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Feet9 Review

~ Pros ~

A-class site design

Free vids

Video upload option

Plenty of sexy chicks

Nearly ad free

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Not for everyone

❌ Videos are usually not very long


    Footjobs are not really our thing. Rather than having a babe push her feet into our groin and more, we prefer making them spread their legs, before licking everything we can see and stuffing every hole in sight with our thick and lively salami!

    Still, some do like footjobs or have a foot fetish. If that describes you, sites like Feet9.com are the bees knees so to speak!

    Here’s our Feet9 review meant for those who love feet about as much as we like shaven pussies beaded with fresh cum juices!

Feet To The Nines All Day!

    The Feet9.com homepage does not surprise. It is much the same as you can find in other porn sites, with the only indication that this site caters to a particular niche being the many video thumbnails on the homepage showing feet being licked, stuck in bodily crevices, and used to massage hard dicks to kingdom cum! We do like the site design and it is classy enough to make a diva happy.

    A search bar is at the top left, and you can search through the nearly sixteen thousand videos on the site with these. Also on the left is a menu button showing all the channels represented on this site. A click will hide all these channels, while another click reveals them. These channels include heavy hitters like Foot Crush, Cum on Feet, Black Feet, Asian Feet, Amateur Feet, Fetish Porn and Voyeur Feet. Beneath these channels are links to ThePornDude and a few mostly feet-focused sites.

    Also on the homepage are a variety of tabs that we had the pleasure of exploring. These include the Videos, Live Cam, Channels, Upload and Fuck Now tab. We weren’t able to see what the Fuck Now tab could do, since our computer blocked access to it, warning that it was a phishing site.

    The Upload tab of course lets you upload content, while the Live Cams tab takes you to LiveFeet9.com, which is a live cam site filled with very gorgeous ladies like SereneElla, NakiaLowrey, LanaRhey and DiamondDollXX. The latter model is 43-yearss old, but we will gladly fight bareknuckle with Brock Lesnar just so we could lick her legs from the toes to her crotch!

    Ahh… there’s a Light and Dark mode next to these main tabs. Clicking on this turns the site background from its default black to white.

Feet And Nine Pleasures!

    Remember what we said about the homepage being filled with video thumbnails? Well, we weren’t joking at all. There’s lots of these video thumbnails with their title, number of views and runtime shown. We don’t like the fact that there’s no way to sort these thumbnails by date, or rating. However, video previews are provided and this is made possible by hovering a mouse cursor on any video you like the looks of.

    Sample video titles on the homepage include Jerking Footslave, Sexy Teen Making Footjob, Redheads and Bare Soles and Blonde Teen Trying First Time Footjob. We clicked on the last, which showed a very leggy lass on her back giving a guy a footjob. The video was a little over two minutes long and had a thousand views. Whether it made us harder than an iron ball is left for you to discover!

    Most videos on this site are on the short side. There are a few full length ones, but searching for these can take a while. Video quality is mostly high grade, with both pros and amateurs appearing in them. Videos can be viewed for free, rated, shared, commented on and reported if need be.

    More, video playback is smooth as molten butter dribbled on the ass end of the bootyful MILF down the street!

What We Think

    Great site design, loads of free and high quality content and channels make this a site you could never go wrong for bookmarking. We don’t like the amount of ads though, the short video lengths and the lack of images. But overall, this site pleases us greatly and is worth your attention.

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