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Fuqer Review

~ Pros ~

Well structured website

Good quality porn

Easy to navigate

Video player is efficient and loads fast

The website doesn't contain too many distracting spams

~ Cons ~

❌ New content isn't uploaded frequently

❌ The number of new porn uploaded daily is low

❌ Annoying redirects


    What do you call a person who fucks quite well? I don't think the dictionary contains the word Fuqer but if it was left to me, I would call that person a Fuqer. Sounds pretty cool to me. You watch a hardcore porn video where the male beats the actresses pussy so well you think it was a wrestling contest. In the peak of the action you said to yourself, now that's a good Fuqer.

    But I'm not here to define what Fuqer means or should mean. That's the name of the porn website I will be reviewing today. If the content is good, then I would expect you to spend some time stretching your cock to the wild scenes of solid rock cocks drilling tight wet cunts. Chill on this Fuqer review of mine, you fellow fucker.

Fuqers Not Lovers

    I would assume that good wankers are good fucker. This means that you are good in pussy just as you are good with lubes. If that's the case, then this is a site where you can draw inspiration for more practice. From the look of the homepage, it is clear that you wouldn't be struggling for options. Fuqer has gone ahead to populate their page with lots of videos to pick from. They however do something for which I must commend them for. Instead of squeezing so many video thumbnails on their page, they decided to divide the page into sections. Although, the page contains a large amount of thumbnails but the breaks in-between makes it less confusing.

    The first section of videos here are the more popular videos on the site judging by views and reactions. The next is a collection of latest updates. In both sections you can choose to see more by following the numbers under. Fuqer , like many porn sites, has a photo collection. The photo gallery is displayed under the latest updates collection. I don't know about you but I won't spend time on a porn site looking at photos. Unless there is a celebrity whose nudes I want to see. You will agree with me that real celebrity nudes can be very exciting.

    A few top rated porn sites are listed at the bottom of the page. You can click on the buttons to visit these porn sites that Fuqer is recommending to you. But if your preference is to stick around here and wank to what Fuqer has in store for you.

Large Collections to Lose Some Cum to

    The distribution of porn here is diverse. You will find porn of different quality and length. From my observation, most of the porn here has a duration of around 20 minutes. For porn this isn't so lengthy and gives you just enough time to enjoy the scene. You will equally find porn of around 5 to 10 minutes if you prefer short and sharp. Quality shouldn't be much of a problem here. Fuqer has a good number of HD porn in their gallery.

    I'm convinced you already have a preference for the type of porn you enjoy watching. I can guarantee that you will find it listed among the categories available here. To check out the categories of porn on this site click on the menu icon and select the categories option. The site once again prefers a gallery structure to display its options. Categories here include masturbation, orgies, Asian, BDSM and lots of serious wank worthy content. The number of videos available in every category is indicated by the side. While some categories are robust with content, others are very light.

    In terms of quality the videos here are good. Clear HD porn is uploaded regularly for you to enjoy. I should point out that the numbers uploaded daily aren't too impressive. When I opened the gallery of some categories, the upload frequency and numbers left more to be desired. For example the last anal video as at the time of writing was uploaded 2 days ago and before that 4 days earlier. That makes it 2 videos in 6 days.

    The video player loads quickly and doesn't buffer as long as your internet connection is good. Like on many video playing sites, a short skippable ad plays before your desired video begins.

What I Think

    Fuqer.com is a decent porn website. It definitely isn't the most active and doesn't enjoy the most traffic but it's content is of good quality. The site prefers porn of medium length. Usually you will find porn of around 20 minutes but new content isn't uploaded as often as I would love. You do not want to visit Fuqer daily as you might not find anything new in your preferred category.

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