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FireCams Review

~ Pros ~

No Ads to be seen

~ Cons ~

❌ Low number of models

❌ Unattractive background colors

❌ Boring cam site design


    Fiery burning cunts I’ve heard of but FireCams is both new to me and you except you’re a Harvard-trained, Nobel wank prize-winning super pervert that is so exceptionally skilled in the secret dark art of checking out newly made cam sites that all the site creators can’t do without you seeing their stuff or they’d have burning crabs on their privates.

    Yes, my horny minions, FireCams.com is evidently a new cam site, and looking inside it would feel as spacious as throwing a sausage into a hallway or putting your 2-inch cock up your favorite porn star’s overused gaping asshole while she’s still there wondering when you’re gonna put it in.

    Here is my FireCams Review, read and weep, or go stick a few light poles up deep.

Feel The Burn On Firecams!

    The homepage starts with background colors that are meant to give the site a fiery look rather than go easy on the eyes. Red and yellow are freely splashed around as if they’re trying to welcome you to hell for the sin of daring to beat your meat to a new cam site when any serious cam wanker knows better than to join early but wait instead till the site is filled up a little more to get the party really started.

    The thumbnails are the next things you’re gonna notice if you have even the slightest shred of indecency. There are thumbnail pictures of sluts doing all kinds of things to get your attention. One has her boobs out on a cornfield in a professionally taken pic that is likely to draw in horny farmers who want her to raise their cocks. The majority of the models online are way less creative and you’ll swear that they only know how to pose on their bellies with their asses facing the heavens.

    On the thumbnails, you’ll find tags on them like “Private” and “Nude”. These are open cues for you to know if the model is baring her body yet or if she is in a private room and you have to pay to be a peeping Tom to access the room with the other guys that are ready to slide their pride to the side like some panties during a quickie for the chance to see her do all kinds of kinky shit such as watching her use a harmonica to play the Russian national anthem through her pussy.

    At the bottom of the screen in yellow is the option to filter what is shown to you and I already find it hilarious that they’ll have an advanced filter section when the site is mostly empty. It’s the equivalent of having a state-of-the-art smart sex room only for you to end up pathetically wanking in a busy McDonalds restroom all the time.
You’re gonna find that no models match the filter option you click on even though it’s only a basic choice because of the low number of models here.

    Joining is free even though you can use the cam site without signing up limitedly. But to access some of the better features they offer would need you to be all signed up and dipping into your bank account to buy some of their on-site Token which you would need online to splash on the site creator’s models and the creators themselves since we all know they’re the biggest sluts that get the lion’s share of the loot at the end of the day.

Get Your Wanks Scorching On FireCams!

    On the menu, there are 4 sections for you and you’re likely only gonna be interested in 2 except you’re possibly the freakiest bitch on the cam site. The sections are; Female, Male, Trans, and New Models. Females make up the largest population of models on FireCams unsurprisingly but what will shock the hairs out of your ass is how few the models on the other sections are.

    In the male section, there is a whopping population of just 2 guys online that would have had better luck on this cam site linking up and sucking themselves off on live rather than whatever they currently have going on online at the moment. The Trans section has about 17 models so I guess they see more action over there. The New Models section is a joke since everyone here is a fresher.

    I finally find a model that is worthy of The Porn Guy’s eyes and when I click on her I’m taken to another page showing her thumbnail picture in full at first before showing her current in real-time Let me just tell you that her professional photographer needs to be hanged by the balls with some barbed wire for deceiving my cock in such a devious way.

    After some time watching this regular-ass lady looking bored as hell, I was able to be distracted long enough to notice that on the live page, there are 4 options given. One for chatting with her live, another for buying her pictures with Tokens, another for purchasing her previously recorded shows, and finally one for seeing her details for those among us who would like to know her age, language, and that she is not a donkey.

What The Porn Guy Thinks of FireCams

    No one likes being too early to a party, the bitches are uglier, the best booze in the house hasn’t been brought out yet and it’s just the freaks and geeks having a circle jerk while discussing some shit you absolutely don’t give a monkey’s ass about. The same thing can be said for FireCams since both the amount of models and jerkers online here are too small to excite even a certified cam wanker who usually has to rub some crushed Carolina Reaper pepper to his palms to keep himself from beating his meat. No sir, I wouldn’t be recommending this newbie cam site even if they bribed me with a rimjob from an A-list Actress.

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