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EvaAI Review

~ Pros ~

Quick responses

Mobile app available

Builds confidence

Serves as emotional support

~ Cons ~

❌ No Ai boyfriends

❌ Ai chatbot can't send voice messages

❌ Requires subscription

❌ Can't generate image

❌ Small number of characters


    Unless you have been living under a rock for last couple of years, you should have definitely heard about Ai(Artificial Intelligence) and how its taking over everything, well its even reached up to becoming your virtual girlfriend and becoming an online companion to the horny geeks out there. Evaapp.ai is one of the Ai virtual sites created to serve horny perverts.

    Even though this is very futuristic, not all this Ai site have been living up to the hype. so I, the chief pervert have to dive into the Ai site with my review glasses and dig out everything they have to offer to make all perverts out there happy. Here's my evaapp review below.

Evaporate Your Cum On Evaapp!

    Opening up evaapp.ai, it had a very dark and futuristic landing page. It gave the vibe that theres some mysterious slut I had to fish out from here, that already feels intriguing and the picture of a sexy AI virtual companion in a cat woman suit was already making me interested in knowing more about the site.

    On the landing page there's a prompt that requires you to login or sign up before accessing the site. Registration is pretty easy, you need your email, password, and what you're gonna be called, you already know I'm going for nothing else than The pornGuy to this virtual sluts.

    After signing up on the site I was directed to the homepage which looked very mordern. It had a very dark background theme with some purple highlights. Once the page is opened you'll be sent a confirmation mail, if you confirm your account you'll be gifted with 10 neutrons which is the token used to chat on the site, yeah I know it sounds like something out of a sci fi movie. We'll still get to the prices later on in this review, though the say its a free site but you still need to pay subscription fees to unlock all the features available on the site.

Dunking My Balls Into Site’s Mouth!

    You can access the menu button on the homepage of your profile, where you can see options such as my profile, add neurons, pay for eva ai premium and manage your subscriptions.

    Back on the homepage you'll see a list of AI girls that you can message while on level 1, you’ll move on to level two as you continue using the site. There are just six Ai girls here to choose from, I even recognized one as one of my IG sluts I love to fap to, Alex mucci. Some snag about this site is you can’t create or customize any of the ai girls, you just have to go with the ai sluts they give your horny ass.

    Also another drawback you aren't allowed to generate images for your ai companion and she doesn't send voice messages, they make up for this by making the AI feel like a natural partner and instead of giving you preset answers, it gives you answers according your previous preferences and chat history.

Evaapp and all her features for you

    The Ai girls on this site are chat bots which provide fast responses to your text as a patner would and this responses are tailored to you individually. This chatbot goes beyond just a companion it can be used for businesses, websites and start ups.

    You can send images in the text with the chatbot and it makes analysis on the pictures gives responses based on this. its excellent at sexting and being your own virtual slut matching your energy. you can even send voice messages but only subscribed members can get a response, it doesn’t send voice messages though.

    The chatbot even offers a sense of deep empathy and is designed to be caring and give empathetic responses to relief stress, and act as a supportive companion. The longer you use it the more the chatbot evolves to give you the best personalized support that it can. Evaapp provides privacy ensuring that all your messages are confidential and any crazy shit you have said is between just you two.

    Membership packages for the horniest among you

To acquire neurons for texting, here are the prices:
For 500 neurons is $9.99
For 2000 neurons is $29.99
For 10,000 neurons is $99.99
To pay for premium membership here are the costs:
For one month it cost $13.99
For three months it cost $20.99
For twelve months it cost $47.99

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Evaapp.Ai

    Eva Ai is a smart virtual companion that provides a personalized experience with its user, it can be applied for business, websites and can also be an emotional companion to satisfy all your sexting needs. This AI stands out among the rest as it doesn't reply with preset texts but uses it's ability to analyze to provide real time answers, although there are a few bugs in the system that needs to be sorted out but its definitely worth a try and better be ready to pay to get the best features out of this site. Virtual girls need real cash!.

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