orgasms, Will Shout Madly!

    Ready to be surprised? Well then, let’s get to it. First off, Hentaigasm.com is not a safe place. By that I mean it is not a secure site. So better not download anything there if you can help it, and even better, try not to register till the admins get a secure lock on their site.

    And for a place called Hentaigasm, this toon center sure does not look the type to be rendering eye orgasms. The design in play is just too stark and no, it is not because the site designer has a minimalist taste. This place just looks dated, like it was whipped up on the cheap and I can’t give them more than 2/10 for site design and layout.

    But one thing that Hentaigasm has going for it is that its very simple nature means that anyone can use this site to the fullest and there’s no need to memorize the location of specific site features and how they work. All that’s in place is a basic search bar at the top right, and an Uncensored button next to it. There are no main tabs worth the name, but there are some genres at the top right, and just above the collection of content thumbnails on the homepage are options that allow sorting by date, title, number of views, likes, and comments, and random. All in all, that’s a piss poor showing and for a site whose name makes it seem like they were put in charge of the toon orgasm business, by the gods no less!

    And oh, the Uncensored button does not do anything. It is actually a direct link to another site that deals in toon games. Fuck suck!

Still On The Orgasm Matter!

    Well, Hentaigasm has 56 pages of content. Updates seem to be regular but are not a daily affair, and only 2-3 new content are uploaded at a time. And at a rate like this, it will take them like the year 3,000 AD to get to 100 pages of content!

    Please Rape Me, Nee Summer, Gakuen Di Jikan Yo Tomare, Kyonyuu Fantasy 1, and Euphoria 1 are some of the most viewed toon smut here. I checked out all featured categories but failed to find what I was looking for. So, I took myself to the 3D category, and surprise, there were only 11 videos there. Titles include the following: That Summer With You At The Pool 3D, Spectacled Senseis Reward Diary 3D, Ariel The Daughter of a Noble Elf Is A Goblin Chief Sex Slave, and I Pass The Baton To Rena-Senpai 3D.

    The Rena-Senpai video is from late June this year and has a nearly 40-minute runtime. It is set on an indoor track and features an athlete and her stretch partner. In the name of stretching and restoring the form of the athlete, the stretch partner blindfolds the athlete, slides his boner into her armpit and fucks it and a little while later fucks the side of her shorts and cums. All while the chick is oblivious and convinced that a baton is responsible for all that’s happening. But that changes when she removes the blindfold and sees the kind of “baton” that’s been boldly romancing her body!

    Anyway, she went and changed, came back, let the same fella massage her tits, fuck her boob valley and cum on her face, and she gladly gave him a handjob cum blowjob. It’s like this chick is an inexhaustible cum bucket and is willing to go along with whatever cumming adventure comes here way! And oh, she got a missionary and doggy-style fuck in the end and here’s to hoping those fucks unlocked her athletic potential!

    The Spectacled Senseis video is also from June this year and has a 47-minute runtime. The protagonist is a kind of tutor and is tutoring an older childhood friend. That tutoring includes tickling her boobs and giving her a cock to slurp over. These two get it on in a variety of ways, with the 4-eyed cutie having her armpit fucked, her boob valley drilled, her cunt teased and fingered and her pussy pounded to bits. For sure I need to hire Johnny Sins to tutor my ex and and I pray he gives her an STD that makes her booty itch for eternity!

    Now, playback options on Hentaigasm are zero. Content doesn't appear to be HD and the quality is not user-adjustable. No playback issues were experienced during this review, with videos playing and loading flawlessly. And yeah, direct downloads are allowed, but be very wary of downloading anything from an insecure site like this. Comments are also allowed and videos can be rated.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Hentaigasm

    Hentaigasm disappoints on every level, from low-quality toon porn to near-zero site features and user options. Plus this place is not secure and that means you can’t take full advantage of the limitless free download feature.

    Ain’t no way I can recommend this place for anything other than a public toilet and if you must visit, kindly do so on a clean PC or mobile that’s not connected to your ass. And better not blame me if you download viruses or malware on this site. In fact, let’s all just pretend that Hentaigasm does not exist and go look for our hentai orgasms on better arranged and orgasmic toon XXX sites that takes user safety seriously.

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