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GigTube Review

~ Pros ~

Gigtube, GigTubeHas HD 720 and Full HD 1080 porn

Gigtube, GigTubeFull length porn movies

Gigtube, GigTubeFull video descriptions

Gigtube, GigTubeClassic Russian porn

Gigtube, GigTubeFree sex movies

Gigtube, GigTubeVideos can be downloaded

~ Cons ~ 

Gigtube, GigTubePoor arrangement of videos

Gigtube, GigTubeSite design needs upgrade


    In this world, the only thing worth living for is high-quality porn! Watch these on the regular and you and your cock will be the happiest living organisms on this galaxy!

    Are we waxing lyrical? Don’t blame us. Blame GigTube.net. This Russian porn site has some top-class porn that made our penises jet out liquid with such force and volume that we are still in awe days later!

    It’s a free site too, so there was no need for us to use our lunch money to pay and watch the most beautiful babes getting rammed by long rods till their pussies start misbehaving and spraying juices in every direction!

    So, what’s GigTube like? Keep reading and be amazed!

Porn Gigs Taste Plenty Nice!

    Did we tell you that GigTube.net is a Russian site? Do keep that in mind because everything here is in the Russian language. There are no options to change that. But we soon found out that our cocks don’t need to be fluent in Russian before they can cum very well!

    Now, let’s focus on the homepage. The homepage of this porn site is perhaps the most beautiful thing about it. It is simple and more classy than the fashion houses in Milan. It is full of color too and has multiple video thumbnails.

    At the top right of the page is a search bar. We typed Anal into this to find out how useful it might be. Guess what, the homepage changed to show a new page full of video thumbnails of sweet booty babes getting their asshole stretched almost to infinity by cocks so long they could be used to pole vault!

    We doubled down and typed Lesbian into the search bar. Like always, it loaded fast and we were soon faced with a screen of video thumbnails showing sluts kissing pussies and shoving slick XXX toys into the pussies and buttholes of their partners. So, yes, the search bar works quite well and you don’t need to be a Russian professor to use it!

The Russians Are Cumming!

    Like we said, the GigTube homepage is fairly busting with color. Main tabs are Recommended, Sex Chat, and something else we were unable to properly translate. There’s also a big Category button. Click this to get at categories like anal sex, big ass, big boobs, hairy pussy, gangbang, rough-sex, double penetration, cunnilingus, mature, lesbian, small boobs and so many more.

    The video thumbnails on the homepage can be previewed using a mouse cursor. They are usually available in HD, with their title and playtime showing. Recent vids on the homepage usually run over the 30-minute mark, but older ones can be shorter.   

    Talking of older videos, these can be of average quality. They also mostly feature amateurs, whereas the newest videos are usually of pros doing their thing.

    The embedded video player on this site is a good one. It can play videos in up to 720p quality as the viewer prefers or dial back the resolution for those who don’t have much data. Videos can be watched in fullscreen and come with related tags and categories. Related videos are provided for those who want to watch loads of similar content.

What We Think

    GigTube impressed us quite well, with all the porn on this site filling around 972 pages. Our only complaints were that English is not a supported language and videos cannot be downloaded.

    Overall, with a high-end homepage, lack of ads and smooth user experience, this site has the potential to take the world by storm!

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