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r/GoneWild18 Review

~ Pros ~

Pretty place

Quality pics of very cuntified females

Rad update pace

Fully active

A very detailed explanation of the rules

~ Cons ~

❌ None, really


    When you are 18 years old, you feel invincible and would probably agree to battle an M1 MBT with your spit if asked to! You are also gonna be in perhaps the horniest phase of your life, and if you aren’t fucking like rabbits, chances are good that you are planning to and, well, could be watching enough porn to make every Vaseline producer in business happier than a clam!

    Seen an 18-year-old cutie lately? Well, she might not be all that pretty, but the odds are good of her being so tight down there to the point that you might have to screw your pecker in! Oh, how great that feels!

    Hella interested in 18-year-olds who are basically willing to do it all and bare it all? Well, that genre is mighty popular on sites like XVideos and Pornhub. And Reddit as well. The very appropriately named GoneWild18 is one of the biggest subreddit that focus on barely legal thots who wanna be fucked till their brains are leaking out of their ears, and their legs are spread so wide and straight they could be used to measure the circumference of a circle!

    Here is my r/GoneWild18 review, fellas. Read this and weep, fellas, or I will staple a wild and nasty electric eel to your genital regions!

Reddit GoneWild18 Is On Course To Drive Ya To The Wild Side Of Life!

    The mods on this subreddit sure must be regular visitors to the neon strips of Las Vegas! I can just see them ballin’, losing thousands at the crap table, and getting an outlet for their frustration by fucking pretty escorts upside down and upside the head!

    Why am I saying all this? Because Reddit GoneWild18 looks very much like a club of the medium to high-end variety. It has a darkish background, and at the top are images of gyrating chicks of the sort that typically take up residence in flashing neon lights. So yes, this subreddit was put together and colored by a fella or fellas with a clubbing addiction, and I would bet they also got a cunt-jamming addiction too!

    There’s no special motto or logo here, though, and both are missed. For a motto, I would suggest something like “Barely Ripe Cunts That Got You Wildin”! And the mods on r/GoneWild18 better not use this motto of mine without first forking over some royalty in the form of teen cunts of such sweetness as to make a wooden fella speak in tongues!

    So, the About Community box states that Reddit GoneWild18 is a place for chicks of 18-20 to show off and get fucked through a video screen! 1.4 million fellas, chicks, wanksters, cock-pissers, cunt-lickers, elbow fuckers, urethra borers, asshole stargazers, gullet expanders, dick flossing experts, and clit stringers call this subreddit home. And 1.6K of them were online for this review.

    The subreddit features and options are basic, and at the left is a small list of similar subreddits, as well as a very lengthy and detailed explanation of the rules in place. Basically, illegal content involving minors or revenge porn is banned, as is advertising, spam, rudeness, karma farming, exceeding posting limits, posts with boring or stupid titles, and low-quality stuff. The depiction of sexual acts is not allowed, and neither are dick pics.

    Yeah, the rules here are frankly choking. But for sure, they are necessary because a lot of folks have zero manners on social media, and I love that the mods on r/GoneWild18 take the time to tear down each main rule into bite-sized chunks that even a certified moron with the brains of an electrified shrimp would understand. So, I would advise y’all to take a few minutes at least to look over the lengthy rules that guard the operation of this subreddit and see if it is something they feel up to obeying or not.

Gone Wild And A Cunt Must Cry For That!

    Well, after enough detailed investigation to force the CIA to rewrite their book on field operations, I can confidently say that Redd9t GoneWild18 does not skimp on updates. There are more new posts on the site than I am in the mood to go through, and over a hundred new posts in the previous 24 hours. Dunno the fuckers who are loading new posts on this subreddit at a machine gun-like pace. But they sure better slow down before they either die of exhaustion or alter the tilt of this planet beyond the point of recovery!

    Now, I’m Fully Exposed, I Hope You Like It is the top trending post of all time on r/GoneWild18. This confirmed cock shredder was uploaded 3 years ago and had 56.4K upvotes and 647 comments. It’s a picture rather than a video, and in the said picture can be seen a barely legal, cute, and pretty chick sitting down beside her bed. She’s, of course, nude as fuck, and has a shaven snatch, nice tits, and a toned body. Her cunt doesn’t have a gap in it, and it is either she’s a virgin, or she has yet to see a BBC she’s in the mood to climb on and dump her butt on!

    18 Years, One Month, and 28 Days To Be Precise is the second in the top trending ranking. This was uploaded 2 years ago and has over 15K upvotes and is all about a hot teen showcasing her tits and cunt. The cunt in question is as fresh as a croissant that just got out of the oven a second ago, and this chick has one of those perfect little mounds that come equipped with puffy nipples that you could almost swear bleed red wine when sucked! Get entangled with a hot teen like that, and within a week, all the money in your account and the cum in your drawers gonna be MIA!

    And up next is Can My 18-Year-Old Pussy Have A Seat On Your Cock. uploaded 2 years ago. This has 14.7K upvotes, plus more awards than I have had my cock battling with a gullet this month! In the post, a blonde beauty wearing sneakers is seated on a bed. She’s wearing a sweater, and because of that, you can’t see her tits. Her cunt, though, is open for view, and it is the perfect little kind that could be used for instructional purposes in an anatomy video! Given how cute and cunt-blessed this teen is, there’s no way any of ya can convince me she doesn’t cook boiled eggs and ham in that hot coochie of hers on the daily and can serve that for breakfast to you, along with her warm and wet snatch, and tighter-than-a-miser’s-hand asshole!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/GoneWild18

    r/GoneWild18 does all that it says it plans to do to your dick and the right hand that gives it joy and is an excellent place for those of you who are into unfettered access to endless numbers of hot teen pics. It comes recommended to the gills, and it’s gonna be a battle of the wills for it not to transform your right hand into a cruel taskmaster you never knew existed!

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