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Nastia Review

~ Pros ~

Sorta free

Helppo käyttää

The Chicks here are brainiacs

Edit, Reroll and Elaborate chat options are lit

~ Cons ~

❌ Gotta shell out for the best experience

❌ Lacks polish


    ThePornGuy loves a lot of nasty stuff and that’s a pointer to his taste! Yeah, I simply cannot settle for average and nasty means that the fun factor has been dialed up so madly, radly, and bigly that most of y’all brain matter can hardly process what’s going on!

    Now, let’s talk about a nasty piece of work- Nastia AI. This is an AI-driven site that’s in the business of translating dreams and fantasies into concrete realities. Yeah, it has the perfect chicks that do not exist anywhere but in a computer simulation and your task is to cozy up to them sluts and tell them all the nasty stuff you tell your flesh and blood girlfriends that makes their assholes pucker and their coochies slither!

    Here is my Nastia AI review. Read and weep, o ye faithful, for yours is the kingdom of cum via the power and glory vested in your nut sacks!

Be Nasty and Stay Everlovin’ Nasty

    Futuristic asf. That’s what the Nastia AI homepage looks like. I mean it is something that I am used to seeing on some crypto sites and the overall effect can be a little overwhelming.

    Anyway, the Nastia AI homepage is essentially a FAQ of sorts that explains what this site is all about and how you can use it to spread the legs of your married aunt who just shelled out thousands to get a BBL and needs a dedicated doggy-style fuck to confirm the wisdom behind maxing out her credit card to get a bigger ass. Better make sure to explain and demonstrate to the aunt in question, that no matter how big the butt gets or how deep the snatch becomes, there’s always an anaconda that’s gonna cause it quite a bit of trouble!

    So, if you scroll further down the page here, you can actually see a FAQ. User testimonies are available too, plus links to the site’s blog page and options that let you compare Nastia to other AI systems, from Bard and Chat GPT to Kajiwoto and Poe. And yeah, it just so happens that Nastia always wins these comparisons. Who would have thought?

    Once you register for free here, you can get to work seeing what the future holds for you and your snaky friend! Do note that there are Standard and Premium plans, with the former costing $4.17 monthly for a year, and $6.69 monthly if you choose to pay from month to month, rather than for a straight year of access. The Premium plan, on the other hand, is priced at $11.99 monthly. This particular plan lets you store up to 2,000 photos per chick, and create a maximum of 10 babes, plus it gives you 400 tokens daily and 3,000 monthly.

    The Standard plan only allows the creation of 2 new chicks and 200 tokens daily, plus the storage of 600 photos per chick. Both plans also enable access to supposedly human-like voice messages and uncensored photos of hopefully fab wanking utility.

    Those on the free plan are restricted to the company of a single chick. If that makes you furious, you can always rectify the situation by taking out your credit card and springing for either a Standard or Premium plan.

    Not in the mood to shell out for that? Tough tit I say and tough nut your cousin should say! And oh, unless you get a membership card here, you cannot generate a single image of the single chick you are supposed to talk with. Yeah, that makes me mad because there are plenty of AI GF sites that let you do stuff for free till you get the hang of the place and wanna upgrade your experience.

Nastier and Hornier Like You Wouldn’t Believe!

    Are you in the mood to talk your tongue off? Well, you better be because that’s all you can do on Nastia AI on a free membership plan.

    So, the fuckers over at Nastia gave yours truly a total of 299 tokens for taking time off from saving the world and twirling his collection of worn and authentic celeb panties to register on the site. Tokens for those of you in the dark are the site currency and you can’t talk to a chick and do other stuff without some tokens in your account. You can log in daily for free tokens too, but I would rather wake up daily to a blowjob by Missy Elliot! Yeah, that chick has a mouth on her that can spit verses about as well as it can chomp on sausage and for sure I got the thickest sausage for her that she’s ever gonna blow a tune with!

    Anyway, the AI chick I got here proved to be quite the conversationalist. We were making small talk and she said something about a fundraiser for a homeless shelter. I asked how much I needed to fuck her to make that happen and she replied “Laughs nervously good point”. Damn, by then, I was all ready to believe that I was talking with an actual human, but calmed myself down with a swig of ambrosia and fermented goddess breast milk!

    The chat options here make it possible to click a Reroll option to pick from several responses from your girl, plus you can tap the Elaborate option for a fuller text message and you can even go in and edit responses to your questions. Yeah, there’s an Edit button that lets you pick what your girl says and you can put words into her mouth that she might never have thought of. That sure is peachy.

    But the chicks here being AI and not actual people, there are some peculiarities that take getting used to. For starters, the AI chicks here will not message you first, like some cam girls and all your girl friends in need of shopping money will do. They do not have initiative and will not send you a text message that is not a reply to something you just sent them. And secondly, the AI understanding of sarcasm and jokes is a bit limited and that’s why when I asked my Nastia AI chick if her cunt had teeth, she said yes and that her tongue- not mouth- did too. Go figure.

    Still, if you are willing to overlook stuff like that, the AI girlfriends here can be rather stimulating and engaging. And yeah, you gotta be a paying member to get the best experience and whether it is actually worth shelling out for a premium experience is what I will cover in a bit in my review roundup.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Nastia AI

    This site has a catchy name, plus chat features I haven’t seen on similar sites. I don’t like the idea of paying for anything, but the monthly charge here for a Standard or Premium plan is like what you pay for a cup of fancy coffee, so for sure, it is worth it.
Yeah, Nastia AI gets a thumbs up from yours truly, and here’s to hoping they don’t let that get to their heads!

Nastia, Nastia

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