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FeetForum Review

~ Pros ~

Their videos are HD

~ Cons ~

❌ They are still new and only have a little content

❌ Their site looks unattractive

❌ Their content isn’t diverse


Come check out my Feetforum.com review if you are one of the special and chosen ones who get a hard dick while staring at the feet and soles of women who are quite happy to put their beautiful titties and soft pussies to rest while their feet get all the attention that only a feet-lover can give.

I’ll need you to get ready for this as we begin the long journey. So, remember, the wise ones say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one foot or a step? I don’t give a shit, let’s go check out this feet-focused porn site together.

Putting A Foot In The Feet Site!

    Normally, I don’t think much of feet when I have unwrapped a woman and I am ready to fuck her as a beautiful gift of nature. But there is a kink for every man and that’s why some of you are no longer romantically trying to look at the sweet souls of pretty women but instead, you’ve fallen in love with their soles. I offer no judgments, of course, that shit is reserved for this site if it disappoints me in any way or form.

The first thing I noticed when I got on the site that looked like it belonged to a local clinic was that they had a question in bold asking “What is a foot fetish?”. Then they proceeded to explain it in a way that would make a Harvard professor jizz in his educated pants. They got very serious about explaining it because I am pretty sure they would wanna win many soles for their fapping cause. Smooth move feet site.

Below that definition of a foot fetish, they got right down to business with a section named Latest Free Feet Videos. That’s where they began showing a thumbnail of a woman’s feet in some classy high heels while stepping on a tennis ball. It was definitely seductive in a BDSM way because most of you would let her step on your balls with those heels. The video was 4K and 7 minutes long. I was curious about what would happen in the video but there was still much to see first.

The next thumbnail showed me a woman with bare feet and that must be the equivalent of seeing bare titties with nipples and all. The rest of the women were wearing some high heels and that didn’t appeal to me as much. But that was it for the site’s homepage because the only thing left to explore there was the menu. They really get right down to business and I’m starting to like that a lot in sites like these.

Novice Feet Site Exposed And Fucked!

    The menu had only a few options like; Home, Blog, Feet Videos, Celebrity Feet, and Feet Links. It was crazy to see that people could love feet so much that they would write some blogs about it. What was next? Feet poetry, Feet telenovelas, etc. I was intrigued with the section for celebrity feet and I wanted to see if my favorite actresses had feet that I would like to rub my esteemed meat on. So, I went straight for that section with agility and speed.

It was refreshing to see that the page showing the celebrities’ feet also included their feet size so that wankers can easily identify the size that makes their dick the hardest. Some celebrity ladies had as many as 625 pictures related to her feet while some had a meager 50. You only have to hope that the celebrity possessing the feet you really want to see and fap to is a slut when it comes to exposing her feet everywhere she goes.

I went to the Feet Videos section to finally see what a video on the site looks like and I was also trying to find any chick who was barefooted and ready to make me a true fan of feet. What I found on the page was shocking and I thought that I was in the wrong section. They only had 2 pages of videos available. So they had approximately 15 videos on the site. I didn’t realize until then that I was on a novice site and that explained why their homepage was so empty.

I was disappointed but not too disappointed to check out at least one of their videos so I found one of a lady with painted red nails. It played easily enough but it didn’t excite me the way I would have hoped for. It was just a lady’s feet being shown for 8 minutes while she made little movements with them. As if that wasn’t boring enough, under the video was a boring description of every movement that was happening written by a battle-hardened feet wanker.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Feetforum

Feetforum was empty as fuck and so was my love for the site. I was thinking this would be the site to finally win me over to the feet-loving society. Sure, the videos were in HD but it doesn’t matter at all if there were only a few videos available. I could use 1 horny hour to watch every single video they have and I’ll still have enough time to read a blog or two about feet. This site definitely doesn’t get any type of recommendation from me.

the porn guy

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