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FiqFuq Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design

No Ads

Jacked with user options

A total breeze to use

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Undated content

❌ Very short videos

❌ One-click downloads not supported


    The US keeps saying that TikTok is a national security threat. But far as I can see, the only threat from this app is that it makes phone addiction easier and lets ugly chicks use advanced filters that make them look like princesses. In this guise they can make you fall in love with their ugly asses and take money out of your wallet before you know what’s up!

    Anyway, with TikTok being more popular than white on rice washed down with a cup of creamy jism from a virgin slit, there’s a host of sites and apps out there working hard to emulate its features and looks. FiqFuq is one such sites that ape TikTok and you better believe they are gonna feed you all the nude booties, cunts, tits and sex that TikTok has been too shy to.
Here is my FiqFuq.com review, fellas. Read it and weep so I can bless your seed!

Fit To Fuck For Sure!

    The site design here is so A-class that if FiqFuq was a woman, I would take her classy behind out to an expensive dinner, kiss her goodnight at her doorstep, and spend an hour wanking to her Facebook pictures, because there’s no way such an expensive cunt is falling onto my face on the first date! Whoever created this site knows his onions and the peace and beauty on show need to be applauded.

    Now, FiqFuq.com, despite its understated but classy design, comes with a lot of user options. The far left hosts a trio of horizontal bars and clicking this lets you access the Home, Live Cams, Search, Explore, Favorites, Telegram Channel, Blog, ThePornDude site, and The Legal Stuff options. The latter is just cover-your-ass legalese that runs to 2K plus words, ThePornDude option takes you to the eponymous site that’s run by duck-sucking orcs and goblins, the Blog link works as advertised and has 4 pages of blogs that are hosted on an unsecured site, and the Telegram channel link does what it says.

    As expected, the Favorites option only works if you are logged in and you can register for free here at any time. The Explore option has an alphabetical selection of tags and categories, the Search link has a basic search option, plus an extensive collection of popular search terms and the Live Cams option is a direct link to FiqFuq.live. Better not go there if watching live cam girls doing nasty stuff tends to make you harder than a piece of frozen salmon in the Antarctic! And by the way, quite a few cam girls on FiqFuq.live have content on FiqFuq.com and that’s a rather nice bit of self-promotion.

    That's all? Not in the least. Like I said, this site has more features than most. Thus, below the site logo at the top middle of the page are options to check out photos or videos, or all combined. Also on the far right are login, live sex, explore, search, and ThePornDude links, but they are unobtrusive enough that you don’t have to pay them any mind unless you want to.

Peachy Bottoms And Oversized Thumbnails

    Accessing stuff on this TikTok x-rated wannabe is as simple as a missionary fuck on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho! All you gotta do here is look at the oversized image thumbnails on the homepage and either click on them or scroll down, with these thumbnails being refreshed once you start getting near the bottom of the page.

    Options at the far right and left and the top middle lets you check out exactly what you need and that might be pictures or videos that cater to just about every kink and sexual act, from anal, Asian, amateur oral, cosplay, cum on tongue, hairy pussy, Latina, oral creampie and spit to wrecked asshole. That not enough? Then sit your ass down and invent new XXX categories that match your kinks and needs!

    So, I dived into the wrecked asshole scene here, but rather than the bloody and blood-smeared holes I was expecting to see, what was available was images and GIFs of chicks with slightly, moderately, and severely gaped buttholes and quite a few of these were engaged in a winking competition, with the prize being undetermined! Get me a spoon, fellas and I might eat a butt or two from that section and give thanks while at it! And talking of booties, the ones on this site seem to belong to amateurs for the most part, but there are quite a few chicks who seem to be pros and well-able to lasso a calf with their right tit!

    Now, let’s talk about videos. Videos on FiqFuq.com are quite short. They are in fact more like GIFs and because of that, there’s little reason to activate the supported fullscreen mode.

    One-click video downloads are not supported, but you can see the source of the video and that is invariably Reddit. Videos and other media can also be shared and added to your list of favorites. But rather than being directly shared with folks on social media, you can only share content via mail, OneNote for Windows, and by copying and pasting content links.

    Worth noting is that the content on this site is undated. Despite that though, there does seem to be a steady stream of new stuff and it better be getting streams of new cum out of people or someone is getting fired!

What I Think Of FiqFuq

    This site seems to tick all the boxes, but it does feel more like a gimmick than the real thing. Videos here are too short for a proper wank, and if pressed I would classify FiqFuq as a showcase for FiqFuq.live than anything more serious.

    Still, FiqFuq deserves a look. And that better happen soonest, or I will set the biggest winking asshole in my neck of woods on y’all!

FiqFuq, FiqFuq

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