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ExtremeTube Review

~ Pros ~

extremetube, ExtremeTubeSome great HD porn

extremetube, ExtremeTubeQuality hardcore porn

extremetube, ExtremeTubeLots of porn tags

extremetube, ExtremeTubeLots of categories

extremetube, ExtremeTubeA shit load of content

~ Cons ~ 

extremetube, ExtremeTubeSome ads

extremetube, ExtremeTubeMostly professional and little amateur

extremetube, ExtremeTubeSite design not too good


    Searching for extremes are you and getting bored with the normal kind of porn content most XXX sites host these days? Head over to ExtremeTube.com and you are quite likely to find hardcore filth! This site is as hardcore as it gets and filled with the kind of content any hard banging fanatic could rise and cum to every second of the day!

    Here’s our review of this savage banging site that could make your asshole ache in envy!

Extremes Are Fun At Extreme Tube!

    We were expecting to see something totally unexpected and more than a little extreme on the homepage of Extreme Tube, but this not happen. Oh well!

    There are links to live cam sites and porn sites at the very top of the homepage, plus a search bar. From these links it is easy to learn that Extreme Tube is in the SpankWireSites Network. Better file that information away in case you get asked that in your exam!

    The homepage proper is equipped with a black background color and the design is good, though it is as eye-catching as the floppy tit of a grandma! There are Videos, Categories and Tags tabs, plus a search bar, sign in tab, and an upload tab. Another tab lets you choose among straight, gay or tranny porn, though the homepage is by default set to straight porn.

Going To Extremes All Day!

    Now, what fills up the homepage here but enough video thumbnails to choke a bull! These are the current hottest vids, can be previewed with a mouse cursor, have titles, and their playtime displayed, plus the total number of views they have enjoyed so far. To the right of the homepage are porn categories like Anal, Amateur, Big Tits, Bondage, Pregnant and Squirt. Beneath these categories are the most popular tags and we are talking of stuff like Babe, Big Cock, Cartoon, Solo and Pussy-Licking.

    A scroll down the homepage will show another porn video section. This is more extreme and can be sorted by the most recently added, being watched, most popular, highest rated and longest. For titles we have stuff like Skinny Teen Takes Anal Fuck In High Heels, Nude Painting Session Turns Into A Threesome, Studying The Deep Ends Of Her Ass, and Completely Lost Ashley Adams Gets Found By Rough Fucker.

    Video rating is supported, as are downloads. It is also possible to add videos to the favorites list, share and embed it, watch it in HD, see who the uploader is and the date it was uploaded to the site. Few videos are full length, but almost all are of professional quality. All can be accessed without paying a single fart!

What We Think

    There’s some serious cumming stuff here, but it not as extreme as the site boasts it is. An easy to use homepage, attractively arranged collection and regular content uploads help make Extreme Tube a proper cum-sucking monster for those who need to see more than a husband and wife banging each other on a ratty bed. Intrusive ads are present though.

    Overall, we recommend Extreme Tube and aim to try out a few things we learned there on the local girls this weekend!