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GotPorn Review

~ Pros ~

gotporn, GotPornOne of the top 50 top free porn tube sites in the world

gotporn, GotPornYour able to select gay or straight, HD first and video duration 

gotporn, GotPornTons of porn tags/categories to choose from 

~ Cons ~ 

gotporn, GotPornAfter you initially click a video you have to be careful to not click a ad

gotporn, GotPornPretty basic and boring looking website

gotporn, GotPorn Not too great of a pagespeed score for mobile users 68/100


    What if you can open a sudden account without revealing your real identity and do something important! How that feels to remain silent and operational at the same time. If you think it’s too good to be true, then you are wrong.

    The GotPorn.com allows the viewers to freely watch their contents. To make a gotporn tube account for free to watch the gotporn videos, you don’t need to provide your email id at all. They keep that optional because everyone should have their privacy while enjoying porn videos.

    With around 30,000 pages full of porn videos, you can guess how many lifetimes it will take you to fap your way through all the videos!. 

    If you just go for one category, that also will take years to finish. Also, they upload videos regularly, so its a never-ending process. Few popular gotporn categories are – gay, hd, lesbian, asian, japanese, granny, webcam, panties, ladyboy, etc.

    On the home page, you can see the popular tags for search. Which keywords are mostly searched by other people, you can learn from here. Some hot porn tags are – Lesbian, Milf, Big Boobs, Teen, Ebony, HD, Anime, Asian, BBW, Hardcore, Granny, Amateur, Celebrity, and Pornstar. 

    As mentioned earlier, you can open a free account without an email address. After you sign up or have an account, you can comment on the videos, upload your own, and more flexibilities are present.

    Also, they have a section full of porn pictures from popular or amateur girls, who clicked the photo at home and uploaded it. You will enjoy a few of those. And, when you are bored, you can       explore the casino section from the website to win something! I won’t say much about this, you need to find that for yourself.

    To perform gotporn download you don’t need any gotporn downloader. One simple video downloader browser plugin is enough for that. Save the HD videos for later, and have fun with them. 

    Sadly, there are some countries and ISPs who block your access when you try to visit gotporn. To unblock gotporn website and watch porn, you need to use any VPN.

    Lastly, because I am writing the gotporn review, i know all the good and bad sides of this website. So, do I search for more sites like gotporn or gotporn alternatives? Nop, not needed! If you are a casual porn watcher, and like your privacy, you will visit this website and open a free account to enjoy the free HD videos whenever you got the time.