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FreeHentaiStream Review

~ Pros ~

Regular, but not daily uploads

Free downloads

177 pages of content

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh site design

❌ Wack user options

❌ Ads

❌ Not an easy site to use

❌ Basic search only


    At this point, the only stream I am interested in and wanna drink bellyfuls of is the one that comes from between the long legs of the ever-petite but sinfully lovely Ariana Grande! And if she’s not available, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, or Megan Thee Stallion would all be excellent substitutes!

    And yeah, these ladies stream, scream, and cream. The only thing is that they do that behind closed doors and are not normally in the habit of filming their bedroom shenanigans for wankers to fap to the cumming heavens with! Ain’t that a shame!

    But enough of cumming celeb streams and the lucky fellas doing the do with these fine ladies. Kindly drink water and check out this FreeHentaiStream.com review and prosper like any good dick getting a good bath from a good slit stream during a good fuck on a good day!

Free To Fuck. Pay To Cum!

    ThePornGuy has been around, to say the least, and he’s seen some sights. Like, do y’all know that there are places where you pay to fuck them chicks and gotta pay extra if you wanna cum? That sure is fucked up and an extra reason why you gotta build up your Vaseline stocks this Yuletide and be able to cum to heaven on your dime and at your own pace!

    Anyway, FreeHentaiStream looks totally ordinary. Screams of joy the sight of it will not bring and you can take that statement to the bank and exchange it with the worn panties of the main teller!

    Black is the background color here, but there are purple elements here and there. The homepage is quite small and most of the right part of it is empty, save for a small selection of recommended, top-liked and top-viewed videos, plus a Discord link. That doesn’t matter much though, mainly because there are options right above the content section of the homepage that allows sorting by recentness, rating, and number of views.

    Bookmark Us, Register, and Login options are on the top right. Beneath these trio is a search option that’s as basic as a missionary fuck in a backyard garden that’s so sandy that every stroke feels like you got a long-ass bread knife up in the crack of your ass!

    Dunno what happened, but all my attempts to use the search bar to look through the collection here came to naught. Entering terms like Lara Croft, Overwatch and 3D got me either nothing or links to blogs and that was the kind of experience that made me dial my folks over at the CIA for a little bit of wet work! Apparently, the only thing the search bar can be used for is to search through some supported hentai series and that doesn’t make much sense.

    Plus for some reason, the duo of Login and Register links do not appear to be working at the time of this review. I even went as far as accessing the site through VPN, but no dice. Clicking the Bookmark option is also not as straightforward as it should be, as you will be prompted to tap the Control plus D button to bookmark this site. That sucks and not like a toothless, gormless, and trackless cock gobbler either!

    Home, Hentai Series, Hentai Games, Uncensored Hentai, Hentai Genres, Dec 2023 Hentai, and Porn News make up the tab selection. And the surprising thing is that clicking any of these tabs won’t take you to a porn site or a cam site. The Porn News tab for instance, has 5 pages of content that dates back to late 2020 and they are more like blogs and reviews, with titles like Dirty Things to Make A Girl Horny, Fapper Cams: Intimate Masturbation, Lustful Games Packed With Hentai Scenarios, Trans Representation in Comics and Beautiful Images of Gorgeous Nude Women.

    Anyway, the rest of the main tabs do what they say, all but the Hentai Games tab. Rather than providing direct access to games, all you get there are hentai game reviews and there are less than 10 of them, with the latest being penned in mid-July this year.

Streams of Great Cumming Joy, The Hentai Way!

    It just so happens that Overflow is among the top-watched episodes on this platform. There are many episodes of this series in the top viewed and top-rated categories and you gotta wonder what the series creators are putting in their shows to make folks so entranced!

    Anyway, here are a few of the latest releases: Night Tail Episode 2, Tsundero Episode 3, Goblin no Sauna Episode 3, Hatsukoi Jikan Episode 1, and Sweet and Hot Episode 1. My Mother The Animation Episode 1 was in the Uncensored category. This had a 19-minute runtime and yeah, it is about a mommy fucking to beat all other mommy fucking in the history of mommy fucking on this mommy-fucking planet!

    The male protagonist here is in the habit of boning his sister. His MILF mom finds out and wants her serving of dick and did she get boatloads of it or what!

    Ningyo Tsukai was uploaded in November 2020 and had nearly 57K views at the time of this review, which isn’t half bad. It also rocked a 39-minute runtime and is set in the future. This hentai is about drones running amok and committing all sorts of crimes, including rape. The whole thing is like a late 80s cartoon, but with sexual elements you can feel in your fillings!

    Now, no playback issues were experienced during this review and the direct download option is appreciated. Videos aren't the best, quality-wise, but that’s understandable. Also, playback options are basic, but you can rate and comment on videos.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of FreeHentaiStream

    Even with the free and apparently limitless downloads, it is still hard to muster up much enthusiasm about this place. FreeHentaiStream is harder than it should be to use and navigate and has average-quality content.

    So, I would rather have a screaming fuck with a streaming chick on her frigging period in the middle of a monsoon at midnight and atop a freezing mountain than recommend this place!

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